Best boat coolers: 13 top options from tote coolers to deck coolers


Serial boat owner Drew Maglio picks out 13 of the best boat coolers on the market right now and explains what features to look out for…

In my time boating, I have found boat coolers to be a real must-have accessory. Whether for keeping drinks cold, preserving bait, or as an ice box to store food on an extended passage, there is such a multitude of different boat coolers available adapted to different purposes.

From tote coolers to deck coolers and all-purpose coolers, he choice can be dizzying at times (before you even consider the world of portable refrigerators), but never fear – MBY is here to help you find the right boat cooler for your needs.

13 of the best boat coolers available right now

Tote coolers

Tote coolers are small, portable, lightweight and suitable for carrying perishable items onboard from an onshore shopping excursion or similar.

Boaters who rely on this type of cooler will typically have a fridge on board, so the tote cooler will only be used for transport and storage for up to a few hours.

For this reason the best form of tote is typically a soft insulated bag that molds to a given area for storage and transport.

placeholder Best boat coolers: 13 top options from tote coolers to deck coolers

Igloo BMX 25 cooler

Specifications: 25-quart or 23.7 litre capacity heavy-duty blow-molded design with reinforced base corners up to 4 days of ice retention the lid features a fish ruler for measuring your catch threaded drain plug with a hose compatibility

Reasons to Buy The rugged construction, reinforced corners, and stainless steel hinges, 4 days of ice retention, there’s a fish ruler on the lid

Reasons to Avoid might be a bit small for some if you want to carry food and drink for more than a day.

The Igloo BMX 25 cooler is just the right size to fit a flask, or some cans of fizzy drinks plus sandwiches or pre heated food. Just make sure not to mix up the hot and the cold in the same box and you’ll find your hot sausage and egg roll from the stand in B&Q carpark is still hot when you get back to the boat yard with your DIY supplies.

The rugged box can take a bit of a rough and tumble and it’s strong enough for me to sit on too.

The sturdy handle feels purposeful and the rubber lid toggles feel chunky and reassuring. I’ve used a wide array of different cool boxes over the years but this little marvel is fabulous. It’s virtually indestructible.

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Everlasting Comfort Insulated Cooler Backpack


Capacity: 54 cans Dimensions: 13.38 x 8.66 x 17.71 inchesWeight: ‎2.06lbs / 930g

Reasons to buy

• Comfortable and ergonomic with adjustable straps that allow it to be worn as a backpack • Lightweight and extremely manageable design • Leak-proof on the inside and weather-resistant on the outside

Reasons to avoid

• Limited capacity • Only suitable for up to 24 hours

This insulated backpack tote cooler is perfect for transporting food from the grocery store to your boat.

With adjustable straps and special holders for wine, it is the perfect accessory for cruisers and weekenders alike.

The interior is made with PEVA (Polyethylene vinyl acetate), so the backpack is both leakproof and easy to clean.

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Icey-Tek 18-Litre boat cooler


Capacity: 18L / 19QT Weight: 6kg / 13.2lbs Construction: Roto-moulded polyethylene Warranty: 5 years

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Reasons to buy

• Study contstruction • Divider doubles as a chopping board • Integrated cup holders

Reasons to avoid

• Uncomfortable handle

This 18-litre boat cooler might be the smallest, lowest priced and most simplistic cool box in the Icey-Tek range but it actually makes a lot of sense…

This passive (power-free) Australian boat cooler is designed to keep its contents frozen for up to two days and cold for up to ten.

It’s built using the same roto-moulded polyethylene techniques that are employed in the construction of boats from the likes of Pioner and Tehri, so it’s no surprise that our review Alex Smith reports that it feels “extremely robust”.

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Yeti Roadie 24


Capacity: 2.11QT / 2L Dimensions: ‎17.1 x 14.3 x 18 inches Weight: ‎12.8lbs / 5.8kgs

Reasons to buy

• Rugged and durable premium construction • Comes in many colors • Superb insulation for its size • Has an integrated carrying strap

Reasons to avoid

• Limited capacity for its size • Very expensive

This Roadie 24 by Yeti is another great option for usage as a cooler tote to carry food, drinks, and ice to and from the mothership.

Being built from hard plastic is a double-edged sword however – although it offers far better insulation than a cooler backpack, it is both heavier and bulkier.

