The Best Turkey Calls for 2024

The Best Turkey Calls for 2024

Photo courtesy of Dale Evans

Every year, around late February I get an itch to hear a gobble. Between wrapping up the NWTF show in Nashville or seeing the latest from Dave Owens on his Pinhoti Project YouTube channel, I have this hankering to gather up my turkey calls. This leads into the next month or so of getting fed up looks from both my wife and dog as I yelp around the house like a lost hen. By this time I’ve picked up a handful of new calls for upcoming hunts, and I like to ensure I’ve got them in tip-top shape for opening day.

Speaking of picking up new calls, here’s a list of some of my favorite calls that will help you get that gobbler hammering back at you this season. They’re a mix of tried-and-true calls I’ve personally used on hunts or have had an opportunity to run and get a feel for.

Box Calls

The Revival | Primos

This box call is hand tuned to ensure you get that perfect box-call sound each and every time. The design lends itself available to run loud enough to cut through the wind or hit those soft pitches for when you need that finishing touch. It’s made with a long paddle and trough that produces great rasp, sharp notes and lots of volume. This call will have that gobbler screaming “Hallelujah” from the limb to your gun barrel.

$81 |

The Ninja Hen | Woodhaven Custom Calls

Ninja Hen

If you’re looking for a box that will give a roundhouse kick to that hung-up old tom this spring, don’t overlook the Ninja Hen. Made from a walnut bottom and yellowheart lid, this box produces a beautiful two-tone yelp while still creating loud, crisp cutts. This call just talks turkey.

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$130 |

Purple Heart & Sapele Short Box | David Halloran Turkey Calls

David Halloran out of New York is quickly becoming one of the best turkey call makers out there. His slogan is “craftsmanship that kills.” Take this new checkered box call for a spin and you’ll see why. New for 2024 it comes with a purple heart lid and sapele wood bottom. This call is meant to be a low- to mid-range call that rolls over as smooth as butter with a unique sound. If you haven’t yet checked out this call maker, you’ve been missing out.

$145 |

The Fool Proof Box Call | Lynch


If you’re a sucker for tradition, then it’s hard to beat this box. Lynch has been making box calls since 1940, and I had one as my first box back in the ’90s. Featuring straight-grain mahogany construction with a walnut lid, it has an old-school rubber band to keep it quiet while you walk and to keep the paddle stroke in check. It’s the ultimate call for the beginner but is still used today by many veterans of this timeless sport.

$50 |

Pot Calls

Drury Outdoors Signature Aluminum | HS Strut

Everyone knows how the Drury’s were pioneers when it came to making game calls. This new anodized aluminum surface with a sycamore pot is one call that can get them hammering. Not only will it reach out and get that bird gobblin’ two ridges over, but it’s able to perform those soft purrs and clucks to finish him those last 50 yards.

$50 |

The Hoax | Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls

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When it comes to having pot calls in your vest, everyone needs a good glass. The Hoax from Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls is a glass-over-slate surface embedded in a cherry wood pot. Equipped with both a Dymondwood and maple striker, this call is ready to use out of the box. With the ability to give loud cutts and raspy yelps, you’ll be coaxing them in with The Hoax this spring.

$45 |

Dixie Hen Custom Ceramic | Houndstooth Game Calls

Houndstooth Game Calls is a small but budding company out of Alabama, so you know these boys know a thing or two about chasing turkeys. Their Dixie Hen Cermaic is a custom pot with both walnut and cherry wood intertwined. Giving sweet, soft yelps and clucks it still has the backbone with get those loud cuts and cackles to reach out over distance. This call comes with a two-piece Diamondwood striker and is preconditioned ready to go.

$80 |

Carbon Crystal | Woodhaven Custom Calls

Carbon Crystal

I’ll admit, I’m a pot call geek. When I first picked up this Carbon Crystal I was instantly impressed. With its pure-crystal surface and carbon-fiber resonator, I knew quickly I’d be buying one for myself. Encased in a walnut pot, the carbon-fiber resonator isn’t affected by either temperature or moisture and makes one of the sweetest, authentic hen sounds I’ve heard.

$210 |

Mouth Calls

Classic Hen Series 4 pack | Tom Teasers

When I started to learn to use a turkey diaphragm, I went through countless before finding my right cut. Each spring I’d buy another one or two and try, most times to no avail. The Classic Hen series from Tom Teasers helps to shorten that curve. The 4-pack has a multitude of different cuts that will do it all; yelps, cuts, clucks and purrs.

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$47 |

Select Turkey Pak | Primos

Primos Mouth Calls

Here’s the truth about one of the pioneer game-call brands, they’re always innovating. This pack expands off their line of Primos Select mouth calls. Bringing in a three-reed bat wing cut that will create loud, exciting cutts in the PS4 diaphragm. The PS5 features a three-reed design with a Barracuda cut. These calls are both flexible and conform to the user, yet sturdy enough to last the entire spring.

$30 |

Z-Pak | Zink Calls

If you’re a beginner or just haven’t mastered a turkey diaphragm yet, the Z-Pak from Zink is a perfect place to start. This 3-pack has the Z-Yelper double reed, the Z-Cutter triple reed, a Z-Combo which is a double reed with a V-notch. But just because it’s the basics, don’t let these calls fool you. Each of them can do it all. It also includes an instructional DVD to help you master them.

$20 |

Waddy’s Favorites | Bone Collector

Bone Collector

Designed by the Bone Collector himself, Michael Waddell, this 2-pack is a one-stop-shop. First, it includes the GA Peach which has been a hit for this brand in recent years and can produce all the hen turkey sounds. It also has the Ridge Beater, which requires a more advanced caller but with a little practice gives competition level precision.

$18 |

Now, if this round-up didn’t get you excited about spring turkey season right around the corner, I don’t know what will. It might just be time for you to get your vest out of storage, add a few new calls to your arsenal and get them primed and ready to go for your season.