12 New Broadheads for 2022


Another item that hunters get really excited about is broadheads. These handle the business end of your projectile, and reliable operability is crucial. Here are some of the most reliable options for 2022.

1. Dead Ringer Super Freak Extreme

Dead Ringer Super Freak Extreme image 12 New Broadheads for 2022

The new Super Freak Extreme by Dead Ringer is a devastating broadhead. This two-blade broadhead has a massive, 2.75-inch cutting diameter. Despite such a large cutting surface, it’s designed for bows with higher kinetic energy. As a result, this thing can wreak havoc and leave massive blood trails. This broadhead is even said to work well with angled shots.

MSRP: $44.99


2. G5 Montec M3 Broadhead

G5 Montec M3 12 New Broadheads for 2022

G5 has upgraded the Montec design with the M3. Still, it includes great new features. It’s crafted from 100% solid steel, has razor-sharp edges, and flies quietly and smoothly. It has a 1.0625-inch cutting diameter and comes 100% spin tested. BMP practice heads are available. Comes in 100 grains only. It’s available in a crossbow model.

MSRP: $44.93


3. Grim Reaper RazorCut Mechanical

Grim Reaper Razorcut SS 12 New Broadheads for 2022

The Grim Reaper RazorCut Mechanical broadhead comes with three blades and a one-piece stainless steel tip. It’s incredibly accurate and is built tough. It comes available in six different weight and cutting diameter variations, including 85 grains (1.375 inches), 100 grains (1.375 inches), 100 grains (1.75 inches), 100 grains (2 inches), 125 grain (1.375 inches), and 125 grains (1.75 inches). This option comes in a three pack.

MSRP: $44.99


4. Muzzy ONE

Muzzy One image 12 New Broadheads for 2022

The Muzzy ONE broadhead is an excellent offering for 2022. It has an innovative approach with its one-piece design, making it very durable. It’s crafted with one piece of premium stainless steel. It has a hybrid chisel, cut-on-contact tip that punches through hard bone, yet still flies accurately. Looking to specs, it’s a three-blade broadhead with 0.046-inch-thick blades. It has a 1-inch (85-grain), 1.125-inch (100-grain), or 1.25-inch (125-grain) cutting diameter. It can be sharpened on a flat stone and comes in a pack of three.

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MSRP: $49.99


5. NAP Endgame

broadheads for 2022

The New Archery Product (NAP) Endgame is the latest in a long line of top-end broadheads. It comes with 0.031-inch-thick blades that create a 1.1875-inch cutting diameter. The Endgame is fitted with a hard-hitting chisel tip. It comes spin-tested to ensure the best performance. It comes in a three pack with spare blades.

MSRP: $55


6. Rage Hypodermic Crossbow NC

Rage Hypodermic Crossbow NC 12 New Broadheads for 2022

The Hypodermic Crossbow NC by Rage is an excellent offering. It utilizes cutting-edge, finger-like tabs on the blades to help keep them in place reliably while in the closed position, which eliminates the need for a SHOCK COLLAR, dental band, or O-ring. This two-blade broadhead comes as a 100- or 125-grain option. It offers a 2-inch cut, and comes in a pack of three.

MSRP: $59.99


7. Ramcat Diamondback Hybrid Broadhead

Ramcat Diamondback Hybrid Broadhead 12 New Broadheads for 2022

The Ramcat Diamondback Hybrid is a great hybrid, over-the-top broadhead. This head features a guaranteed 7/8-inch, fixed-blade cut, and a 2-plus-inch mechanical blade cut. It has a concave air foil scoop for increased accuracy and penetration. It comes in a 100-grain three-pack offering.

MSRP: $34.99


8. SEVR Titanium 2.0

broadheads for 2022

The SEVR Titanium 2.0 isn’t brand new, but it is just as impressive as others on this list. It’s made to work for both compound bows and crossbows. Its swept-back blade angle and re-engineered deployment geometry make for more accurate shooting. Given the durable design, and titanium ferrule, this is one of the toughest broadheads in the field. With the large cutting surface, this option creates very large entry and exit wounds. Overall, it gets up to 15% more penetration than the original Ti 2.1. Its Lock-and-Pivot blades are crafted from 420 grade, 0.032-inch-thick stainless steel, and move as needed after entry, which helps navigate past heavy bone. Also, you can shoot this broadhead in practice mode, so you know they’re flying accurately. This broadhead is available in 100 or 125 grains and is sold individually. Deep six threads are available in 100 grains.

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MSRP: $14.99


9. Sik SK2

Sik SK2 e1648761263736 12 New Broadheads for 2022

The Sik SK2 is a very accurate broadhead that uses patented Flite-Loc technology to keep blades in position until time to deploy. It has two blades and weighs 100 grains. The blade position creates a 2-inch offset entry wound and a 3.625-inch total cutting surface. It’s a lethal broadhead that hunters can rely on.

MSRP: $49.99


10. Swhacker Long-Range Precision (LRP) Arrow

The Swhacker LRP was designed by competition archery Levi Morgan and was crafted for micro-diameter arrows. There aren’t many details available about the LRP, but it should be available later this year.

MSRP: Unknown


11. SYKD Hunt Endurance

broadheads for 2022

The new SYKD Hunt Endurance broadhead is a fixed-blade model that’s turning heads. It’s a fixed-blade, 100-grain broadhead that offers a 1-inch cutting diameter. The blades lock from the front end for reliable security and performance. This offers increased penetration and overall damage. And hand-sharpened stainless-steel blades ensure the utmost cutting effectiveness. The Endurance works for compound bows and crossbows. It comes in a three pack.

MSRP: $29.99


12. Wasp SharpShooter 200

Wasp SHARPSHOOTER 200 image 12 New Broadheads for 2022

The Wasp SharpShooter 200 was made for those who want a smaller-profile fixed blade. This 200-grain broadhead is one of the first of its kind and increases both FOC and overall penetration. This durable design increases kinetic energy, and hits harder than other broadhead models on the market. It comes in a single pack, which means it’s pricey, but it’s really in a class of its own with limited options like it.

MSRP: $53.99


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