2022 Archery & Bowhunting Gear – NEW PRODUCT REVIEW


By Stephen Mack

2022 Archery & Bowhunting Gear – NEW PRODUCT REVIEW. 2022 is shaping up to bring us some of the most innovative and exciting bowhunting and archery gear we have ever had the opportunity to get our hands on. Any of the stellar products below are sure to help you succeed, wether that is on the range, or in the woods. Bowhunting and archery are on the rise, and these fine companies are the reason we can all enjoy what we love using the best products in the world.

.30-06 Outdoors

Chunk Targets from .30-06 Outdoors offer five sides of practical shooting practice. The Chunk brand include three sides with 10-Ring, 5-Spot and 3-Spot Vegas faces—the most popular paper targets in the sport. The fourth and fifth surfaces hold realistic whitetail and turkey images. Chunk targets also include strategically placed, sniper sized orange dots on most of the sides for more precise aiming. U.S.A.-made Chunk targets are offered in Baby Chunk and Daddy Chunk sizes, each with heavy stacked foam ends hydraulically compressed by hundreds of pounds to stand up to 10,000-plus shots with field points. Shot-out targets can be easily rehabilitated by repacking them in a replacement target cover. The Broadside Chunk is a solid foam design that allows shooting it with broadheads (and field points) for quality preseason practice.

The 2022 INDEE Quiver by .30-06 Outdoors is a black five-arrow design and the latest addition to the company’s affordable lineup of practical bow accessories. This solid quiver is made in the U.S.A. and retails for just $30, providing a reliable and adaptable alternative to more expensive quiver brands. The INDEE was painstakingly designed to create a quiet, sleek and compact quiver that will hold any carbon arrow and crossbow bolt, as well as old-school aluminum and wood arrows via a versatile gripper system. The quiver hood and foam insert will accept a variety of mechanical and fixed blade broadheads and the sturdy quick-detach bracket is designed to withstand the rigors of hard field use. The folks at .30-06 promise more finish options in the coming year. Learn more at 30-06outdoors.com.

Athens Archery

The 2022 Athens Archery Vista 31 resulted from customer requests to introduce the 80 to 90 percent RT-X Cam into a shorter hunting package through the stable Vista Series. Athens calls the Vista 31 their most stable, repeatable and adjustable hunting bow ever. The bow includes the company’s new TCS (Tunable Cable System) Roller Guard, Limb-Lok Pocket System, 1-inch wide split limbs and past-parallel limb geometry. New low-profile X-Out Limb dampeners by Mountain View Products help the Vista 31 remain whisper quiet and shock free. The 31-inch axle-to-axle bow weighs 4.2 pounds and includes a 6.5-inch brace height that helps propel arrows to 340 fps. The Vista 31 accommodates draw lengths from 24.5 to 30.5 inches in half-inch increments, and is offered in peak draw weights from 40 to 80 pounds. Learn more at athensarchery.com.

T.R.U. Ball

The new T.R.U. Ball Centerline wrist strap release was designed to eliminate torque and includes a new Tri-Hook Bail system that automatically resets after the shot. The thin profile allows easier reach to the trigger and knurled textured thumb and forefinger locations provide better grip during the draw cycle. The Centerline release can be tucked into a sleeve while climbing into a stand or hiking, eliminating potential noise or snagging. The release includes a Globo-Swivel (GS) strap, giving shooters the option of various 3/16-inch spaced adjustment holes to produce the ideal fit. Internal stainless steel sears are hardened to last a lifetime, separate travel and sensitivity screws provided to adjust trigger feel from very light to very heavy, without sacrificing trigger crispness. The Centerline comes with a black anodized head and large sized black buckle wrist strap, with an MSRP of $129.99. Learn more at truball.com.

OPI Outdoors/Rhino Blinds

Rhino Blinds’ R180 See Through Blind has become one of the most popular pop-ups in the business. The Rhino 180 includes two walls of see-through mesh that prevents game from seeing inside the blind, while allowing occupants to clearly see out. The blind includes silent-slide adjustable windows with mesh coverings that allow the hunter to arrange windows and netting to nearly any configuration desired. The R180 comes in popular camouflage patterns to help blend in with a variety of environments, the exterior including double rows of brush loops to hold natural vegetation and create even more realistic cloaking. The R180 includes an oversized zipper-less door. Blind material is given water- and mold/mildew-resistant treatments and all corners are reinforced for durability. The R180 will accommodate up to three people and setup and takedown require only minutes. Learn more at rhinoblinds.com.

