6 Best Underwater Ice Fishing Camera


Best Underwater Ice Fishing Camera

Do you want to enhance your ice fishing experience to the fullest? If so, then you should get yourself the best ice fishing camera.

It will help you get a better view of the fish underwater to get yourself a big catch.

Most people start fishing as a hobby. As per a survey in 2020, around 49% of people in the USA tried fishing as a new hobby.

Whether a beginner or a professional, one of the best ways to try out fishing is to use the best underwater ice fishing camera.

However, you should know that fishing in winter is different from fishing in summer. You need a camera that is adaptable to the ice water.

What’s more, it should be capable of effectively showing you the underwater view in the ice water. Hence, you should find cameras for ice fishing accordingly.

You may find difficulties in finding the perfect underwater camera for you. However, worry no more!

By the article’s end, you will have a decent idea of which type of underwater ice fishing camera you can buy and what features to look for in a camera.

Before that, let’s take a quick look at the below-given comparison table.

After looking at the comparison table, you will have a good idea about the best underwater ice fishing camera we will discuss. Let’s get into the details then!

6 Best Underwater Ice Fishing Cameras to Buy in 2021

Product NameBattery LifeResolutionNight VisionItem Weight MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera8-10 hours800(R.G.B)×4803 infrared LED lights (high brightness)7.4 ounces Eyoyo Portable Underwater Fishing Camera8 Hours800 x 48012pcs Infrared LEDs4.29 pounds MarCum Recon 5 Underwater Viewing System6 Hours800 X 480Dark water LED lighting2 Pounds LUCKY DVR Video Fishing Camera6 Hours480 X 2724 IR LED lights‎2.16 pounds MarCum VS485c Underwater Viewing System12 Hours (Approximately)800 x 480Dark Water LED Lighting2 Pounds Eyoyo Portable 9 inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder6-8 Hours1280×96012 Infrared Lights5.51 Pounds

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1. MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera

If you are looking for a fishing camera that can allow you to fish effectively even in harsh conditions, then MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera will be a good choice for you.

It’s perfect for ice fishing and comes with a durable build.

It’s lightweight yet efficient and provides you with high-quality views. Hence, you can send the camera underwater and see when the fish bites and get your catch quickly.

It’s a high-resolution 1000TVL camera with night vision capabilities. What’s more, it comes with a 15m cable wire that’s anti-corrosion/cold and a 4.3-inch monitor that has a sun visor.

Hence, whether it’s the sun’s brightness or cold weather, you don’t have to worry about the product malfunctioning as it has harsh weather resistance features.

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  • High-resolution LCD monitor with a sun visor
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life
  • It has a camera angle of more than 120 degrees for a better view

2. Eyoyo Portable Underwater Fishing Camera

Another best underwater ice fishing camera that you can get is the Eyoyo 7-inch portable underwater fishing camera.

It has a 1000 TV HD camera which means that you will get an extraordinary view underwater.

It has a 7-inch color LCD monitor through which you can see the fish biting your bait. Hence, you can get an effective catch even in the dark ice water since it also comes with 12pcs IR LED lights.

At a cheap cost, it can let you have a professional fishing experience. Although, you can expect it to resist harsh weather. However, it does have excellent viewing quality and can work up to 8 hours.


  • It has a 7-inch color LCD monitor
  • The 1000 TV HD camera provides a high-quality view
  • Can work continuously for 8 hours
  • It comes with a night vision of 12 infrared LED lights

3. MarCum Recon 5 Underwater Viewing System

If you want an enhanced fishing experience with the best viewing capabilities, then the MarCum Recon 5 is the best choice here.

It comes with a 5-inch monitor, which displays a 110-degree wide angle. What’s more, it allows you to adjust the brightness, color and even contrasts to change it as per the fishing environment.

Whether fishing in the daytime or nighttime, it allows you to get a clear view underwater. It comes with an infrared and LED light so that you can fish even in dark ice waters.

Its 6 hours of battery life are perfect for your fishing trips. You can also get a 90-degree view through the incredible camera. Hence, if you want to get the ideal camera for your ice fishing trips, this is perfect.


  • Provides you with a 90 degree viewing angle
  • Infrared and dark water LED for an enhanced viewing experience
  • Adjustment capabilities such as color, contrast, brightness, sharpness, etc.
  • Can work for up to 6 hours

4. LUCKY DVR Video Fishing Camera

The LUCKY DVR video fishing camera is also great for ice fishing. It comes with an impressive detecting range of 120 degrees so that you can see more underwater.

