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Raymarine Element 7 HVRaymarine

Element 7 HV

$699 |

Running the complicated programs to process sonar and navigation data requires a lot of computer power. To quickly redraw maps, track location and produce detailed sonar images, Raymarine’s Element 7HV boasts a quad-core processor that can simultaneously run multiple processes without losing speed. This allows the Element HV to process high-resolution CHIRP, scanning and live sonar along with a unique 3D view which tilts the sonar image so I can interpret the location of key structure and fish marks. While the Raymarine fishfinder will work on any kayak, I use it on a Jackson boat that is designed to accommodate the transducer and display.

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Lowrance Hook Reveal 5 Split ShotLowrance

Hook Reveal 5 Split Shot

$499 |

In addition to my full-size fishing machines, I have a couple pocket rockets for after work and early morning fishing trips. For a simple electronics package with the most important features, I’ve rigged my fun-size boat with a five-inch Lowrance Hook Reveal 5 Split Shot.

Lowrance’s Hook line was designed with kayak anglers in mind and the Reveal models add detailed Fish ID function by combining down imaging and CHIRP images. This makes the Hook Reveal one of the best sonars for fishing deep water with unmatched images of structure. Not only is the screen compact, but I like the small mounting base that takes up less space on the deck.

The Hook Reveal is smaller and less expensive, but it comes standard with basic charts and real-time mapping. For a few more bucks, you can upgrade the charts and add a side-scanning or live-view transducer, but I like the value of the base model with the most important features.

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Humminbird HELIX 7 G4N SIHumminbird


$929 |

I have several Old Town and Ocean Kayaks in my stable and Humminbird’s Helix 7 G4N fits all of them. That’s because the kayak and electronics companies are owned by Johnson Outdoors so their engineers can collaborate when designing boats and fish finders. As a result, the boats’ transducer cavity and mounting options are designed to match perfectly with Humminbird’s fish finders. And, I can control my AutoPilot trolling motor through the Helix because Johnson owns Minn Kota, too. Which is good because Humminbird’s new G4N SI model is the latest in a long line of advanced fish finders taking sonar technology to the next level.

Humminbird started the scanning sonar arms race and continues to lead the competition with their latest MEGA sonar. MEGA produces a mega-powerful scanning signal for unmatched detail of fish and structure below and to the sides of the transducer. The new Helix G4N includes a basic base map with the option to add highly-detailed coastal and lake charts.

All of these features come at a price—the Helix G4N is the most expensive in our review. However, after using Helix fish finders for several years, I can attest to their durability. My original first generation Helix is still running and I expect the same durability out of the latest model.

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