Primal Treestands

2022 Archery & Bowhunting Gear – NEW PRODUCT REVIEW. Primal Treestands 22-foot Mac Daddy Deluxe Ladderstand is a rock-solid design offering extreme comfort and stability. It includes a 24-by-16.5-inch flip-up mesh seat with foam cushioning and a 29.1-by-24-inch platform—all at a reasonable price. Primal’s patented and innovative Grip Jaw and Truss Stabilizer systems allow hunters to lock the stand tight to the tree from ground level before climbing to attach the anchoring ratchet straps. The Truss Stabilizer strap allows this stand to be used where others cannot, as it operates perfectly without a standard stabilizer bar. The stabilizer Truss System also puts continuous pressure on the ladder sections to eliminate squeaks and creaks. A padded, flip-up shooting rail and padded arm rests covered with durable nylon fabric are also added. Overall construction is stout rounded steel tubing. Learn more at primaltreestands.com.

Burr Paw

The Burr Paw Sticker Remover is a mitten designed for fast and effective removal of stubborn stickers and burrs from clothing, gear and pets. The system saves time and can rescue hunting togs and gear that would otherwise be rendered unusable. The puncture-resistant interior protects hands and fingers from painful stickers, and the product helps prevent the spread of invasive plants. Stickers and burrs are easily removed from odd-shaped surfaces with a simple sweeping motion of the hand and the system is effective for all kinds of burrs big and small, as well as painful sand spurs. The Burr Paw can be used to remove these common annoyances even from high-knap wool and fleece surfaces. The mitten rolls up for easy storage and is easy to clean off. The non-abrasive material won’t harm delicate fabrics. One size fits all and it is right- or left-hand compatible. Lean more at burrpaw.com.

Buck Rub Gear

2022 Archery & Bowhunting Gear – NEW PRODUCT REVIEW. The Classic Release Series by Buck Rub Gear are built around the time-tested Jim Fletcher platform. These dependable releases include a straight-forward Over Center Trigger Design that has been proven to be extremely rugged, while also providing an ultra-smooth and crisp cut-away. Trigger tension and travel are highly adjustable to provide the feel desired by any shooter. The exclusive Auto Self Locking Gate closure eliminates the worry of premature releases that can occur after a hurried hookup. The Classic Release Series are both equipped with a comfortable, fully adjustable Velcro wrist strap with torque-killing web connector. Best of all, Classic Jim (rearward trigger post) or Classic FH (forward trigger) release models come with an affordable price tag, without sacrificing peace of mind or reliability. Learn more at buckrubgear.com.

Victory Archery

Victory labels the V-TAC series—including 23, 25 and 27 diameters—the Most Advanced Target Arrow Series Available. Line-crowding V-TAC target arrows combine the latest carbon fiber weave technology from parent company Mitsubishi Chemical America with insight gleaned from metal-winning Olympic archers and industry professionals. This input helped make these shafts more accurate, consistent and forgiving. The proprietary 90-degree weave promotes faster arrow recovery following launch, while also ensuring uniform +/- .001-inch straightness specs and +/- ½-grain matched weight per dozen. V-TAC target arrows were designed to provide fast velocities through light grain-per-inch ratings, while also remaining ultra-tough. Their fat line-cutting diameters help boost indoor and outdoor scores alike. Learn more at victoryarchery.com.

GAS Bowstrings

2022 Archery & Bowhunting Gear – NEW PRODUCT REVIEW. For dealers seeking high-quality strings and cables to upgrade customers’ equipment, GAS Bowstrings is one of the best in the business, and the company’s Ghost XV the best the company offers. GAS says Ghost XV Bowstrings are the most consistent, reliable and accurate bowstrings produced in the entire industry. They are made from premium BCY materials selected to give Ghost XV strings and cables the ultimate balance of speed and stability. GAS Bowstrings uses their exclusive TTS (Total Tensioning System) building process that results is exceptional performance, extreme stability and peeps that come square to the eye after every draw cycle. Ghost XV end servings are available in a wide selection of colors and proven Powergrip center serving is standard on this string series. MSRP runs around $150 per set. Learn more at gasbowstrings.com.