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KULA Cooler 5


Capacity: 24QT / 22.7L Dimensions: ‎16.75 x ‎16.75 x 14.25 inches Weight: ‎13lbs / 5.9kg

Reasons to buy

• Beefy grab handle and latch • Rubber feet to prevent sliding • Well-insulated

Reasons to avoid

• Relatively expensive • 20 quart capacity is less than the Yeti

This 5-gallon bucket-style cooler from Kula is extremely well-engineered and ergonomic with non-slip rubber feet.

Uniquely suited to preserving ice during transport, this unit is extremely well-insulated and features a robust latch-and-grab handle.

All of this does come at a hefty price, however.

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All-Purpose Boat Coolers

All-purpose coolers are larger and more obtrusive than tote coolers, but are still small and manageable enough to be used for transporting food and drinks to and from your boat or your home.

An all-purpose cooler will typically be rectangular in shape and have about 35-75 quarts of capacity. Compared to totes, all-purpose coolers have enough insulation to keep contents ice cold for at least a few days.

Because of their ‘jack of all trades’ nature, it is probably not worth spending more than $300 on an all-purpose boat cooler.

best boat coolers yeti roadie 24 Best boat coolers: 13 top options from tote coolers to deck coolers

Dometic Patrol 55 boat cooler


Capacity: 54L / 48QT Weight: 15kg / 33.1lbs Construction: Roto-moulded polyethylene Warranty: 7 years

Reasons to buy

• Thick comfortable handles • Optional slide-out divider • Accessories include fishing rod mount, cupholder and bottle opener

Reasons to avoid

• Relatively expensive

Built from one-piece roto-moulded polyethylene with thick polyurethane insulation, the Dometic Patrol 55 is a supremely tough cool box.

Thick rope handles with rigid rubber grips are very comfortable to lift, reports Alex Smith, and in spite of its thick walls, quality build and refined finish, the Dometic Patrol 55 is not an especially heavy cool box.

Even when fully loaded, it remains quite easy for two people to carry – and if the standard box seems a touch plain, fear not. You can split the compartment in two with an optional slide-out divider. You can also elevate quick-grab or water-sensitive items with the drop-in cages.

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Igloo Stainless Steel 54 Quart Cooler


Capacity: 54QT / 51L Dimensions: ‎24.45 x 15.87 x 16.5 inches Weight: ‎16.55lbs / 7.5kg

Reasons to buy

• Integrated bottle cap opener • Stainless steel finish • Heavy duty latch • Integrated grab handles • Can store ice for up to 4 days

Reasons to avoid

• Stainless steel finish can be marred by dents • Fairly expensive for its capacity

This stylish stainless steel boat cooler from Igloo is a prime example of an all purpose cooler.

With its sleek and relatively lightweight design (and 54 quart capacity) this boat cooler could easily be carried aboard and doesn’t take up too much deck space.

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Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer 60-Quart Cooler


Capacity: 60QT / 57L Dimensions: ‎37 x 19.5 x 18.75 inches Weight: ‎30.1lbs / 13.7kg

Reasons to buy

• Rugged construction • Extremely well insulated • Sealing latches • Comes in a range of different colors • Molded handles for easy transport • Rubber feet prevent sliding around on deck

Reasons to avoid

• Quite heavy (~31 pounds) for its rated capacity • Doesn’t have wheels

The Polar Cap Equalizer from Cabela’s is a 60 quart all-purpose cooler that is fairly well insulated and sealed, which allows it to preserve ice for days on end.

Available in a range of different colors with a rugged plastic construction, this cooler will stand up to the rigors of boat life with ease.

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Igloo 70 qt. Trailmate Journey Marine Cooler


Capacity: 70QT / 66L Dimensions: 19.7 x 34.59 x 23.61 inches Weight: ‎43.5lbs / 19.7kg

Reasons to buy

• Large handle and oversized wheels provide easy transport • Stow-away tray and molded cupholders

Reasons to avoid

• Quite heavy for a 72 quart cooler (43lbs when empty) • Expensive for a cooler with only marginal insulation

The 70 quart Igloo Trailmate cooler is a great all-rounder with a special emphasis on portability and ruggedness.

The cooler features large and robust, integral wheels that allow it to be rolled down to the dock with ease. Being relatively small in size, boaters should have no issues carrying the cooler on and off the boat as well.

