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In our lives, we may be interested in carrying out different activities such as swimming, playing football or basketball. But fewer activities will make you feel greater joy than concentrating and shooting at different ranges with a compound bow. The best compound bow is something difficult to determine because there are great products that offer similar results.

However, it is essential to pay attention to features such as the brand, manufacturer, the kind of compound bow, as there are different kinds depending on the age, for example, and whether what is needed is a pro or simpler version. Some compound bows include sights. It could be very important to have the best compound bow sight to shoot. This is so important to avoid feeling discouraged at the beginning, since not all shooters will have an instinctive accuracy. Besides, some brands are more recognized than others. Hence, it becomes important to know about which are the best.

This article was written taking into consideration all the aforementioned topics and, also, taking into consideration the compound bows reviews. So the new archer will find the essential to make the best choice and get best out of the best bow.

Best Compound Bows Comparison Table

Different Types of Compound Bows

The compound bows tend to be classified by the kind of cam system they have. Though there are different kinds of compounds on the market, the most widely purchased are the single cam. But there are others which will be explained in this section such as the hybrid cam and twin cam.

Single Cam

As it was said, this is the most popular compound bow type. Perhaps, it is due to its simplicity. It offers different features such as idler wheel and elliptical power cam. These features translate into several benefits.

The most important is that it will be easy to use because it uses a single cam, and it is quiet. This will be good when attempting to hunt animals which possess strong earing. However, the bad characteristic of this type of compound bow will be that it is hard to tune, that is, it takes longer to do this process than in the other types.

Hybrid Cams

This is also another popular compound bow type. It offers different features than the previous one. For example, at the top end, it has a cam control, and at the bottom end, it has a power cam. This will also translate into several benefits. Unlike the previous single cam model, this one is easier to tune.

Also, maintenance will be necessary to a less extent. Nonetheless, it has the disadvantage with the nock travel as it will be reduced when shooting. This model can, also, give great results and any compound bow of this type will offer countless of positive outcomes.

Twin Cam

Finally, the twin cam as its name implies uses two cams. The cams may be round. And they’re placed on the each end of the compound bow. Due to its two cams, it offers good benefits. One of them is that there will be higher accuracy. Furthermore, it will produce a higher speed and it will make the bow one of the fastest compound bow.

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These are great benefits that will definitely help when shooting. However, this also translates into some disadvantages. One of them is that due to the more complex design it requires maintenance and tuning more frequently. Anyway, the benefits of this model are very important that doing extra job with the compound bow won’t equal the benefits. your text here…

Best Compound Bows

Effectiveness when shooting is one of the main features when choosing which compound bow offers the best results. Also, they have to include different features that will make hunting better. If you’re trying to find a bow for hunting you can check our best compound bows for hunting guide. Different adapters have to be included, as well, and the weight to hold it, besides the draw weight will be always important to consider as they play a crucial role when releasing.

By reading the list of the top 5 compound bows, you will be able to decide which best applies to your needs as the purposes you want a good compound bow for vary from individual to individual.

Top 5 Compound Bows

1. Tactical Compound Bow Package By Apollo Tactical – CNC MILLED ALUMINUM – 19″-30″ Draw – 25lb-70lb Draw Weight – 320 FPS IBO – Black Version

Any learner and professional will be marveled by this beautiful yet efficient compound bow. It is big and gives the appearance of strength—the strength is proven with its even 70 pound draw weight. Besides, it includes different pro features such as a D-loop, arrow rest, stabilizer and UV lighted site.

The sophisticated design and features will leave a great taste when you first hold it and shoot at long distances. Furthermore, it counts with adjustable draw lengths of 19 and 30 inches. The technology was perfect when manufacturing it as the overall weight is no more than 4.8 pounds. It will feel light and will deliver great results. Hence, it is the best compound bow 2016.

2. Bear Archery Cruzer Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package 70lb RH A5CZ21007R

The second best choice when finding the top compound bows is the Bear Archery Cruzer. This compound bow is manufactured by Bear Archery—a well-known company due to its long experience in compound bow industry since decades ago. Its core material is aluminum. It has a prove power with its quad limbs.

The grip design will improve the accuracy. And the up to 30 inches draw length will produce great power when shooting. This will bow is ideal for anyone—hence, it becomes a great gift, and it becomes great for starters, so it will fit well the necessities of any archer and will always deliver great results.

3. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

The third choice goes to another renowned brand characterized for manufacturing great compound bows that will fit any archer. This Infinite Edge Pro Bow offers excellent features that vary from a simple shooting at home to hunting big animals. For both purposes it is equipped with useful features such as a 3-Pin tundra sight.

