Best Coyote Hunting Dog Breeds (Top Picks)

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Looking for the best coyote hunting dog breeds? You’re in luck—we’ve got the lowdown on the top dogs for the job.

Here we cover everything from the most tried-and-true favorites to some effective but surprising up-and-comers.

So read on to find out the most perfect canine for your next coyote hunting adventure!

Best Coyote Hunting Dog Breeds

Let’s face it: The coyote is a super cunning and sometimes downright dangerous predator.

Even young coyotes can be intelligent creatures, but the older ones are definitely some of the craftiest wild animals out there.

Because of this, you need a dog that’s smart, strong, and cunning enough to keep up with those rascally canines.

Coyotes (particularly Eastern coyotes, a mix of coyote and wolf) can be tricky adversaries, so domestic dogs must possess athleticism and intellect to keep up.

Keeping that in mind, coyote dogs (often large breeds with agile builds) are a great option for anyone looking to hunt these crafty creatures.

Not only are they vigorous, but they’re also trainable. Because of this, it’s easy to form emotional bonds with them while developing the confidence needed to win while out on the hunt.

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Once an owner feels secure enough and their dogs have displayed a firm grasp of commands and coyote cunning, the two can together stalk their prey as equals.

Such a pairing is sure to bring endless amounts of thrill in the field—and maybe even a trophy or two—when coyote hunting season starts.

So let’s take a look at the very best dog breeds for chasing down those coyotes.

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Top Breed Picks for Coyote Hunting

You definitely have some choices when looking for the best breed of dog for coyote hunting.

In our opinion, some of the best coyote hunting dog breeds in North America include Mountain Curs, American Staghound, Irish Wolfhound, English Foxhound, Australian Kelpie, and Border Collie.

Most coyote-chasing breeds tend to be a large dog. But even somewhat smaller breeds can still be some of the best dogs for going after a pack of coyotes.

Thankfully, you have a bunch of really good options when it comes to picking out the best canine companion to tromp along on your hunting escapades.

With so many fantastic choices available for experienced coyote hunters, finding your ideal dog may be easier than you think!

Tips for Training a Coyote Hunting Dog

No matter what kind of canine you choose, it’s important to remember the importance of proper training.

After all, if you’re dog isn’t trained right, it could ruin your chances of a successful hunt—and possibly cost the dog an injury or even its life.

It may come as no surprise that a preferred dog breed should have an amazing natural instinct for hunting and tracking.

Even so, hunting dogs still need to be taught some critically important techniques and skills. These skills will help your dog be the most effective partner possible in your coyote hunting.

With patience and practice, your pup can learn advanced field training skills like proper recall commands and how to identify scents and trails that will lead them to their prey.

They also need to learn not to spook easily or be afraid of loud noises like a gunshot.

But not only that—giving your dog regular exercise helps make sure that he or she is tough enough for the grueling task at hand.

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Learning to hunt coyotes is definitely a super challenging—but also a very rewarding and exciting activity.

Having the right canine companion at your side really can make all the difference between a successful outing—and striking out on the hunt.

Choosing a pup that is focused and willing to learn is the first step to help ensure the success of field training.

But it’s important to also remember that dedicated training and regular practice will play an important role as well.

With time, patience, and proper guidance, you can create an effective hunting team with your dog by your side!

The dogs we discuss here are bred not only for their high energy levels but also their rock-solid grit and determination.

These traits makes for the ideal dog choice when chasing down those sneaky coyotes.

And don’t forget to feed your dog the very best dog food to keep them healthy and strong!

Coyote Hunting Dog Dispositions

Coyote hunting dogs are some of the most energetic and hardworking canines around.

Dogs that have been specially bred to chase after coyotes are a rare breed (pun intended).

The right training and disposition combine to make them incredibly useful protectors of both rural areas and more urban settings.

Even though coyote dogs are often seen as guard dogs, they can also be quite spontaneous.

You may find that they particularly enjoy playing with a ball or a mouse game when they’re let off-leash.

If you’re looking for an active pet with a high level of enthusiasm and loyalty, a coyote hunting dog can make an excellent companion—perfect for the most diehard hunting enthusiasts.

On top of their legendary enthusiasm, the best coyote dogs are also highly intelligent and intuitive.

Not only do they have a natural instinct for spotting predators, but they can also recognize sound cues and determine when something is out of the ordinary.

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This makes them invaluable during your hunting trips. They can quickly discern between harmless animals like small mammals and potential threats like coyotes.

Moreover, due to their instincts, coyote dogs many not require as much intense training in order to be effective hunters.

This makes it easy for owners to get them up to speed without much prior experience or knowledge about coyote hunting.

This is great for those who want an obedient pup with minimal effort!

It also helps that these dogs are incredibly eager to please their owner and learn new skills.

​Coyote Hunting Dogs Breed by Breed

So are you seriously thinking about getting a dog to help with your coyote hunting efforts?

If so, you’d be very smart to do enough research until you’re confident you’ve found the breed that’s just right for what your needs.

There are plenty of pups that can make excellent hunting partners. But Mountain Cur and Irish Wolfhound often stand out among coyote hunters.

Each of these canines has unique attributes that make them worthwhile companions while out on the trails.

Most coyote hunters agree that the best dog is a large breed—one that’s at least the size of a coyote, and ideally as big or bigger than potentially aggressive male coyotes.

First you’ll want to carefully consider which breed is most compatible with your home situation.

Then you need to decide if they have the necessary skills and energy level you need to take them out on a full-blown coyote hunt.

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Mountain Cur

Mountain Curs are known for their natural athleticism, dedication, and love of the outdoors.

