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Finding Your Next Fishing Bib: A Buyer’s Guide

What Is a Fishing Bib?

A fishing bib is a special type of fishing accessory that resembles overalls or a dungaree, and its job is to keep you warm and dry from your chest to your feet. They leave some areas of the body exposed, making it necessary to pair them with a t-shirt, boots, and gloves. Fishing bibs are also designed to be water-resistant, which means that water rolls off of them without getting them wet.

Fishermen can also use fishing bibs for their daily work, and they are also popular among people who work outside. Most of the options you find in the market also come with pockets, which allow you to store all kinds of fishing accessories and gear without any difficulty.

The Importance of a Fishing Bib: What to Know

Whether you are a fisherman or a fishing enthusiast, you are bound to experience lake sprays, rain, rough winds, and other types of bad weather. If you aren’t wearing a fishing bib, you will be completely drenched and ruin your fishing trip. Therefore, you need a fishing bib to ensure that anything doesn’t bring you down.

Apart from water resistance, a fishing bib helps you stay comfortable and warm, especially during cold or chilly weather. Also known to facilitate your movement, you can wear it throughout the day and not have to worry about any kind of expected or unexpected bad weather.

As another plus, fishing bibs have enough storage space to carry all your accessories.

How to Maintain a Fishing Bib

One of the best ways to take care of and maintain your fishing bib is to clean it thoroughly after each fishing trip. Its cleaning instructions are usually mentioned on an inside tag or the packaging in which your product comes, and the first thing to do after every trip is to empty out its pockets and open up all the zippers.

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Make sure to follow the temperature and setting mentioned in the bib’s care instructions, or you might risk ruining its waterproof capabilities. Usually, fishing bibs are meant to be washed with warm water and without detergent, and a front-loading washing machine is always better for this purpose.

Once the cycle has finished, your bib will look as good as new.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Fishing Bib

There are several factors that come into play when you are buying a new fishing bib, and all of them must be taken into account in order for you to get the most out of your new product. Here are the key considerations you have to make.


Size is one important factor to keep in mind whenever you are buying a fishing bib. Generally, while you can follow your regular clothing size chart, some brands create sizes that run slightly larger than what you wear. Therefore, you will have to ascertain the right size before you lock in on a suitable fishing bib for your trips.

If you don’t find a fishing bib that is your size, this would lead to several issues. For instance, if the bib is larger in size you run the risk of slipping and getting injured. On the other hand, if the bib is too tight it would hinder your movement and make it impossible for you to spend your entire trip comfortably.

Therefore, always check the size before you choose a fishing bib.


The durability of a fishing bib is highly dependent upon the materials it was sourced from. Fishing bibs are made from nylon, polyester, Oxford fabric, layered laminate fabric, and other types of high-quality materials.

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If you go on fishing trips more often or experience extreme weather on a regular basis, then you do need a durable fishing bib that won’t tear or let water in easily. Otherwise, you will be very uncomfortable for the rest of your fishing trip.

Water resistance

One of the main functions of a fishing bib is to keep you dry and comfortable throughout your fishing trip, and this is why you should always check its waterproof capabilities before you choose a suitable option. Some fishing bibs are designed to let the water roll off of them, while others wick water from the outside.

Ideally, you should go for a completely water-resistant option as it would keep you dry for a long time and also help you enjoy your fishing trip to the fullest. This way, even if you have to endure strong winds and heavy rainfall you won’t be drenched completely.

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