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The Gear Needs of a Whitetail Deer Hunter

From Alberta to Mexico, Oregon to Maine, and throughout the heart of the Midwest, whitetail deer and all its sub-species span most of North America. Whether you’re hunting in a tree stand, ground blind, making a drive, still hunting, or doing a spot-and-stalk, our versatile layering system will match your style of hunting.

Regardless of species, KUIU’s approach to hunting gear centers around a technical layering system, and whitetail deer is no exception. The clothing layering system enhances your performance in the field by scaling your insulation up or down during high and low-level activity. Moreover, hunts often bring an ever-changing climate.

Our layering system is built in three parts: Next-to-skin base layers, mid-layer insulation, and outer-layer protection that allows you to adapt to any style of whitetail hunting. It’s an entire system built to complement how you hunt and withstand the elements you’re faced with.

For most whitetail hunting applications, clothes that are warm and quiet are a top priority. Here are our customers’ top-five best whitetail camo products that will keep you comfortable and undetected.

Developed from the ground-up for silent stationary situations, the KUIU Proximity features patent-pending removable hood, internal pocket attachments, heat pack pouches, safety harness port, and stretch gasket cuffs combine for all-day comfort and complete concealment.

Available in KUIU Proximity Hooded Insulated Jacket and KUIU Proximity Insulated Pant.

  • Insulation Body Mapping
  • DWR Coated for water-resistance
  • Anti-Odor to remain undetected
  • Outer Layer Fit

Leveraging Polartec® Technology, Wind Pro is engineered with a compact knit surface structure for up to 4x greater wind resistance than regular synthetic fleece, while remaining 85% as breathable. This added protection deflects the elements while still maintaining soft comfort and breathability. Thermal air pockets retain the warmth needed from an insulation layer, all without the use of a laminated membrane. DWR treated, Wind Pro is dependable and versatile in inclement weather conditions.

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Available in Wind Pro Fleece Full Zip, Wind Pro Fleece Beanie, and Wind Pro Fleece Neck Gaiter.

  • Wind resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Ultra quiet

If you get soaked by rain or sweat and the temperature drops, ULTRA Merino maintains its insulating properties when wet. We make it a point not to use spandex in our products, especially in our base layers. Spandex is heavy, deteriorates over time, and reduces the natural moisture-wicking properties of Merino.

You’ll never regret adding them as an extra layer, especially the bottoms. Because they’re lightweight, as the day warms up, you can simply unzip and pull them off without removing your outer pants and boots.

Available in a ULTRA Merino 145 Zip-T, ULTRA Merino 145 Zip-T Hoodie, ULTRA Merino 145 Zip-Off Bottom, ULTRA Merino 145 Beanie and ULTRA Merino 145 Neck Gaiter.

  • Comfortably worn next-to-skin
  • Naturally odor-resistant, silent and low-sheen
  • Retains insulating properties when wet
  • Base-layer sizing

CUSTOMER REVIEW “The ULTRA Merino 145 Zip-T is my favorite base layer whether it’s warm or cold. It’s comfortable and regulates temperature very well.” – Robert B.

Designed with a feature set geared for whitetail hunting, the Encounter Zip-T is equipped with a drop-back hem for added coverage while sitting, raised collar for increased protection, and shaped cuff with layered thumbholes for easy layering.

Available in Encounter 200 Fleece Zip-T and Encounter Fleece Bottom.

Features silicone dot printing along the palm and fingers for added grip, extended cuff that easily tucks under long sleeves and conductive fingertip and thumb for smartphone use.

If a warmer glove is needed, check out our entire selection of insulated waterproof gloves for whitetail deer hunting.

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For the early season, while the vegetation is green, Verde  is a top choice for whitetail deer camo. Verde is also ideal in evergreen environments year-round.

Valo is the top choice in hardwood applications after the colors have changed and the vegetation has died off or gone dormant.

Vias  is also a proven choice for the late season, when grey vegetation and terrain dominate the landscape.

KUIU dark-color solids are ideal to minimize detection for hunting from the shadows of an enclosed blind.