SWAT Broadheads

The SWAT Broadheads new Crossbow Magnum Titanium (X-MAG TI) broadhead cuts a 2-inch entry wound on impact, and then after passing through the ribcage and entering vitals, secondary blades open to inflict an additional 1.5 inches of internal damage. The one-piece ferrule is constructed of nail-tough titanium and includes SWAT’s fluted chisel tip for bone-crushing devastation and deep-driving penetration. The 420 stainless steel blades are .036-inch thick to stand up to hard impacts. The X-MAG TI was speed tested at more than 500 fps on targets and B&C whitetails and has been proven to fly more accurate than a field point. SWAT Broadheads is 100 percent veteran owned and veteran staffed and they guarantee the straightness of their heads and promise that SAWT heads will “Drain Your Game.” Learn more at swatbroadheads.com.

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Lowdown Viewer

The newest Lowdown Viewer is packed with advanced features that make viewing trail camera images and videos while in the field even faster and easier. The refined Lowdown Viewer includes two full-sized SD card ports (one for captured images and videos, a second for storage) that are compatible with cards up to 128GB each. The generous 9-inch screen and new Scroll Bar feature allows moving through a loaded SD card quickly with the swipe of a finger. The new Snap Shot feature also allows users to pause videos or zoom in on a still image and move the single-frame snapshot or enlarged image to the save card. The Lowdown Viewer can also be used to format SD cards and a new Navigator Help System instructional video is now built right into the Viewer, making it easier to get started. The unit is rechargeable at home or in a vehicle. Learn more at lowdownviewer.com.

Whitetail Institute

2022 Archery & Bowhunting Gear – NEW PRODUCT REVIEW. IMPACT Soil Amendment was designed to manage soil acidity in situations where liming low pH soil isn’t an option. Acidic soils inhibit crop growth by reducing the availability of essential nutrients to plants, making optimizing soil pH before planting is one of the most important factors to food-plot success. When adding bulk or pelleted lime is not feasible, IMPACT is designed to help correct acidic soil pH by providing a true calcium carbonate equivalent of 68 percent, as well as a quick boost of nitrogen (in the form of urea) and potassium in readily available form to improve forage quality and growth. IMPACT works quickly and typically raises acidic soil pH sufficiently for 3-5 months per application. It is easy to apply, making it an excellent choice for raising soil pH when lime isn’t available or in remote areas where access is limited. Learn more at whitetailinstitute.com.

Hot Trails

Hot Trails Scented Hunting Candles not only cover human scent, but they help bring deer beneath your stands. Just light up a Hot Trails Scented Candle and place it safely in a metal container and it will burn for up to 5 hours, emitting full-strength scent from start to finish. Users have observed deer picking up Hot Trails scents from more than 500 yards downwind of a burning candle, drawing them in for a closer shot or helping control deer traffic around your stands when winds aren’t ideal. Doe-N-Heat is Hot Trails’ most popular candle scent, however the company offers a wide variety of scent options for everything from deer to black bears. Savvy hunters have been using Hot Trails for more than 30 years to create successful hunts. Learn more at hottrails.com.

Wildlife Research Center

Wildlife Research Center expanded its premium scents for 2022, adapting more of them in the company’s popular pressurized spray cans. Buck Nip is a Powerful Deer Attractor including an intense curiosity scent that brings deer around all season long. Golden Scrape Premium Scrape Scent, Golden Estrus Elk and Fresh and Premium Estrus Scent are also now available in these high-performance Super Charged scent sprays, which incorporate Scent Reflex Technology. Scent Reflex is a cutting edge, proprietary technology developed by Wildlife Research Center and engineered to enhance these scent’s attraction and longevity. The 3-ounce pressurized cans come standard with a high-output sprayer and Bag on Valve system that separates premium scent from pressurized air that can taint or dilute them. They include an MSRP from $15.99 to $19.99 and include a 100 percent money-back guarantee. Learn more at wildlife.com.


The new Moultrie Mobile Delta Base cellular trail camera combines a best-in-class image sensor with an all-new backend platform to deliver the image quality and reliability every hunter expects. The unit uses 36 LEDs to capture sharp nighttime images in 24MP resolution and HD video with audio. The Base comes with a .75-second trigger speed and 80-foot detection and invisible flash range. Power is provided by AA alkaline or lithium batteries, and Moultrie offers a solar power accessory. Verizion and AT&T models of the Base are available to ensure users get the best coverage in their hunting area. Captured images and video are routed directly to a smartphone or computer via Moultrie Mobile’s excellent app, which includes advanced features such as Maps, Weather and Activity Charting. The unit includes an MSRP of $99.99. Learn more at moultriemobile.com.

