The Best Hunting Boots for Men and Women


Choosing hunting boots can be a challenge, especially if you’re pressed for time. After all, there are many factors to consider before lacing up a pair of boots, whether it’s for a hunt through rugged terrain or a spring turkey hunt in a field. We’re here to help you narrow down the possibilities with recommendations for boots suited to various purposes. Each has been put to the test in the field. Consider this your one-stop guide for picking out your next pair of hunting boots.

Best Overall Hunting Boot:

Irish Setter Boots Vaprtrek – See Price on Amazon

2024 08 best hunting boots 2 The Best Hunting Boots for Men and Women

Vaprtrek boots with a height of eight inches are offered by Irish Setter Boots in both men’s and women’s sizes. After years of using both men’s and women’s Vaprtreks, I can safely say they’re equally comfortable, durable and useful. These boots have 400-gram Primaloft insulation to help keep feet warm—but not too warm. They are made using full-grain leather and ArmaTec XT, an abrasion-resistant, tough material. The boots have a Mossy Oak Break Up Country camouflage exterior to reduce the risk of game animals catching glimpses of movement.

These are the boots to get when you want durable yet fairly lightweight boots for spring or fall hunts. They have an exceptionally long life, even for those of us who hunt heavily. I’ve been so impressed by these boots that I now have a pair in each truck, in the mud room and on my boot rack. They are that versatile and dependable.

Most Versatile Hunting Boots (Best Hunting Boots for multiple terrains)

Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 ($514.95) and Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 1000 ($534.95)

This boot style provides a bit of a “two-fer” because it covers both the 400-gram and 1000-gram Thinsulate boots. There’s simply no better boot for truly cold weather or challenging mountain hunts than the Kenetrek Mountain Extremes. These boots are more rigid than lighter-weight boots that are meant for less strenuous hunts. Their rigidity and impressive toughness is very useful when you’re chasing predators or mountain goats. The 400-gram boot is, of course, a bit lighter and not as toasty as the 1000-gram version. However, each has its purpose depending on the temperatures you’re facing.

2024 08 best hunting boots 3 The Best Hunting Boots for Men and Women
Kenetrek Mountain Extremes are the perfect cold weather boot that are also tough enough to withstand seriously rugged terrain, like you need when chasing mountain goats. (Photo credit: Kenetrek)

When you pair the Mountain Extreme with Kenetrek’s Ultimate Liner Lightweight Over-the-Calf Sock, (with or without a heavier boot sock over it), you have the perfect combination for difficult winter hunts. Features of the Kenetrek Mountain Extreme include 10-inch uppers with a one-piece vamp construction tongue. That means there aren’t openings where water or snow can get in. They have double- and even triple-stitching at high-stress points and K-Talon outsoles. Yes, these are heavier boots on your feet than some others, but they are well worth that facet when you’re braving snow and ice. While others in your hunt team are suffering, your feet will be doing great. These boots are made in Italy and they last for quite some time.

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Most Comfortable Hunting Boot

Dryshod Evalusion Hi Super Lightweight ($174.95)

The Dryshod Evalusion Hi Super Lightweight Hunting Boot gets the top pick for the most comfortable hunting boot on the market. They have a Dureva technology/compound that eliminates the need for a secondary rubber sole and provides extreme comfort in most any situation. Aside from comfortable it is also an extremely quiet boot due to their multi-lug tread resulting in silent flexing and bending when curving over the ground’s elements. The lugs provide good traction, but are not too aggressive that they pick up and retain mud. This boot maximizes air circulation and prevents moisture builup with its Densoprene Foam that both keeps your foot warm and keeps moisture out. rocky

For those of us who like a rubber boot for the beginning of white tail hunting season, this one comes out on top for several reasons. The insole has a good, supportive arch, making them comfortable to walk long distances without having sore arches. Their 16-inch height makes it easy to ford wet areas or even small streams. The outsole design is wide, giving you a firm support underfoot, and helping to prevent ankle twists when traversing rugged ground. The wide heel sole provides great stability, plus gives a convenient point to grab when you are trying to kick off the boots. The design of the boot upper helps to keep your calf area warm, which in turn keeps your lower foot warm. Yet the shape of the upper hugs your calf just enough to not have the boot “slap” against your shin and back of your calf while walking, and allows a hunter to let rain pants come down over the outside of the boot, rather than tuck them into the upper. Experience has shown they are comfortable in temperatures from 30’s to 60’s. They run true to size, I would recommend buying a half size larger to allow for the use of a good wool sock.

The Dryshod Evalusion comes in Super Lightweight Ankle length and Hi in brown, black, camo, and more. Prices vary from $129.95-$192.39 depending on color and sizing options. Dryshod is known for dependability and durability and this shoe should withstand the test of time and hours spent walking.

Aside from dry, warm, comfortable, and breathable – the shoe is also extremely light making it an easy walk. What keeps it from being best overall is just simply preference. We haven’t found a non-lace shoe that stands up to lace shoes when it comes to those on the go but from a slip-on option this shoe rises to the top.

Best Unisex Hunting Boots and for snaky terrain:

Rocky Prolight Hunting Waterproof Snake Boot ($134.95)

Snake boots are more of an issue in the southern part of the country, but these boots prove useful anywhere across the nation.