The sight becomes very important when shooting at long ranges, so the fact this bow has it included is a great plus in its quality. Furthermore, it offers an arrow rest and a comfort wrist sling, so these two features are designed to give comfort and make it one of the best.

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4. PSE Madness 32 70# Ready to Shoot Compound Bow

The fourth option in our list is a compound bow made by a great and long lasting company, too – PSE. For years they’ve entered the market and the Ready to Shoot Compound Bow will fit those eager and ready to become great archers and hunt. It fits any kind of archer, including women, as it is easy to handle with its 4.1 pounds. This is a good compound bow for women.

However, the draw weight is also important, and this beauty has up to 70 pounds power, so this is definitely suitable for going and out and hunting. Furthermore, it includes a sight, also, so it will help you reach high accuracy, thus improving the experience.

5. 30-70 lb Black / Camouflage Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow +3 30″ Arrows / Bolts 175 150 70 55 40 30 lbs Crossbow

Finally, in our list of the top 5, iGlow—another important manufacturer—occupies an important role with its top rated compound bows, and in this case, the Camo Archery Bow. The hunters will love it, for its draw power reaches 70 pounds, and its overall weight is of only 4.4 pounds, so it is a bow easy to handle.

At first sight, it gives an elegant and polished appearance that will for sure give great performance. It will be the perfect gift for teens who are interested in learning this beautiful sport, and the outcome will be assured with this high quality bow. Besides, the compound bow review shows it is credited as a great product.

Brands of Compound Bows

Now, as in any other product there are brands that offer great products and other that don’t. Here, it is a list of the three best compound bow manufacturers besides some explanation on why they’re so good.

Bear Archery

The long history of making the compound bows make this company one of the best. Since 1933 it began spreading its business until it became one of the most recognized. All its products are released after testing and research on how to improve the compound bows

Apollo Tactical

This company is as good as Bear Archery and all its products will include the best features. It offers products to different kinds of archers. The beginners will find beginner compound bow that best fit their needs, and the experts will find those products that best adapt to their professional usage too.


Finally, another great choice will be PSE. It is one of the best brands in the compound bow business. It provides high quality shooting equipment. The pro features of their devices will fit perfectly the experts. Your precision when hunting will improve because PSE has high precision when manufacturing their bows.

Buying Guide to Purchase the Best Compound Bow

To buy the top rated compound bows, it is necessary to consider a few points since some compound bows may have more features than you actually need. Also, the best compound bow reviews will always be available to check which product is the best. However, these simple guidelines will make your life easier when purchasing the right product.

  1. First, if you are new into practicing this sport, don’t try to find compound bows that have so many features you don’t need. So try to find the compound bow that best fits your body proportions and that will provide the best experience for a beginner. After practicing it for some time, you may decide to buy a more advanced compound bow or to upgrade the one you have. This is a good advice for kids too, just choose the best youth compound bow for them.
  2. Although some compound bows offer a big draw power, you ought to know it is harder to reach longer distances. So, at the beginning, it will be, perhaps, difficult to shoot at longer ranges. Therefore, be aware of your strength. This will let you choose the best bow that will offer the most comfortable experience.
  3. An important technical consideration to take into account is the draw length. Depending on the draw length, you will be able to shoot either longer or shorter distances. If you are already an expert or have plenty of experience, a bigger draw length is appropriate, but if you are new, then the short draw length will be better because it will be easier to maneuver.
  4. You also need to know about the draw weight which in the descriptions is expressed in pounds. If it requires, for example, 6 pounds, it means you will need 6 pounds to draw fully. Therefore, more pounds will always mean more power, but it will also mean that it will be harder to maneuver. Consequently, depending on your stage into bow hunting, choose the one that will be easier to handle.
  5. Finally, it is always important to consider the overall weight because for some people it will be easier, at the beginning, to start with a lighter bow. Eventually, you will be able to adapt to heavier ones which will include better features. But always depending on your current level, choose the one that best fits your body and training.
  6. Be sure that a compound bow is the right choice for you. Maybe a recurve one or a crossbow are a better choices. Check out our recurve vs compound and compound bow vs crossbow comparisons.
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It can be difficult to select the correct bow. Nevertheless, some guidelines like the ones expressed before are always useful to guide in making the best choice. The best compound bow 2015 may not be the best one for the 2016 because there can be new advances. But knowing which brands are the best ones will always be a positive feedback when choosing the best compound bow for the money, too, as there are some bows which will be more expensive. Consequently, when choosing which compound bow is the best one for you, always check the buying guide, the best brands, and the best bows because they’re excellent tools to make the correct choice.

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