America’s Best Bowstrings

Nomad Flemish Bowstrings by America’s Best Bowstrings have become a hugely-popular choice amongst serious traditional archers who are looking for a durable, high-performance option with a classic look. With a base of BCY 8125 material the Nomad helps traditional bows push arrows to higher speeds, while also offering longer overall life. The braided loops add to the traditional look and clean finish. The Nomad Flemish is available in a huge array of colors, from bright to camouflage to help create the custom look modern archers have come to enjoy. America’s Best Bowstrings also offers bowstring and cable options for all modern compounds, tournament recurves and even crossbows. Learn more at americasbestbowstrings.com.

Redline Bowhunting

The RL-3 offers bomb proof construction for the hunter that is willing to take this sight to the place no one else is willing to go. Offered in 3 or 5 pin configuration the RL-3 series of sights is built for those seeking the ultimate multi pin micro adjust sights.

  • Adjustable 1st and 2nd axis
  • .019 fiber optic pin
  • Tool free locking adjustment knob
  • Precise micro adjustment windage and elevation
  • Enclosed fiber optic ring
  • 3 mounting points
  • Bubble level
  • Quick acquisition RL sight ring
  • Rheostat Light included
  • Weight 7.5 OZ

Learn more at redlinebowhunting.com

Lakewood Products

2022 Archery & Bowhunting Gear – NEW PRODUCT REVIEW. Lakewood’s upgraded 41-inch Bow Case Combo includes room for wider bow designs, an 18-arrow case and accessory case, all in one. The top-loading/drop in design is more convenient than ever, allowing storing bows with all accessories attached, including a quiver. It also offers better protection, increased organization and more room for other gear. The case fits bows up to 39-inches long and arrow and accessory cases nest perfectly into the bow case’s custom-fitted divider sections. Overall design includes wrapping ultra-durable sheets of ABS plastic with protective high-density foam that’s encased in snag proof ballistic nylon for extreme durability, the interior including custom-cut blocks of foam for a secure ride. Lakewood Products are Guaranteed for Life and made in the U.S.A. They are offered in Black and True Timber Kanati camo with an MSRP of $329.99. Learn more at lakewoodproducts.com.

Trophy Ridge

Trophy Ridge went digital for 2022, introducing the Digital React sight series utilizing React Technology that automatically establishes precise pin-gaps for various ranges to save time and uncertainty. The Digital React single-pin and Trio feature an LED screen that produces a digital read-out of targeted distances, allowing archers to sight in through a SPEED method (requiring only one arrow to be fired through a chronograph) or the conventional REACT method. The SPEED method requires an accurate arrow speed and then mathematically sets the distances between pin indicators. Once sighted in, archers can set their pins at any distance down to half-yard or meter increments via an easily controllable wheel on the side of the sight housing. The single-pin holds .010 or .019 diameter pins, the Trio two horizontal fixed .019 pins and a vertical React .010 pin. Learn more at trophyridge.com.


The big news at Mathews for 2022 are its new lineup of integrated accessories. Building on the Integrate arrow rest theme, the new V3X 29 and 33 now include Bridge-Lock Sight Technology allowing compatible sight extensions (AXCEL, HHA and Spot Hogg) to dovetail straight through the center of the riser to offer better balance and more streamlined mating and vibration control. Mathews’ Bridge-Lock Fixed 5-Pin Sight is offered as a Mathews-branded sight. New LowPro Quivers (6-arrow fixed or 5-arrow detachable) were engineered around V3X geometry and provide 56 percent closer riser fit and improved bow balance. These carbon and milled-aluminum designs are also ultra-light weight and vibration free. Finally, the Stay Afield System (SAS) allows changing or servicing bowstrings and cables in the field without a bow press. Learn more at mathewsinc.com.

SKB Cases

2022 Archery & Bowhunting Gear – NEW PRODUCT REVIEW. SKB Cases has announced the return of plush bow case interiors by popular demand. The iSeries Rev2 Plush Large Parallel Limb Bow Case features a plush-lined interior that cradles bows up to 39.5 inches long by 16.5 inches wide, with convenient lid storage for quiver, arrows and optional accessory boxes. Reinforced padlock loops and built-in wheels make it travel ready. All SKB iSeries cases are molded of bulletproof polypropylene copolymer resin, featuring a gasket-sealed, water and dust tight, submersible design that is resistant to corrosion and impact damage. Other standard features include a molded-in hinge, patented trigger release latches, snap-down rubber over-molded cushion grip handle, automatic ambient pressure equalization valve and resistance to UV, chemical, fungus and impact damage. They are made in the USA and backed by SKB’s $1,500 Content Coverage Guarantee. Learn more at skbcases.com.

