Top 8 Best Fishing Line For Crappie (2024 Buyer’s Guide)


When searching for the best fishing line for crappie, crappie anglers have three main choices: monofilament lines, braided fishing lines, and fluorocarbon fishing lines.

One might not think that using the best fishing line for crappie is important, but many crappie anglers will tell you a different story…

Crappie fishing might not be as technical as say trying to catch a super spooky and intelligent species like permit but they are still suspicious fish that don’t want to get caught.

By using the right fishing line for crappie you’ll be far more successful as they will be more inclined to take your bait if they haven’t seen your fishing line. So what is the best fishing line for crappie? That is what we are here to find out.

Join me as we run through the best lines on the market and discuss each one in detail so you can choose the right fishing line for crappie for you.

The Best From The Reviews

Our Best Fishing Lines For Crappie

What is the best line for crappie fishing?

The best fishing line for crappie is the line that catches you the most fish in any given situation.

Each situation may require a different line for example if they are feeding near the surface, monofilament fishing lines may work best as they float whereas braid, fluoro, and copolymer line sink.

What is the best type of line for crappie fishing?

But generally speaking, using a combination of lines is best. You can choose between putting braid or monofilament fishing lines on your reel and then adding fluoro leader which the fish can’t see and extending the leader the clearer the water is.

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What Pound Line Is Best For Crappie Fishing?

Crappie are a line shy fish so you should use the lightest line possible. If there aren’t any sharp objects in the water you can get away with 4 lb line. But, as a standard 6 lbs is a good way to go as crappie will struggle to see it and it can handle sharp structures too.

What Is The Best Size Line For Crappie Fishing?

Since we have covered the pound test above, when we talk about the size of the line we mean diameter.

As we already know, crappie don’t like seeing fishing line so the thinner the diameter the better but you need to balance this with strength as hooking a crappie and having the line break isn’t a good thing either.

Can Crappie See Fishing Line?

Considering everything we have just run through it is pretty obvious that yes, crappie can see fishing lines but not all fishing lines. They can see braided and monofilament fishing lines since these lines are not invisible under water, but fluorocarbon lines are.

This is why it is key to always use a fluorocarbon leader on the end of your chosen main line as the crappie will not be able to see a fluorocarbon line especially if it is clear, thin, and around 4-6 lb test.

Does Line Color Affect Crappie?

Yes, absolutely. Since crappie are line shy and line color affects visibility you don’t want to use a colored line near to the end of your bait. If you do use a colored leader the crappie will avoid your bait all day long so be sure to use a clear leader line to attract crappie. The video below might help give you a better idea.

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Does Color Matter in Crappie Fishing? [Varying Water Clarity]

But, you can use any color main line you want in my opinion, depending on the fishing conditions. Some anglers prefer a bright main line as they can see where they have cast and where their line is. Others believe in going into full stealth mode so that they don’t disturb the fishery as the line will cover other fish that don’t require spooking.

Lining Out

Thanks for reading my article. I hope you enjoyed it and have found the right fishing line for your crappie fishing needs. Remember, it is about picking the right line for the situation between braid and mono line while always using a fluoro leader.

Please share this article around with your fishing buddies and leave us a comment or two below. Also, you might like to check out some of our other articles too, we cover everything from rods to reels, how to rig and more.

Tight lines!

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