Montana Antelope Hunting 2023


Montana Antelope Hunting

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Montana is a great state to hunt antelope as there are a lot of tags, a long season, public land, and a lot of antelope. With long seasons and fairly easy-to-draw tags, you can see why it has been a popular state to hunt antelope. If a record book buck is what you’re after, you probably shouldn’t be applying in Montana unless you will be hunting a private ranch that has been managed for trophy bucks. However, what the state lacks in top end buck potential, it makes up for in hunter opportunity. Montana’s 2022 antelope population was estimated to be around 155,000 animals, up 23,000 from 2021’s estimates.

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If you are an archery antelope hunter, the 900-20 archery antelope tag may be one of best opportunity hunts in the West. This hunt is becoming more popular by the year among both resident and non-resident hunters. In what was almost a guaranteed draw just a few years ago, this tag is getting harder to draw for non-residents. In 2022, non-resident draw odds with no points were 46%, with 1 point were 71%, with 2 points were 96%, and with 3 points were 99%. One of the best things about this hunt is that archery hunters who draw the 900-20 tag can hunt every unit in the state, with the exception of units 215-20, 291-20, and 313-20. The 900-20 archery season runs August 15-November 12, and all of the rifle season hunts run October 7-November 12. Hunters who draw a rifle antelope tag can also hunt during the regular archery antelope season within their unit beginning on September 2nd if they buy the $10 bow and arrow license.

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Each year, you may build three different types of points for antelope in Montana – an antelope 900-20 license for either-sex (archery only), an antelope license for either-sex (any weapon), and an antelope B license for female only (any weapon). While you may build points for each of the three every year, you may only apply for one of the either-sex licenses in the draw. During the July 1-September 30 points only period, you may purchase a point for whichever either-sex license you didn’t apply for.

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For the fourth consecutive year, Montana’s 2022-2023 winter has again been easy on the antelope, and there has been no measurable winterkill reported in any region across the state as of mid-March. This will be another great year to have a tag in your pocket with plenty of antelope to hunt across the Big Sky Country.

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MT Antelope Application Deadline

The Montana Antelope application deadline is June 1, 2023.

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2023 MONTANA NON-RESIDENT FEES Up-Front Fees Base Hunting License $15 Conservation License $10 Bonus Point (optional/per species) $20 Antelope (includes the $5 application fee) $205 Post Draw License Fees (if successful) Bow and Arrow License (required for all archery hunts) $10 *Fees do not include the additional 2.5% convenience fee. MT Antelope Hunting Articles from Huntin’ Fool Magazine

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