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Rungu Dualies e-bikes include double front wheels spaced 9 inches apart to make them safer and more stable. The design helps prevent over the handlebar wipeouts and washouts while turning due to more tire surface of the ground, while also allowing leaning into turns. Rungu e-bikes also allow more stability on uphill pulls due to a higher ratio of weight up front. The dual front tires allow these e-bikes to go anywhere, including over soft sand, snow up to 9 inches deep, mud and over rocks and logs. Ackerman Steering gives each front tire its own pivot path, eliminating tire slippage. FreeRide Independent Suspension provides a smooth ride, while the extra-long wheelbase adds stability, especially when riding downhill. The modified step-through frame is easier to mount and stand over, and Rungu Extra Range (XR) models feature a dual battery system providing twice the battery life and range. Learn more at riderungu.com.

Mrs. Doe Pee

Mrs. Doe Pee’s newest product, the Land Mine, offers an innovative scent delivery system that brings white-tailed deer beneath treestands. The Land Mine is buried below ground level and the internal wick deployed to release the seductive urine-based buck lure into the surrounding atmosphere. The Land Mine serves well when placed near stand sites or in front of trail cameras. The Land Mine has been extensively tested and proven to lure bucks any time between August and January. All Mrs. Doe Pee fresh lures ship within two to three days to ensure product quality and freshness. Fresh lures are shipped Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, partially frozen along with an ice pack to maintain a low temperature during shipping. If you would like fresh product shipped on a specific week, please use notes during checkout to leave instructions. MSRP is $35.99. Learn more at mrsdoepee.com.

Onieda Eagle Bows

Onieda’s Phoenix offers an ultra-smooth draw cycle and deadly-quiet shooting in the company’s hardest-hitting model. Outboard recurve limbs provide extra leverage for one of the smoothest-drawing bows around. The machined-aluminum riser is super tough and rigid for accurate shooting, the new draw stops and timing wheels giving the Phoenix a solid back wall. Silence comes via a new suppression system, which also provides a “dead in the hand” feel after release. The true center-shot riser provides tuning latitude and shooting ease in a bow that is excellent for finger or release shooters alike. The Phoenix comes with modules that allow customized draw length and let-off, the bow generating all the kinetic energy needed to take on the largest big game. The Phoenix is also ideal for bowfishing. The base MSRP is $1,215.95, with custom options available. Learn more at oniedaeaglebows.com.

Burris Optics

The newly-refined Burris Oracle 2 Range finding Bow Sight received performance upgrades based on customer feedback originating from the Original Oracle. The breakthrough range-finding sight now includes an improved Auto-Brightness Detection system, Manual Brightness Control (lower levels), new micro-adjustment set-up on LRF, improved waterproofing qualities and more accurate arrow-drop calculations. Basic operation remains the same—range the target while at full draw with the push of a button to instantly receive target distance and an exact aiming point based on the angle of the shot. The Oracle 2 takes all the guesswork out of yardage and eliminates the need to fumble with handheld rangefinders, dialing mover sights or gap-aiming between fixed pins while a season-making trophy is spooked by all the extra movement. The Oracle 2 includes an MSRP of $959. Learn more at burrisoptics.com.

Easton Archery

Easton’s 2022 6mm Sonic 6.0 hunting arrows were designed to deliver speed and accuracy. The U.S.-made shafts use proprietary seamless Acu-Carbon technology that ensures superior weight and spine consistency, shaft to shaft, dozen to dozen. These are light shafts, various Easton components offering more latitude while building finished arrowss, from flat-out speed to deeper-driving arrows with high F.O.C. Factory-fletched Sonic 6.0 arrows come with Easton’s first true helical orientation, using the company’s 2-inch Bully Vane (designed exclusively for Easton by Bohning to provide exceptional broadhead accuracy). Look for the Sonic 6.0 in spine ratings of .250, .300, .340, .400, .500, and .600, mass from 9.5 to 5.8 grains per inch (gpi) and straightness tolerances of +/- .003-inch. Nocks are preinstalled and inserts compatible with standard-thread broadheads and field points. Learn more at eastonarchery.com.

