6 Best Coyote Hunting Dogs

Video best coyote hunting dogs

When it comes to hunting coyotes, the job is not as easy as you may think. Coyotes are intelligent and crafty animals, so tracking them down is a difficult task.

For that reason, having a good hunting dog will be helpful. Coyote hunting dogs have a strong sense of smell and can really lend a hand when it comes to hunting coyotes.

So What is the Best Breed of Dog for Coyote Hunting? Well, that is a good question. In this article, we will mention the 6 best coyote hunting dogs that can help you to increase your success rate. And also some valuable tips on how to train your dog for coyote hunting

6 Best Coyote Hunting Dogs

1. The American Staghound

This dog is a crossbreed between the greyhound and the Scottish deerhound. The American Staghound is a perfect fit for predator hunting. They have a great sense of smell and exceptional eyesight. This makes them great hunting companions, especially when it comes to coyotes and wolves.

They have long and powerful legs that make them fast runners. And they have great stamina, so they can keep up with coyotes easily.

2. Greyhound

When it comes to coyote hunting, you need a fast hunting partner that can run for miles. A Greyhound is perfect for this job. They are generally known as racing dogs, but they can also make great hunting companions.

Greyhounds tend to be skinny, but they are muscular and strong enough to run for so long. Also, they can see faraway objects with their sharp eyes, which makes them excellent at identifying coyotes from afar and going after them.

The speed of this dog breed can reach around 40 mph, guaranteeing that they can easily outrun coyotes and help you hunt them down.

3. Plott Hounds

The Plott Hound is lean and muscular with big floppy ears, rather like those of a Dalmatian or Labrador. Loyalty and Courage go hand in hand with this dog breed.

Plott Hounds are famous for their hunting skills. They do a great job when it comes to big game animals hunting like coyotes.

They have great bodies for hunting. For example, the lean, muscular body allows them to overpower smaller predators. These dogs are fairly quick as well. But when it comes to stamina, the American Staghound could be the winner.

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This dog breed can be a great option for your next hunting trip, they are quite loyal and do not really back down from a fight.

4. Mountain View Cur

Mountain View Cur is specially bred for tracking, hunting, and treeing games, like raccoons and coyotes. Although they are well-suited to hunt coyotes, they can also hunt raccoons, pheasant, bobcat and other wild animals.

This dog breed is also brilliant and has a high level of self-control, which makes them ideal for training for hunting purposes.

Although the dog is in its state when hunting outdoors, it is equally comfortable at home with the occupants toward whom it is protective. This makes them good domestic dogs. Mountain View Cur is safe to have among kids.

You may need to train this dog for a little extra time, but you will get a great hunting partner in the field and a good family pet at home.

5. Border Collies

Although it is not a hunting breed, Border Collie has proved itself with coyote hunting over and over again. The breed is very easy to train, highly responsive and can catch up on the hunting part very easily.

Border Collie is a herding breed, and it can act as a coyote decoy during hunting. Hunting coyotes with this dog will somewhat differ from hunting with hounds or other bay dogs. Instead of chasing the coyote, they will lure it in, similarly to decoying Mountain Cur.

Coyotes have a very curious nature, and seeing a medium-sized dog playing around will attract their attention. Border Collie will try to attract the coyote towards the hunter and within the bow (or rifle) range, helping you to kill coyotes easily.

6. Black Mouth Cur

This dog is named after its black muzzle. The Black Mouth Cur has lots of energy and stamina, making it ideal for tracking and hunting coyotes. Also, its lean and muscular body makes it a perfect companion for outdoor hunting.

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On the hunt, you probably want an energetic dog that can track and hunt coyotes easily. This dog meets this description well.

It is an intelligent dog breed, making it easy to train. Black Mouth Curs are popular due to their intelligence, coupled with a calm temperament and extreme loyalty to the owner or trainer.

Benefits of Using Coyote Hunting Dogs

1. More Fun Experience

Hunting with your dog can provide a more fun hunting experience. It is a good way to bond with your dog while having a fun time outdoors.

2. Increased Success Rate

A good coyote hunting dog can increase your chances of success. They can find lost coyotes, track down a scent, and flush them out of hiding.

3. More Fun for the Entire Family

Your children will love getting to go hunting with the family dog. It is an excellent way to have quality time together.

4. Added Excitement

Watching your dog take off after a coyote adds an element of excitement to the hunt.

How to Train Coyote Hunting Dogs

Coyotes are wily and elusive animals, making them challenging targets for coyote hunters. Training your dog properly will add a little excitement to your hunting trips and increase your chances of success. Here are some tips on how to train coyote hunting dogs.

1. Begin With Basic Obedience Training

This training is important for any hunting dog, especially when they hunt in groups. You have to make sure that your dog will obey your orders even when they are distracted or excited.

2. Get Your Dog Used to Gunshots

Hunting dogs must be able to handle the sound of gunshots and not get scared or run off. In order to do this, begin with small calibre guns and work your way up.

3. Socialize Your Dog With Other Dogs and People

This way, your dog is less likely to become defensive and scared when meeting new people or fighting with other dogs.

4. Train Your Dog to Use Their Nose

Good hunting dogs need to be able to follow a scent, so make sure to train your dog to use its nose. To do this, hide treats around the yard or house and have your dog find them.

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5. Get Your Dog in Shape

Your dog needs to be in good physical condition so that it can keep up with the hunt. This can be done by eating a healthy diet and getting them plenty of exercise.

6. Teach Your Dog Basic Tracking Commands

A hunting dog needs to be able to track a scent, so teaching your dog basic tracking commands is an important thing. This will come in handy when you are following a trail or trying to find a lost coyote.

7. Take Your Dog Hunting

Taking dogs out on actual hunts is the best way to train them. This way, they will put all of their training into practice and learn from experience.

These tips will help you get started on training your dog for coyote hunting. Remember that training your hunting dog properly will need patience, time and dedication.

Tips on Using Coyote Hunting Dogs to Their Full Potential

1. Choose the Right Dog Breed

When it comes to hunting, not all dogs are equal. Some dog breeds are better suited for a certain task than others. Breeds that are good at following scents and have a strong prey drive tend to make the best dogs for coyote hunting

2. Start Training Early

It is better to start training your dog as soon as possible. This way, they will have more time to learn and master any skill they need.

3. Give Rewards

When your dog does something right, make sure to give them plenty of rewards and praise. Positive reinforcement is a key part of dog training.

4. Remember the Basics

Although you are training your dog to be a successful coyote hunter, you still need to work on the basics, such as tracking and obedience. Those skills will be helpful in different situations.

5. Be Consistent With Your Commands

Being consistent with your commands is also important. Dogs are creatures of habit, so make sure to use the same hand signals and words each time you give an order.

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