What’s the Best Action Camera for Hunting in 2024?

Video best action cameras for hunting

There are many reasons someone would want to own an action camera for hunting. Maybe you want to share videos of your hunts with your children or your hunting buddies. Maybe you want to study your footage to see your shot placement and improve your shooting and hunting skills.

Or maybe you are looking to become YouTube famous by creating your own YouTube hunting channel.

Whatever the reason for wanting an action camera for hunting, it is important that you purchase a quality camera that will shoot great footage, hold up to some punishment while in the field, and that is compatible with your other devices.

Let us take a closer look at everything you should consider about hunting cameras before making a purchase as well as you give you the list of our favorite hunting cameras currently on the market.

Can You Film Hunts with a GoPro?

Yes, of course, you can use a GoPro to film your hunts.

GoPros are exceptionally durable, completely waterproof, and have shock absorption capabilities. GoPros also have a variety of mounting options including a front-end chest mount with elastic bands.

GoPro, the universally used action cam, good for everything really

For more information on using a GoPro for capturing your hunts, check out this YouTube video created by the nice folks over at Realtree.

Is a Cheap Action Camera Worth Using?

Basically, for the most part, you get what you pay for.

If you have a YouTube channel or want to make more professional-looking videos for your blog, then investing a little more in a camera that puts out higher quality resolution is a must.

Also, more expensive cameras will be constructed from more durable materials and possess better waterproof and shock absorption qualities.

When purchasing something as important as a hunting action camera, you do not want to skimp on the details to save a few bucks.

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However, if budget is a major concern that you have, we have done you the favor to include the best quality budget camera in our top 6 list.

What Makes a Action Camera for Hunting?

There are several characteristics that a good hunting camera should have. The camera should have some level of waterproofing and contain shock absorption capabilities. At the very least it should be weatherproof.

They should be lightweight, yet durable, and be able to take a little bit of a beating. Outdoor activities demand durability.

You may want to look into cameras that feature image stabilization for action shots. And of course, they should not make any loud beeping noises when pressing any of the buttons so that you do not scare off any animals.

Also, look at the different ways you can send your footage to your other devices or your friends and family. Wifi? USB? HDMI? Find which way is best suited for your devices.

What about charging? Do you need a car charger for your drive out to your hunting locations? Maybe a camera that has a backup battery so you can film longer without a charge?

These are just some of the characteristics you should examine before purchasing a new action camera for hunting. Let us look at some of these characteristics in more detail as well as cover a few more.

Waterproofing and Shock Proofing

Waterproofing and shock absorption are critical features to look for in action cameras for hunting. You need a camera that can be exposed to the elements as well as be able to be dropped and still function perfectly.

Normally, waterproofing and shock absorption are measured using the international IPX rating system, however, not every seller knows this system and they may simply give you the waterproofing capabilities by telling you how deep the device may be submerged.

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For a fully detailed explanation of the IPX system and how it is used to describe the waterproofing and shock absorption capabilities of electronic equipment, check out this link here.

Some action cameras may be fully functional submerged at 30 to 100-feet, while some may only tolerate a light drizzle. Read the product specifications carefully.


You will want to be able to mount your action camera to keep you hands-free while you are hunting. There are several types of mounts and you should explore which mount is best for you based on your equipment.

If you are bow hunting, some action cameras like the iON CamoCam replace and act as your stabilizer on your compound bow.

There are also mounts for your firearm that either attach underneath the barrel or to your scope.

If you use a spotting scope, there are special cameras that mount directly to the spotting scope.

Also, look into hunting action cameras that can clip to your hat or be worn as a headband. These are ultra-lightweight and can be incredibly convenient.

Quiet Operation

Imagine you have been waiting all morning in your deer stand and a large buck enters into view. You go to turn on your hunting action camera and suddenly it beeps loudly to signify it is on and the deer bolts. You now have missed your shot.

For this reason, you will want a hunting action camera that operates with vibration only.


The quality of the action camera is determined by two factors.

First, the quality of the camera in the materials used for construction, the durability, the water and shock proofing, as well as the quality of any of the mounting hardware.

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The second factor to consider when it comes to quality is the quality of the video footage itself. Do you want 4K 1080p full HD? Or is that overkill for your needs?

If you are uploading your videos to your YouTube channel, you will want to choose a camera with the higher video quality.


If you are attaching an action camera to your spotting scope, weight may not be as big as a factor.

However, if you are attaching the hunting action camera to your hat, or your hunting equipment like a rifle or a bow, then you will want something that is more lightweight.

Having a camera attached to your hunting equipment that is too heavy could ultimately affect your shot. No matter the weight of your camera, you should take some practice shots at the range to get a good feel of how the added weight affects your aim, especially for a bow.

Image Stabilization

Image stabilization is important for taking action shots or to maintain smooth video while you are shooting your bow or rifle.

Features / Connectivity

Most action cameras will connect to your laptop or tablet using a Wifi connection. They may also include an app for your smartphone to help you organize, edit, and save your videos.

Other options of connectivity could be a USB or HDMI. Look at your laptop or tablet to determine which connectivity features are most ideal for your situation.

Other features to look at include batteries, recharge methods, and operating system compatibility.

You will want to make sure your camera is compatible with your iOS, Android, or Windows device.

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