Rogue Bowstrings

Rogue Bowstrings includes a family of employees with a deep passion for archery and bowhunting. Rogue chose their company name because they refuse to build bowstrings in the conventional ways, producing the most engineered bowstrings in the industry. Rogue approaches their craft with the mindset that every set of strings and cables are being prepared for their professional shooting pro staff. Due to this approach all customers receive strings and cables that are produced using the same engineered pre-stretch, twist count and cutting edge end loop servings. The company’s very best is the R21 Pro, which utilizes a proprietary blend of custom fiber to offer an improved launch and unmatched arrow speed. These strings and cables are built only of material developed and available exclusively to Rogue. MSRP for these industry-best string/cable sets is $199.99. Learn more at roguebowstrings.com.

Rambo Bikes

Rambo Bikes were one of the first and remain one of the largest companies to offer outdoors- and hunting-targeted electric bikes, a.k.a. e-bikes. Options vary from the $1,799.99 The Rooster to the $7,999.99 The Venom 1000 XPR. The Rooster is a 750-watt, one-speed model with a 35-mile range and minimal off-road abilities. The Venom is a 1,000-watt, 14-speed model with a 40-mile range, X-Treme off-road abilities and TruTimber VSX camouflaged frame. In between are 12 other models designed for light- to heavy-duty use and with various accessory packages offered for the kind of hunting activities your customers engage in most—from biking in and out of improved-surface logging or farming roads, to penetrating deep into remote areas offering only the roughest road or trail access. Learn more at rambobikes.com.

Quiet Kat

2022 Archery & Bowhunting Gear – NEW PRODUCT REVIEW. Twin brothers Jake and Justin Roach founded QuietKat in Colorado in 2012 with a mission of designing a quieter, less intrusive—and legal in some cases—way to access backcountry hunting and fishing country without an ATVs or combustion-powered vehicle that aren’t legal in some areas and not made to traverse narrow trails. Nine years later QuietKat joined the massive Vista Outdoor family—including powerhouse brands like Gold Tip, Bee-Stinger, Bushnell and Primos, among many others. Quiet Kat now offers nine e-bike models ranging from the $2,399, 61-pound Ranger 5.0 E-Bike with 500-watt motor and 40-mile range, to the $5,599, 71-pound Apex E-Bike with 1,500-watt motor and 58-mile range. Models are offered at prices everywhere in between and with various degrees of power and accessories to serve what your customers have in mind and to meet every budget. Learn more at quietkat.com.

X-Factor Outdoor Products

X-Factor introduces the Mathews Edition Xtreme Stabilizer, engineered to live up to the highest standards of vibration dampening, sound control and lifetime durability. X-Factor uses a Thermosetting Polymer Epoxy on all their bars to provide the same durability used on quality golf clubs. Slip-on weights also set the design apart, and 6-, 8-, 9-, 10- and 12-inch models can be chosen (MSRP $124.99) in many finish options . Top of Form Stabilizers can be combined with Single Adjust 365-degree Sidebar Mounts, which include X-Factor’s patent-pending roller ball technology. This system does not require teeth to lock into place, so offers nearly infinite positioning via a single quick-release setscrew to lock settings into place and eliminate the fear of loosening after thousands of shots. The Sidebar Mount includes an MSRP of $128.99. Together they provide perfectly balanced setups. Learn more at factoroutdoors.com.

Martin Archery

Martin’s 2022 LEGEND 730 is a target bow including revolutionary shoot-through riser and double-bridge and trussed riser that offers excellent in-hand balance and zero riser flex at full draw. The LEGEND 730 riser also holds proven R.R.A.D. Weight Distribution technology and Tri-Loc Limb Pockets to anchor the split limbs securely and precisely. Martin’s newly-refined NXT Cam system provides speed, extreme stability through a bottom Helix Groove that eliminates cam lean and a super-smooth draw cycle. Shooters can choose a string stop, harder limb stop or a combination of both. The NXT Cam system includes Martin’s new Mass Distribution System for improved cam tuning and the buyer’s choice of standard cable slide or roller systems. The LEGEND 730 measures 37.5 inches between the axles, includes a 6 7/8-inch brace height and weighs 5.6 pounds. Learn more at martinarchery.com.

