Bell tent vs. wall tent


Are bell tents or wall tents best?

If you are searching for a durable, spacious tent the whole family can enjoy, a canvas tent is a great choice. It is ventilated, comfortable and you can use it for various activities. Both bell and wall tents are made from canvas. While there are pros and cons to both styles of tents, it is important to consider where you will take the tent and how you plan to use it. If you plan to transport either tent, consider their heavy weight.

Bell tent: Is it worth it?

Bell tents range from $200-$3,000 depending on material, size and features. A quality bell tent that uses the best material and features full ventilation and stove inserts is priced higher.

Bell tent pros

A good bell tent has at least three vents around the peak of the tent. Since most bell tents feature openings for stoves, they also have mesh windows to balance the humidity, heat and moisture present in the tent. These windows can double as mosquito nets.

A bell tent features a waterproof coating and is tightly and durably stitched. The durable canvas material paired with tight stitching keeps users warm and safe from various weather conditions.

Unlike other canvas tents, bell tents are easy to assemble. They feature very few parts and take less time to set up on average than their competitors.

Bell tent cons

Bell tents are expensive due to their large design and features. If a bell tent uses organic canvas cotton, it will be expensive due to the durability of the fabric and popular features it possesses.

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Bell tents are large and heavy. These tents typically weigh around 100 pounds and are not easily transported. Those who move campsites and backpack to various destinations do not prefer tents this heavy.

Best bell tents

Danchel Outdoor Cotton Canvas Yurt Tent

The best bell tent is the Danchel Outdoor Cotton Canvas Yurt Tent. This bell tent can fit two full beds or five sleeping bags. It contains two stove jacks with outer flaps for leak protection when not in use.It is made with breathable cotton canvas and features a waterproof coating.

Dream House Outdoor Waterproof Cotton Canvas Camping Family Bell Tent

The Dream House Outdoor Waterproof Cotton Canvas Camping Family Bell Tent is the best bell tent for the money. This bell tent is waterproof. The seams are sealed for leak protection and the groundsheet is heavy duty and removable for all seasons and terrains. You can roll up the walls. The tent features ventilation holes at the top with mesh screens for best temperature and humidity regulation.

WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

The WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tentfeatures breathable fabric that makes the tent waterproof and UV resistant. It also features a fire-retardant finish and you can use it throughout every season. This tent has heavy-duty zippers and stitching for maximum leak protection and adjustable ventilation. The tent bag that the tent comes in is waterproof. The tent has two layered windows you can roll up as well as a high-quality sewn-in groundsheet for additional protection.

Wall tent: Is it worth it?

Wall tents range from $600-$3,000 depending on material, size and features. A quality wall tent that uses the best material and features including circulation and tight stitching will be more expensive.

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Wall tent pros

Wall tents are very spacious. They provide plenty of space to move around and users can set up multiple places to sleep.

When using a wall tent, consider one that features a stove insert flap. This allows for cooking inside the tent. If the tent features ventilated windows, it will not overheat.

Wall tents are versalite. They can be used for hunting trips, camping trips and have also been set up for events and conventions and used as an indoor living space in the backyard. Due to their warmth and comfort, they can be used for various different reasons.

Wall tent cons

Wall tents are perfect to protect you from the elements, but they are priced higher. Wall tents are expensive due to their quality materials and features.

Wall tents come with extensive items to assemble and take a longer time to set up than a regular tent. They feature multiple stakes and sturdy frames to give the tent its wall shape.

Best wall tents

White Ducks Alpha Canvas Wall Tent

The best wall tent is the White Ducks Alpha Canvas Wall Tent. It includes an aluminum frame, rafter angle kits and free-floating PVC floor. This tent features a stove jack with a flap, a durable three-layer large triangular window, a zippered door with storm flap, mesh, sod cloth and all standard essentials packed in a waterproof tent bag for easy transport and storage.

Colorado Wall Tent

The best wall tent for the money is the Colorado Wall Tent. It features a steel internal rain set and a ridge pole opening with a three-way vertical zipper door. This all-weather tent features reinforced corners and seams and weighs 154 pounds. The canvas is flame-retardant and comes with steel stakes and storage bags.

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Guide Gear Canvas Wall Tent

The Guide Gear Canvas Wall Tent creates a warm, dry basecamp for all outdoor adventures. It is a four-season tent and the frame is not included. It works to keep users warm and dry and offers plenty of space and a 5-inch stove jack opening. This tent has good circulation and features a rear window.

Should you get a bell tent or a wall tent?

After weighing the pros and cons of each tent, the choice to purchase a bell tent or a wall tent depends on how you plan to use it. If you are looking for a cheap, breathable tent with a central supporting pole that is easy to set up, consider a bell tent. If you are looking for a well-constructed, spacious tent that features an opening for a stove for added warmth and you do not care about setup time, then you should purchase a wall tent.

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