Although it doesn’t arrive with any sun visors or anti-corrosion functions, it does allow a great viewing experience, whether it’s dark or regular water.

It’s a high-resolution underwater ice fishing camera that you can also use for fishing in regular water. You can record videos or take photos through it in high quality, and its long cable allows it to go deeper underwater.

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It can work for around 6 hours and has 480 x 272 resolutions as well. It’s a small camera and is very convenient to carry. What’s more, it doesn’t even have much weight.


  • It comes with adjustable contrast and brightness
  • The 110 visual angles allow you to see more area underwater
  • It has an LCD monitor for better viewing
  • The LED lighting allows better visuals even during nighttime.

5. MarCum VS485c Underwater Viewing System

Another excellent underwater ice fishing camera to get is the MarCum VS485c underwater viewing system. It has a wide 7-inch screen that displays high-resolution visuals.

Hence, you can see underwater in a high-quality view and even switch from color to black and white as per your requirements.

What’s more, you can see deep underwater as it has a 15-meter-long cable that allows the camera to go deeper. It also comes with dark water LED lighting to see underwater effectively even if the ice water is dark.

It even comes with a sun visor that can help you see even in the sun’s brightness. Hence, you can get this camera if you want an excellent overall experience.


  • It comes with a large widescreen monitor having a sun-visor
  • It has Darkwater LED lighting to view underwater, even in the dark
  • It allows you to see high-resolution images

6. Eyoyo Portable 9-inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder

If you want to view the fish underwater on a widescreen, then you can consider the Eyoyo underwater camera that comes with a 9-inch LCD monitor.

It is more significant compared to other fishing cameras and comes with a TFT color screen so that you can even view minor details. It comes with a 50-m cable that lets you go deep underwater for a better catch.

Moreover, it allows you to keep fishing for around 6 hours if you fully charge it, and the 12 pcs infrared LED bulbs will enable you to see more clearly.

If you want a camera with a big monitor and long cable, the Eyoyo 9-inch is the best.


  • It has a massive inch monitor and provides a clear view
  • It works for 5-6 hours continuously
  • It can go deep underwater with its 50-m long cable

Tips To Choose the Best Underwater Ice Fishing Camera

People often get confused as to which type of underwater camera would be the best suited for them. What’s more, here is that we are talking about underwater ice fishing cameras.

They need to be better and more adaptable and cold-resistant as well.

You can check out the main features that you should consider before choosing an underwater camera which include:

  • Weight
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Weight is crucial, especially when it comes to an underwater ice-fishing camera.

After all, you wouldn’t want your camera to put any disruptions to the boat’s balance. Hence, it would be better fr you to choose cameras that have less weight.

  • LED lights

AS you would know already, ice water fishing comes with lighting problems. You won’t get sunlight in the ice water properly.

Hence, even fishing in the daytime would require additional lights. Therefore, cameras with more LED lights would be highly beneficial for you during ice fishing.

  • Size

The size of the camera and monitor depends on your fishing requirements. Small cameras can fit in small holes, and small monitors take less space on your fishing rod.

However, if you want to correctly view when the fish catch the bait and are fishing in a big area, bigger monitors work better.

  • Resolution

Another significant factor to look for in an underwater ice-fishing camera is its resolution. It’s especially true if you want it for recording the underwater view.

You can take cameras that have higher resolutions so that you can view underwater correctly and more accurately.

  • Screen Size

The screen size of the camera is also essential to consider when buying one. Suppose that you want to get a clear view of the underwater during your ice fishing. If the screen is big, you will get a bigger and clearer view of the water. It will help you in your fishing a lot.

Hence, ensure checking the correct size of the monitor that comes with the underwater ice fishing camera.

Editor’s Choice:

When choosing the best underwater ice fishing cameras, then MOOCOR Underwater Fishing is the best choice. It’s an ultra-lightweight and incredible underwater fishing camera.

It provides a view with a resolution of 800 x 480 p and has a 5-inch monitor.

Hence, you can get the perfect and clear underwater view and that too with this compact camera. You can carry it anywhere, and it’s very convenient.


Don’t let yourself drown in the confusion of which underwater ice fishing camera to buy. You can quickly get assistance for it in this article.

We have collected the best underwater ice fishing cameras and put them on the list to choose anyone.

Although the MooCor underwater fishing camera is our top choice, you can go for any other camera from the list per your requirements and budget.

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