Nose Jammer

Nose Jammer’s new Silent Series kit includes three products that are silent to deploy and proven super deadly in the field. The Nose Jammer Silent Series kit includes a 4-ounce Silent Pump Spray bottle filled with liquid Nose Jammer, a 2-ounce rub-on Wax Stick allowing hunters to apply the scent around stands or blinds that will then last for weeks, and 28-gram Nose Jammer Dust which provides hunter’s with wind protection while also doubling as a wind detector. Nose Jammer utilizes safe and natural ingredients to disable big game animals’ ability to detect and track human odor; ingredients that will not alarm game or harm the environment. Nose Jammer is easy to deploy and has been proven effective by respected hunters. Learn more at nosejammer.com.

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Rick Young Outdoors

2022 Archery & Bowhunting Gear – NEW PRODUCT REVIEW. Rick Young Outdoors’ patented Ultra-light Bino Harness offers a sleek and unique way to carry binoculars and rangefinders into the field. The system keeps optics instantly ready without bulk or the tendency to stretch and sag. This U.S.A. manufactured shock cord doesn’t turn soft and lose its elasticity, while hugging your body and transferring optics weight equally around the shoulders and chest without gouging. Unlike flat strap harnesses the round cord won’t vibrate or flutter in the wind. Fast single point adjustment allows you to quickly fit the harness to your change of clothing. The system is compact and lightweight, can be carried in five different positions, does not trap heat to cause sweat and is extremely secure. Fasteners are of made of stout composite. Learn more at rickyoungoutdoors.com.

Morrell Targets

Morrell’s Kinetic 1.0 bag target has such incredible stopping power it comes with no speed limit, meaning it can handle arrows and bolts sent at unprecedented fps ratings. The 100 percent new bag target design is built like nothing else Morrell Targets has offered in the popular Yellow Jacket lineup. After conducting thorough testing Morrell labeled the Kinetic 1.0 the toughest bag target ever created. The target includes two patented floating centers that are built to create twice the stopping power of any bag target available. It sports two shooting faces measuring 20 inches wide by 20 inches and is 14 inches thick. Since it is hand stuffed with premium material weighing in at 65 pounds this is a target that won’t fall over even after impacts from the highest-performance bow or crossbows. The target is designed to supply the capability of stopping the world’s fastest crossbows. Learn more at morrelltargets.com.

Antler King

New Southern Greens food plot seed from Antler King includes collard greens, which are cold-weather tolerant and packed with protein. Other ingredients include radishes, winter wheat and oats. All of these varieties grow well in the warm South or frigid North and in a wide variety of soil types. The varieties found in the Southern Greens blend offer deer high palatability from early bow season through late gun season. The blend is powered by collard greens and radishes, which provide an early to late season food source, along with winter wheat and oats that attracts deer from bow season into the following spring. Whether hunting in the Deep South or northern states, Southern Greens provides a great source of energy deer herds need to endure the physical demands of the rut and colder winter months. The 8-pound bag offers coverage for ¼ acre. Learn more at antlerking.com.

Buck Bourbon

2022 Archery & Bowhunting Gear – NEW PRODUCT REVIEW. Born in the bourbon capital of Kentucky, Buck Bourbon products include only the best ingredients, formulated and mixed in a 100-year-old mill found within an hour’s drive of the best bourbons in the world. These distilleries provide the backbone for Buck Bourbon products. Buck Bourbon’s sweet-smelling attractants were blended, tested and refined to provide a nutritionally complete, all-natural feed deer love. The owner of Buck Bourbon operates an outfitting business in Kentucky, giving him an opportunity to test and see the results of the products’ attractiveness and ability to grow higher-scoring antlers. Buck Bourbon includes 14 percent protein and trace minerals that deer desire, and which have helped Salt River outfitters produce higher success rates and huge bucks for their clients. Learn more at buckbourbon.com.

BIGshot Archery

BIGshot Archery’s new Titan 10X archery target is the first target on the market to offer 10-sided shooting for maximum durability. BIGshot is no stranger to target innovation and the Titan 10X target is no exception. Ten shooting faces ratchet up the shooting fun and practice benefits and means this target serious lasts much longer than competing products. The Titan 10x Target is constructed from easy-pull foam that means shooters won’t get more of a workout from pulling arrows than pulling a bowstring. The target measures 20 inches long by 17 inches deep to offer a lot of shooting surface for quality practice with crossbows, compounds or traditional archery equipment. The BIGshot Titan 10X is available for shipment right now for independent archery dealers and outdoor retailers. Learn more at bigshottargets.com.

