The top 5 most expensive fish to eat in the world in 2021


Fish is a delicacy enjoyed around the world. Regular fish is affordable for many. However, some species can only be enjoyed by people that can afford to spend on extras. The most expensive fish to eat can range from $100 to $500.

most expensive fish to eat
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There are different kinds of fish, depending on the sources of water and water bodies. Both freshwater fish and saltwater fish are nutritious. The only difference between the two is that freshwater fish often have higher amounts of calcium, monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Top 5 most expensive fish to eat

What is the most expensive fish in the world? Platinum Arowa takes the lead. The fish is primarily an ornamental fish for the aquarium and not for consumption. The following are the most expensive fish to eat:

1. Japan tuna – $500

Most expensive fish to eat
Japan tuna. Photo: @graytaxidermynortheastSource: Instagram

Japan tuna is one of the most expensive fish to buy. To enjoy the dish, you need to pay a cool $500. With this fish, you can make the finest sushi.

The Japan tuna makes the finest meal, but reports indicate that it is an endangered species. To help preserve the remaining fish, the Japanese government restricted fishing to reduce consumption.

2. Puffer fish (fugu) – $350

Pufferfish. Photo: @losbuzospanamaSource: Instagram

The pufferfish is one of the most expensive freshwater fish though it sometimes moves back and forth between freshwater and saltwater bodies. It is said that a drop of poison from this species leaves one dead. Not everyone can prepare this dish.

To enjoy the meal, you need a chef specializing in seafood catering and knows how to handle the fugu. Many food and health experts advocate consuming this dish in known establishments and not at home. It needs to be safely served and can be enjoyed alongside other meals.

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3. Swordfish – $300

Most expensive fish to eat
The Pacific swordfish. Photo: @graytaxidermynortheastSource: Instagram

The Pacific swordfish is one of the tastiest fish you should try if you love trying out new dishes. This type of fish is meaty and a good option if you want to enjoy that grilled and seasoned fish. A few years ago, it was considered an endangered species, but conservationists worked hard to ensure that the population does not dwindle.

4. Yellowfin tuna (ahi) – $270

Most expensive fish to eat
Yellowfin tuna. Photo: @anglers_journalSource: Getty Images

The yellowfin tuna is as tasty as the bluefin tuna and a great alternative to the same fish. With just $270, you can enjoy this delicious seafood in high-end restaurants. This species has a strong and flaky texture.

Ahi is also a great choice for many fish lovers, thanks to its unique flavour and versatility. You can enjoy it by grilling or even eat it when it is slightly raw. You can easily make this fish at home using the thousands of recipes found online.

5. Wild king salmon – $100

Most expensive fish to eat
Wild king salmon. Photo: @poseidon.subSource: Instagram

Fishermen also call the wild king salmon the chinook salmon. It is one of the hardest salmon species to catch each year. It is one of the highest in fat and flavour of the wild Pacific salmon species.

Wild king salmon tends to run out quickly. To curb the demand, suppliers devised a technique to limit the numbers of fish. You can try the red sockeye salmon, which is cheaper if Salmon’s wild king is too expensive for you.

It is fascinating to learn how expensive some of these fish are. The most expensive fish are also not found in all hotels. You can book what you desire online or go to the few high-end hotels that serve them. Fish will always be a favourite food among humans as long as they exist. This is because there are several methods of preparing and serving the dish.

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The most expensive fishing rods in the world are handcrafted, luxurious, and stylish. The more the additional features on a fishing rod, the more expensive it is expected to be. Individuals who want the best fishing gear know they have to part with large sums of money.


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