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The Rocky Prolight Hunting Waterproof Snake Boot is designed for unisex wear. It spans sizes from 4 to 15, medium or wide. (You need to read the size chart to determine men’s sizes, because that’s how Rocky sizes these boots). These boots have 16-inch uppers. Unlike some snake boots, they’re made in lace-up style, which is nice if you prefer to keep your boots secure and keep out more than just snakes.

Mine (female) have served me well in numerous states and have proven to be the correct height for blocking any snakes that are froggy enough to try striking as you walk by. (The worst you might feel from that is a quick bump as they bounce off the boot.) This aspect is especially useful in Texas, where seeing venomous snakes is never a surprise and is always expected. So, when it’s prime snake time, you want these boots.

Rocky Prolight Hunting Waterproof Snake Boots are a solid choice for terrain that’s likely to contain some venomous creatures. (Photo credit: Rocky)

These boots utilize Rocky’s waterproof system. It’s one that remains breathable, so the boots are able to resist mud and rain, keeping your feet dry. They’re constructed from full-grain leather and nylon, and they have a polyurethane and rubber outsole. With a total weight of about 1.5 pounds, they’re really not excessively bulky, especially when you consider their height. These aren’t awkward or uncomfortable snake boots, either. Do your legs get hot with these? I’d say yes, but not ridiculously so, and that is a small price to pay for protection from our fanged friends. Rocky gives these boots a Mossy Oak Break Up camo outer layer to help them blend in and uses tan leather over the stress points.

Best Hunting Boots for those on the go:

Danner Pronghorn ($246.46)

The Danner Pronghorn boot is produced in men’s sizes, but I’ve found that the sizing works just fine for women, too. That’s not something you can say about all boots, since women do tend to have narrower feet.

These boots are considered the foundation of the company’s hunting boot line-up. They are now in their fifth iteration, which is impressive. Danner Pronghorns are made to keep you comfortable and stable during your hunt—both important elements. These boots are great for deer hunts and any hunt that involves light to moderate hiking. Their 400-gram boots with a GORE-TEX waterproof liner.

Looking for a nice mid-weight boot that’s ideal for fall days? You’ll want the Danner Pronghorn. (Photo credit: Danner)

Their eight-inch, full-grain leather upper is resistant to wear and also delivers fantastic longevity. The 400-gram PrimaLoft insulation helps keep your feet from getting excessively cold without being too much for warmer weather. These boots also have a Realtree Edge camo pattern, so the colors are great for most terrain. A Vibram midsole cushions feet during the hiking portion of hunts and a TERRA FORCE NEXT platform gives users solid arch support. Danner Pronghorns are excellent boots for hunts, whether you’re chasing feral hogs, whitetail deer, or turkeys. These are the kind of boots that will have you wanting to buy multiple pairs (believe me).

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Best Hunting Boots for around the house:

Lacrosse AlphaTerra ($154.65-$170.56 depending on size)

It’s a tossup whether to list the massive benefits of Lacrosse’s muck boots or focus on the AlphaTerra, because this is a company that produces some wonderful mud boots.

The AlphaTerra by Lacrosse is a nice, shorter boot that’s great for transitioning from the woods to home or vice versa. The AlphaTerra is a slip-on, but it does have a side-zip closure as shown here. (Photo credit: Lacrosse)

We’re focusing on the AlphaTerra because these are the ankle-height boots that should literally live in your truck or by the back door. Who among us hasn’t decided to go on a hunt at the last minute, or forgotten their favorite hunting boots at home? Lacrosse AlphaTerras come in men’s and women’s sizes. The women’s version is currently only offered in black and white. If you’re a woman who wants camo or boots that don’t have high-visibility strips of white, you may want to stick to men’s sizes.

The Mossy Oak Bottomland-patterned AlphaTerra has a six-inch height. It’s a one-piece, pull-on boot with no laces or buckles, although it does have a zipper closure on the side. They’re made from rubber and insulated neoprene with an EVA midsole. They offer stellar water protection (as long as you remember their shorter height). These boots also make wonderful transition boots between a muddy field and home, or from a hunt to your kid’s soccer practice. They’re comfortable enough to wear just about anywhere and they are also a lot easier to clean than many other boots. For those of us who have a tendency to wear hunting boots more often than not, the Lacrosse AlphaTerra is a nice option that doesn’t quite scream, “I’d rather be in the woods,” and manages to look and serve as a functional, useful shorter boot.

Best Hunting Boots for Muddy Terrain:

Frogg Toggs Ridge Buster Mud Boot ($68.13-$169.99 Depending on Size and Color)

The Frogg Toggs Ridge Buster Mud Boot makes the list for best muddy terrain but could almost make it for its cold weather applications as well (depending on which Thinsulate you choose on the 600/1200 options). Although it’s a higher boot it boasts all day comfort and has the option as mentioned above to be a warm boot (1200g thinsulate) or a breathable boot (600g thinsulate) for the springtime mud hunts.

These boots come available in Mossy Oak, RealTree Edge, Brown, and RealTree Timber. There are available options as a Mud Boot, a Knee Boot, and a Lite Mid Boot. and they make both men and women’s models. Frogg Toggs is a brand you can trust with excellent customer service and response should you need it. Their boots are durable, dependable, and made for most any conditions – including fishing boots as well!

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