Black Widow Deer Lures

Black Widow Deer Lures Branch Butter was specifically formulated as a licking branch gel to enhance and prompt competition on whitetail scrapes in your hunting area. Branch Butter has a gooey makeup that clings to branches to stay where it is needed and last longer in wet weather. Branch Butter contains pre-orbital and forehead gland secretions, making it a real game changer in the scent industry, as these are the natural components deposited by real deer on overhead or licking branches during scraping. Branch Butter has taken the scent industry by storm with demand increasing for this product by 1,000 percent in just three years. It is a great way to create more interest in the scrapes you hunt. It comes in a screw-top, squeeze bottle for easy application and storage. Learn more at blackwidowdeerlures.com.

Axion Archery

Axion Archery introduces the ZPS 2022 Crossbow, which is powered by a high strength Pocket Shot rubber pouch instead of limbs or springs. The unique crossbow design is ideal for hunting small game such as squirrels and rabbits, or as an effective bowfishing tool especially compatible with youth or women archers. The ZPS 2022 Crossbow is lightweight and compact, making it easy to tote and use. The power system is covered by a protective clear polycarbonate shield for safety and longevity and the system includes a built-in trigger safety and handy three-arrow quiver. The ZPS 2022 Crossbow also offers an avenue for plenty of backyard shooting fun for adults or youth shooters alike. Axion is also a one-stop shop for cutting-edge bow sights, stabilizers, arrow rests and other archery accessories for the most discriminating archers and bowhunters. Learn more at axionarchery.com.

Obsession Bows

2022 Archery & Bowhunting Gear – NEW PRODUCT REVIEW. For 2022 Obsession Bows is offering a completely new riser concept. The XBR Hunting Bow will incorporate the Obsession Bow original Batwing Design with a new Reverse Bridge Batwing. The approach provides an extremely stable, quiet and smooth shooting platform, which also remains lightweight. The 2022 Obsession hunting lineup will include dealers’ and customers’ choice of five Drain Train CAM Systems—this is a first in the archery industry. Customers can order the XBR, NITRO X and DEFCON X models with a two track cam system, two track draw specific cam, High Speed (HS 3 Track Cam), new 2022 TALON 4 Track Cam with P.B.T.S. Yoke System or HZ Hybrid Cam. Also introduced for 2022, all new Obsession bows will include a Roller Guard option, PIC Rail Sight Mounts and the new 2022 Hamskea C.O.R. Rest Mounting system. Learn more at obsessionbows.com.

Browning Trail Cameras

2022 Archery & Bowhunting Gear – NEW PRODUCT REVIEW. Browning’s Defender Pro Scout MAX cellular unit offers easy use and a reasonable price. Browning’s Dual Carrier Technology and pre-installed ATT and Verizon SIM cards makes setup a snap. RADIANT 6 Night Illumination Technology and high resolution sensors capture exceptional daytime/nighttime images and videos. Adjustable IR flash reach to 120 feet, detection arrange is 100 feet and trigger speed .25-second with .35-second recovery time. Images are GPS tagged and eight AA batteries supply up to a year of operation. MSRP is just $159.99 for a unit supplying 20MP resolution and HD+ Smart IR Videos with sound. Illuma-Smart Technology automatically adjusts IR Flash for perfect night photos and SD Card Management options are included. The unit operates on a nationwide 4G LTE network with month-to-month data plans with no contracts. Learn more at browningtrailcameras.com.

Special Mention – Outdoor Edge Knives

David Bloch’s passion for the outdoors led to a senior knife design project in 1986, as a mechanical engineering student attending the Colorado School of Mines. David took his first knife design and founded Outdoor Edge in January 1988. Later that month he released the Game Skinner to the outdoor market at the 1988 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Since then, Outdoor Edge has steadily grown and emerged as the industry leading brand for hunting knives, game processing sets and replaceable blade knives for hunters, fishermen, outdoor enthusiasts, handymen, and anyone in need of a quality cutting tool to make their job easier. For 33 years David has served as Outdoor Edge’s President, CEO, chief product designer/developer and head of operations. His passion for innovation and excellence has resulted in his inventing, patenting and developing a diverse portfolio of award winning, performance driven knives and tools that a wide range of consumers have come to know and trust. Outside of leading Outdoor Edge, David’s passions include bowhunting, fishing, snowboarding, martial arts and spending downtime with his family and 5 year old son Eli.

learn more at Outdooredge.com

2022 Archery & Bowhunting Gear – NEW PRODUCT REVIEW.

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2022 Archery & Bowhunting Gear – NEW PRODUCT REVIEW.

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