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When considering which hunting binocular harness is best for you and your particular needs, there is no cookie-cutter solution that will apply in every instance.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a more informed decision when purchasing.

So following on from my overall guide to the Best Binocular Harness for general use, in this guide I take a look at what aspects to look out for when choosing a harness for hunting, pointing out the specific needs and considerations for hunters. I also offer up a selection with reviews of what I believe are the best binocular harness for hunting in a range of categories and price points.

Please note if specifically want harness that can also carry a rangefinder, take a look at my guide to the Best Binocular and Rangefinder Harness.

Points to Consider Before Making a Purchase

There are some items you can purchase based on the recommendations of others, but when it comes to a bino harness for hunting, there can be several factors to consider and keep in mind.

This isn’t to say that a particular harness is of a lesser quality or less functional when compared to another, but choosing the right one can depend on your specific needs, as well as your tastes.

For example someone’s idea as to the best binocular harness for bow hunting in Wisconsin in winter may be quite different in terms of design and style to to that of a rifle hunter operating in the wide open and sometimes very hot bush somewhere in Southern Africa. Even the camo requirements can be different.

Is a Binocular Hunting Harness Necessary?

We all have a different approach to life in many aspects, and hunting is no different. It’s not uncommon to hear about many different methods that make for the best hunt.

The truth is that everyone is different, and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another.

So, while some are happy with the binocular strap itself, others will find that there is a lot of pull after long periods of time, which can lead to discomfort and even pain in some instances.

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The main appeals of binocular harnesses is that they distribute weight evenly, making for a more weightless feel and they free up your hands to perform other tasks.

There are other reasons as to why binocular harnesses are popular with hunters, photographers and explorers globally, and that’s the protection harnesses can offer. While some offer a basic carrying function, others will include a pouch that ensures your equipment is protected. In this regard, a purchase of a harness can seem like a good investment when compared to the price of your binoculars.

Ascertaining as to whether a binocular hunting harness is necessary will depend on your circumstances, but they certainly help with lightening the weight, freeing up your hands as well as offering quick access and much better protection for your instrument.

Look for Value as Well As a Bargain

It goes without saying that buying new equipment is one of the most enjoyable aspects of outdoor activities, so many will want to ensure that they’re getting good value for money. However, there is a difference between good value and too good to be true. For example, those new to life in the great outdoors may not have much to spend, so will be looking for the cheapest option available.

There is plenty of choice available when it comes to finding your ideal hunting harness, you just need to ensure that the solution you choose is up to the task at hand.

Opting for a harness for binos that is unknown within the industry could mean that you end up still struggling to carry your gear and could have to make a further investment in a more reliable harness.

Consider Your Needs

Regardless of whether you’re hunting, or looking to explore the more rugged parts of the world, a reliable harness will serve many different needs. To ensure you purchase the best binocular harness for hunting, you will need to identify your general needs beforehand.

For example, the location can make a wealth of difference as to what kind of harness you will opt for:

If you’re often hunting in the mountains or often climb over steep rocky terrain, then it’s likely you will want to protect your binoculars from potential impacts.

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Similarly, if you’re hunting in a warmer or hot climate, then it may be worth considering a more lightweight harnesses with thinner straps and back-plate that includes more perforations for better ventilation.

Camouflage is not only for style but in certain cases choosing the right camo binocular harness for your environment is an important aspect to keep in mind.

Will You Be Carrying Other Gear?

When exploring the great outdoors, many of us will approach it in different ways. With so many different goals, it stands to reason that some may need more equipment than others.

Hunters that travel over large distances carrying lightweight gear may find that a simple straightforward harness is all that’s needed for their outdoor endeavors.

However a hunter out in the wild in harsh conditions may need a little more flexibility, and may be looking for some additional features, like a hook and loop system or full case that allows for more protection and the carrying of ammunition and laser sights for example.

While a regular bino harness can be used in conjunction with other items like a backpack, this can be costlier, and can weigh you down depending on the solution used.

Some may need to purchase additional accessories, but it can be more cost-effective and reliable than mixing and matching, especially if you’re looking for convenience.

What’s Your Budget?

While the dangers of choosing inferior products have been highlighted, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some great deals available.

Of course, many will have a set budget, and may be perplexed as to how they should find the best solution for them.

Having an idea of how much you have available in the first instance can make the process a lot easier, as you will be able to scale down your search to binocular holders that fall within your price range. Once you have a better idea of what’s available, the easier the selection process will be.

Hunting Binocular Harness Reviews

Based on all the advice and considerations listed above and on experience, below are my selections as to the best bino harnesses for hunting along with quick roundup reviews and where possible links to full in-depth hands-on reviews to that product:

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Top Pick:


Evidently there is a lot of choice when it comes to choosing which harness for hunting is best, and what are drawbacks for some models can be strengths on others.

Because all the products I have listed above all do a sterling job of reducing the strain carrying binoculars bring, protecting your device and freeing your hands, it seems unfair not to highlight one that I think stands out and because everyone has their own preferences and needs, this I feel is impossible.

Full Chest Pack Harness For a very high end, full cover solution it boils down to the Kuiu vs Badlands Bino Harness and which you choose will largely come down to personal taste. Whilst if you want more bang for you buck, then the Athlon Optics harness is my choice and is why it is my top choice:

It may not offer any more than some of the other solutions and the choice is not clear cut, but the Athlon Optics harness is well rounded, regardless of your needs. It has a basic but professional aesthetic and function, waterproof material and plenty of storage to protect your wares.

The neutral sandy color will offer good camouflage in most environments and serves all the required uses with ease. I also feel that it is extremely well priced and thus offers great value for money.

Simple Suspender Straps The Nikon RealTree Camo harness is my selection as the best binocular harness for hunting if you require a simple lightweight strap. Whilst it is one of the cheapest, it looks great, is very well made, robust and super easy to use.

Best of Both For the best of both worlds and a really neat way of getting the comfort and support offered by a standard harness, but also the protection you get from a case, but without the bulk, then the clear winner is the S4 Gear Lockdown Binocular Harness.

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