3 Best Index Finger Release 2024 (Buying Guide)


You will find everything you need to know to find the best index finger release that best fits your budget, needs, and shooting style in this article. We have done the research to be able to recommend the best index finger releases available right now. Each of the releases recommended in this article is of good quality and durable.

Best Index finger release 2022

Scott Release little goose

Scott Archery has made its name in the sport of Archery.

best index finger release

The Scott brand has cemented its place in the released game ever since its arrival 30 years ago. I have been using their Scott wrist release for the last 5 years which has my opinion set that making high-quality releases is their main forte. Furthermore, some other releases like little goose wrist releases keep their quality maintained.

Their famous in-line single caliper release is durable and compact. The below picture depicts a straight one-piece design on the left side while the trigger is only on the right side which is the key to a smooth release.

The nylon wrist strap is reliable and strong. The picture above shows that after 5 years of use, it is still in good shape, which manifests Scott’s superior quality.

In short, Scott’s release is well worth it. Some of the pros and cons of one of the best index finger releases are stated below.

Tru Fire Hurricane

The Tru Fire Hurricane’s popularity is increasing day by day as they use a Nylon strap index finger release. It may not seem much but they are better than typical wrist releases.

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Using a nylon strap has been the focal point of any release throughout the years. However, Tru Fire has perfected the nylon strap and introduced it as a dominant component. Therefore, it gains popularity among hunters as these are convenient to use

The use of a nylon strap as a substitute for an alloy arm in the trigger and caliper connection makes it a good fortune for the release. The hunters can use their strong hand effortlessly instead of it being cumbersome with an extra alloy arm. It is much better than utilizing an index finger release which uses an alloy arm rather than a strap.

Having stated the benefits of a hurricane’s wrist strap, it has its downsides as well. The main drawback of utilizing a wrist strap instead of an alloy arm is that the wrist strap does not provide as much support as the traditional wrist releases do. A rigid alloy arm can provide stronger support and a relatively accurate release than a wrist strap.

The accuracy con for the wrist strap can be countered with some elbow grease and time given to practice. Practice makes perfect will stand true for you with a wrist strap, as you will grow into the comfort it provides. Hurricane and I assure you that it will become your go-to release for any hunt that is afoot.

The specifications for another best index finger release are given below.

Truglo Detonator

The Truglo Detonator is not your usual run-of-the-mill release and neither is its price.

The first statement may heighten your curiosity as to why the review of this particular release is starting with the mention of the price. There is a simple reason to it that at this price point, one may find other options offering a bit more value for money. Having said that, this article is merely for the review of releases irrespective of the price tags. So let’s get right to it, shall we?

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So, what is it about the Detonator that makes it go ka-boom?

First things first: the assembly. The Detonator has an open hook single jaw that enables a quick and convenient attachment process to the D-loop. Secondly, the parts of the assembly are made from steel rather than metal or grimly plastic. The sturdy alloy helps in easier maintenance and a reliable structure all around.

How can we forget about the trigger itself? The trigger is adaptable and brings fluidity in tuning and satisfying precision at the break.

From a global perspective, it is one of the best index finger releases.


To conclude this review of three of the best index finger releases there are in the market for our avid readers and hunting enthusiasts, I would like to say that even though the wrist straps take some getting used to and require some practice to get the hang of it. However, the convenience they offer, with the ease of maintenance is a cherry on top, wrist straps is the way to go instead of the alloy arms and their usual contraptions.

We will continue to update this post in case a better wrist strap comes along but till then, this will be your bible for the best index finger releases to be used on your next adventure.

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