Cur dogs are a versatile breed used for going after all kinds of hunting targets.

They’re an excellent choice not only as a good coyote dog but also in many other hunting scenarios—including pursuing larger animals like mountain lions, bears, and boars—not a bad list of targets!

Mountain Curs have the stamina needed to keep up with long hunts and can handle some pretty rough terrain.

One nice thing about the Mountain Cur is that it has a short coat that doesn’t require much upkeep.

This makes them an ideal choice when you don’t want to spend too much time on grooming your dog.

Curs are also a great choice for a decoy dog.

In addition to using predator calls and hunting decoys imitating wounded animals, coyote hunters also use a coyote decoy dog (also known as tolling).

With dog decoys, the hunter sends his dog out to lure a coyote in close enough for a shot.

Having a good electric collar is a central part of using your dog as a decoy.

When you’re ready to call your dog back to you, you activate the collar to signal your dog to turn back around.

The Black Mouth Cur is also sometimes used for hunting coyotes, but the Mountain View Curs are specially bred for this purpose.

Because of their strong hunting instinct and high prey drive, Curs may not be good around small pets like cats or backyard chickens.

​American Staghound

American Staghound coyote dog

The American Staghound is the next great choice on our list of breeds to use for coyote hunting.

It’s one of the more popular picks for this type of hunting in the United States.

The Staghound is actually a cross-bred dog between the Scottish Deerhound and the Greyhound.

This breed has a pretty impressive size but is also one of the fastest dogs with some surprisingly good athletic agility—a great combination when chasing coyotes.

Hounds tend to have a good sense of smell, making them perfect for chasing down coyote tracks.

It’s sleek coat offers protection against the biting cold. Also, the American Staghound’s natural athleticism and keen hunting instincts bring it to the forefront of coyote dogs.

Their lightning-fast speed and super-keen senses can make them a pretty formidable force against those wily coyotes.

The American Staghound’s loyalty and dedication to the hunt soon become apparent. These forge an unbreakable bond between hunter and hound in the unforgiving wilderness.

They are also known to be pretty good around small children, but they may not be overly protective.

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhounds are another of the hound breeds that were bred specifically as coursing dogs.

They make excellent companions on a coyote hunt due to their large size, speedy long legs, and strong loyalty.

These dogs definitely do need plenty of exercise to stay healthy.

But they can also make some pretty awesome guard dogs due to their jumbo size and downright scary bark.

Their average lifespan is around 8 years.

English Foxhound

English Foxhound coyote hunting dog

Another hunting breed that is a best choice for coyote hunting is the English Foxhound.

As you can probably guess, this breed was bred specifically for fox hunts.

It’s known for its speed and stamina—two super important criteria for chasing down coyotes.

They’re also strong willed, loyal, and have a deep chest that allows them to take deep breaths while running long distances.

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The English Foxhound’s short coat makes them easy to care for and maintain as well.

Australian Kelpie

The Australian Kelpie is an all-around working dog that’s been used in a pretty impressive range of outdoor work.

They’ve been known to herd sheep, drive cattle, and hunt small game like rabbits and hares.

They have plenty of energy and endurance which makes them ideal for coyote hunting as well.

Australian Kelpies have a medium-length double coat that helps keep them cool in hot climates and warm in cold climates.

They are also intelligent and obedient. An instinctive herding drive makes them well-suited to working alongside humans while hunting.

Kelpies can make a good family dog but they need lots of exercise to stay happy and healthy.

Border Collie

Border Collie coyote hunting

The Border Collie is another breed that has been successful in the coyote hunting field.

These dogs have an almost super-powered energy, intelligence, and alertness—exactly what you want for tracking down their prey.

Their thick double coat provides protection against harsh weather conditions too.

But not only that—Border Collies are super loyal and easy to train—making them fantastic companions both on and off the hunt.

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Other Coyote Hunting Dog Breeds

The Australian Cattle Dog (also known as blue heeler) and the Dogo Argentino are other large dogs that make outstanding coyote hunting partners.

Anatolian Shepherds are also beloved for their intelligence and agility in tracking their prey.

You may sometimes hear of using different breeds like German Shepherds or a Labrador Retriever for coyote hunting. However, this is not generally recommended.

There are reports of a Pit Bull Terrier or Great Pyrenees prevailing against coyotes. But these are also not usually used for hunting.

Even a dog with a high level of self-control and good behavior may not fare well against an aggressive coyote.

It’s ultimately up to the hunter’s personal preference and situation. But be sure to take plenty of time when picking the right breed. This will greatly increase your odds of success in the field.

Closing Thoughts on the Best Coyote Hunting Dog Breeds

Ultimately, any of the best breeds discussed here can make an excellent coyote hunting partner.

Their natural instincts and the fact that they’re incredibly obedient make them ideal for both novice and experienced hunters alike.

But don’t forget: it’s critically important to remember that this is a unique and demanding type of hunting.

It requires patience, dedication, and skill both from you and your dog.

Coyotes are a dangerous, intelligent foe. They require a brave and determined hunter to protect livestock, pets, and other property.

By finding the right dog breed, you’ll massively up your odds of success when hunting coyotes.

The breeds we’ve gone over here all possess the strength, endurance, and smarts needed to successfully outwit even the craftiest coyote.

If you’re looking for a companion to join you on your next coyote hunting excursion, we recommend picking one of these dedicated dogs.

Let’s face it: there’s nothing quite like having man’s best friend join you in the pursuit of big game.

With courage and an experienced dog by your side, nailing that cunning coyote will be a much easier task.

Good luck on your next coyote hunt!

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