A Hunter’s Guide to the Best Heated Clothing | Mobile Warming® by Fieldsheer


Hunting is a great way to acquire nutrient-rich food. But as any experienced hunter knows, it’s tough to enjoy your time in the field when low temperatures leave you shivering from your deer blind. It’s also exactly why you’ll benefit from our quick field guide on the best heated clothing for hunting.

Read on and learn everything you need to keep you warm out there for the rest of this cold season and the next.

Our Top Picks for the Best Heated Hunting Clothes

Traditionally, the best way to deal with challenging temperatures is to dress in layers. But with the latest advancements in fabric and small battery heating technology, you can take on any cold-weather hunting trip with powerful, fast-acting warmth without packing on bulky, movement-restricting layers. Let’s take a look at how you can up your hunting game with strategic layering of today’s best heated clothing built for life in the outdoors.

Build a Foundation

Trapping heat is key to staying warm. When we sleep, we trap heat by putting porous blankets like knitted quilts under sealing blankets like a comforter. With heated cold weather gear, we achieve this same heat-trapping effect, starting with heated undergarments like these:

  • Primer Pant
  • Primer Shirt
  • Premium 2.0 Merino Heated Socks

Heated bottom layer items like this get the heat right next to your skin where you need it most. In most climates and situations, these will provide adequate warmth. Simply activate the unit, seal in the heat with high-quality middle-layer and outerwear, and you’ll be good to go.

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Assemble a Middle Layer

For more intense cold or longer durations in the cold, a set of heated middle-layer clothing will be the perfect addition to your heated undergarments. For this, we recommend items like the following:

  • Backcountry Heated Jacket
  • Peak BT Vest
  • Heated Glove Liner

For the ideal insulating layer, you want something that is both lightweight and warm. To achieve this, you can opt for the Backcountry Heated Jacket or the Peak BT Vest, both of which can also function as your primary outer layer during milder weather. Both are lightweight, wind and water-resistant and provide app-enabled Mobile Warming® capabilities.

For further warmth and protection from harsh cold weather, you can try the Heated Glove Liners. These ultra-thin and form-fitting liners provide an extra layer of insulation for your hands. For even more middle layering essentials, check out our Men’s Hook & Hunt collection.

Seal It In With Outerwear

Seal the deal with top-quality outerwear designed to hold in that valuable heat. In some cases, these, too, may be all that you need. But with the complete package, you will be bulletproof out there in the field (not literally, of course):

  • Men’s Tundra Jacket
  • Squall Glove

A high-quality outer layer like the Men’s Tundra Jacket is the perfect answer to any outdoorsman’s cold-weather activity. Paired with the Squall Glove’s five-layer waterproof construction and four adjustable levels of heated bliss, you’ll have no trouble locking in the heat and keeping out the cold, wind, and harsh elements.

Depending on the time of year you hunt and where you may need just one layer or two. And while the batteries these items are equipped with are powerful enough for hours of use, you’ll be glad you bought some backup gear if you should run out of power, lose a power bank to a spill in the river, or some other unexpected event.

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We recommend stocking up on enough cold weather apparel as you would need for 24 hours of warmth. That way, under most conditions, you can charge items while wearing others or pile them on for the deepest cold conditions. Our Men’s Heated Clothing and Women’s Heated Clothing collections offer even more tried-and-true options for cold-weather comfort.

Conquer the Cold with Fieldsheer’s Heated Hunting Essentials

So there you have it, fellow hunters—our guide to the best heated clothing for future cold-weather hunting trips. With these top picks, you can say goodbye to shivering in your deer blind and hello to a warm, comfortable hunting experience. Don’t let the cold weather keep you from doing what you love—gear up with the best heated hunting clothes from Fieldsheer and keep the hunt alive.