As a unique touch, the Trailmate features a small tray which can be used as a cutting/serving board in a pinch. With a small storage pocket and molded drink holders, this cooler is the best option for boaters looking to spend a day at the sandbar or a secluded riviera.

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Deck Coolers

Dock coolers also typically make good on-deck coolers. Whereas the primary criteria for totes and all purpose coolers is portability, what makes a good deck cooler is build quality, storage capacity, and insulation properties.

Deck coolers are most typically used by fisherman to temporarily store their catch after returning from an excursion, as well as party boaters who seek to host large social gatherings onboard and therefore need a cooler that provides ample storage for drinks and snacks.

In addition to insulation, a good deck cooler must also be able to resist moving around on deck while underway and therefore some heft, rubber feet, and a provision for straps are all vital features.

best boat coolers igloo 54qt stainless steel Best boat coolers: 13 top options from tote coolers to deck coolers

Coleman 100QT Xtreme wheeled cool box


Capacity: 94L / 100QT Weight: 10.6kg / 23.4lbs Construction: HDPE Warranty: 1 year

Reasons to buy

• Lightweight • Sturdy construction • Affordable

Reasons to avoid

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• Short on accessories • No rubber feet – needs lashing down

As the flagship of the range, the Coleman 100QT Xtreme range is well worth a look for boaters searching for the best boat coolers on a budget.

High-density polyethylene construction with injected polyurethane foam insulation in the walls and lid help minimise the prospect of ‘warm’ spots.

In spite of its huge 94L / 100QT capacity, the Coleman 100QT Xtreme cool box is also much lighter and easier to handle than a lot of comparable boat coolers, reports Alex Smith.

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best boat coolers cabelas Best boat coolers: 13 top options from tote coolers to deck coolers

RTIC Hard Cooler


Capacity: 145QT / 137L Dimensions: ‎42.99 x 20.98 x 22.24 inches Weight: ‎64lbs / 29kg

Reasons to buy

• Robust construction with heavy duty latches and thick insulation • Weight should prevent it from moving around on deck underway • Large capacity • Comes in many different colors

Reasons to avoid

• Handles are a bit underwhelming • Very expensive • No wheels

This 145 quart cooler from RTIC, which can keep ice for up to 10 days, is a prime example of an ideal deck cooler.

With heavy-duty latches and 3-inch insulated walls, this cooler has some heft that will prevent it from moving around on its rubber padded feet.

Additionally, RTIC offers some divider accessories for this cooler, which can help keep its contents organized.

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best boat coolers cabelas Best boat coolers: 13 top options from tote coolers to deck coolers

Igloo 165 qt. Maxcold Cooler


Capacity: 165QT / 156L Dimensions: ‎41.25 x 17.75 x 22.6 inches Weight: ‎32.6lbs / 14.8kg

Reasons to buy

• One of the most affordable deck coolers on the market • Can keep ice for up to 7 days • Threaded drain plug can be attached to a garden hose • Has a locking knob for better sealing

Reasons to avoid

• Relatively cheap build quality • Will not perform as well as more premium offerings

For more budget-conscious boaters, this 165 quart deck cooler from Igloo is an affordable alternative, but obviously it will not perform as well as more premium options from RTIC, Yeti, and others.

However, if you are having a party at the dock or returning from an offshore excursion with a fresh catch, this offering may be more than adequate.

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best boat coolers igloo 70qt trailmate Best boat coolers: 13 top options from tote coolers to deck coolers

YETI Tundra 250 Cooler


Capacity: 250QT / 237L Dimensions: ‎55 x 22 x 21.25 inches Weight: ‎66lbs / 30kgs

Reasons to buy

• Extremely robust construction and top-of-the-line insulation • Heavy and therefore uniquely suited to usage on a boat underway • Massive capacity

Reasons to avoid

• Very expensive • Difficult to move when full

This Tundra 250 is the Cadillac of deck coolers with a price tag to boot. Like the RTIC above, it has over 3 inches of insulation, is incredibly well-built and is sure to stand up to the elements over time.

At 250 quarts, the Yeti will be able to hold all but the largest of pelagic fish. However, this behemoth of a cooler is 55-inches long and weighs 66lbs empty.

It can hold up to 232lbs of ice, so when full it won’t move around on deck easily. This large cooler is best suited to usage on/around large open power boats like a sportfish yacht, which typically feature a large, open rear deck.

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Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Head to Amazon’s dedicated boating page for more marine products.

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