Baker Lures Suspending Jerkbait 3.25″

Video suspending jerkbaits

Comments: Pros: Decent action, nice paint job, cast well, Con: Floats, had to add 3 suspend dots.

From: Aaron: 4/10/22

Comments: I’m ordering more. I catch bluefish, spanish mackeral, ladyfish, and flounder on the 3 3/4 inch 1/2 oz model. Can’t wait to try it on speckled trout and red drum soon. I prefer single saltwater hooks so I change out the trebles with singles. Works better for me. Great hard bait with great action. Fish slam it.From: Unknown: 9/30/20

Comments: Very nice action and durability. I’ve caught 2 dozen fish or so on one of these bad boys and the finish and hooks still hold up. Highly recommended.From: Unknown: 3/14/20

Comments: Excellent action, it will hunt side to side with the right twitch cadence. Mine had a VERY slow sink but changing hooks to a smaller size would make this lure simply hover indefinitely in the right water temperature.

From: Unknown – 1/4/19

Comments: Picked up some of the larger models in all the colors, tried them out in the salt. they swam great, but float. I know items are more buoyant in salt water, so I picked up some lead dots and plan to adjust them accordingly. if I can get these to suspend, im sure ill nail the Calico bass, as these lures have a great finish

From: Unknown 8/29/17

Comments: Threw this off a dock just to test it. Had a real good darting action and suspended pretty good. It did have a very slow rise but I was using 14lb mono and the water was upper 80s. The lure looked well built and hooks seemed to be good.

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From: Ruff: Missouri 7/26/17

Comments: I was using the 5.5″ in Black scale and it worked great!! I caught a 5.62 lbs Largemouth on it. The Hooks don’t need to be changed, they are 9/10, 9/10 because when I was unhooking that bass one of them bent, but it was easy to fix.

From: Elliot 5/8/17

Comments: I’ve been throwing the 5.5″ in Silver Prism and Silver Back for the past few months. It is a certified big fish bait. Stuck numerous fish ranging from 4-7lbs. My hat is off to Baker Lures. Fit and finish on this jerkbait is excellent. High quality paint and components. Hooks are beefy and nasty sharp. This bait is a steal for the price. Pick a few up, you won’t be sorry!

From: Jake H.: Wentzville, Missouri 4/5/17

Comments: I use the baker jerk baits all the time for small & large mouth bass. They are awesome baits, suspend perfectly and catch tons of bass. I start using them once water is below 60 degrees.

From: Jim: PA 11/25/15

Comments: Baker lures is one of my favorite jerk baits now. I caught bass all day with the coral opal ice color and the black scale color. They are built with very quality products and the main thing is you can afford to throw these guys in places where you wouldn’t the 28 dollar megabass lures. Another great thing about the Baker lures is they do what they say they will. You had better get you some before the price goes up and the word gets around about how great they catch fish.

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From: William: Hohenwald, TN 5/17/14

Comments: These jerkbaits are a winner. Of the many “suspending” jerkbaits that I own, the Baker is one of the very few that actually hangs in place, neither rising nor sinking.From: MA

Comments: i used the baker jerkbaits this spring! They worked really good for smallmouth bass. Water temp was 43-53 degrees. I caught them on 5 different colors in clear water. i was impressed.From: PA