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The western rangelands of the state hold the highest densities of antelope, but herds can also be found in most counties located to the west of the Missouri River as well as some counties located directly east along the river. The key features of their habitat include rolling terrain that allows for better visibility and a blend of grass, forb, and shrub forage plants. Antelope can also be found in agricultural lands like wheat and alfalfa, provided they are interspersed with grassland habitats. There is strong public demand for hunting opportunities, but the current antelope populations are mostly restricted by weather extremes such as drought and severe winters. This, in turn, decreases the availability of habitat and social tolerance.

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Non-resident archery antelope hunting participation is now part of a draw with a new set quota of 450 licenses being available for the 2024 season. These statewide archery licenses are valid on public and private lands. Nonresident participation in past years has typically been about 800 hunters.

South Dakota is not the first state one thinks of when it comes to antelope hunting; however, some great bucks are taken each year that break the 80″ mark. Any unit can produce big bucks, but most of them are taken in Meade County (unit 49) and Perkins County (unit 53). As is expected, navigating landownership is critical to a successful hunt. South Dakota has done a good job at opening thousands of acres to allow walk-in-only access. Designated National Grasslands encompass hundreds of thousands of acres and are also open to public hunters.

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To be eligible in the draw for most of the top firearm antelope hunts, hunters need to have accumulated 2 or more preference points. Archery antelope licenses are also available through a draw with a deadline of May 25th and are valid statewide. South Dakota is a great state for antelope hunting, and the prospects for the future look promising. If you are considering hunting antelope in South Dakota, it is advisable to purchase preference points at the very least.

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Application Dates for Antelope in South Dakota

Application deadline for Firearm Antelope is Aug 14,2024

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South Dakota Non-Resident Antelope Hunting Fees

2024 South Dakota Non-Resident Fees Firearm Antelope $286 Habitat Stamp (Required to Apply) $25 South Dakota Antelope Hunting Articles from Huntin’ Fool Magazine

  • My Biggest Antelope by Tommy Houck
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