Benjamin Marauder Wood Stock (Gen 1) Review- The Name That Holds The Game High

benjamin marauder wood stock generation 1 air rifle

Benjamin Marauder is the name that mixes superiority with affordability when it comes to air rifles. Since 2009, Benjamin Marauder has been gifting the shooting enthusiasts a wide range of rifles that comes with accuracy, accessibility, quietness and classiness. Whether it is about hobby or pest control, you can rely on a Benjamin Marauder with your eyes closed. In fact, the Marauder is one of the best PCP air rifles you can buy right now

Benjamin Marauder .22 air rifle is the first-generation Benjamin Marauder air rifle which presents an upgraded version of .25 caliber as well. The affordable price has made the item very popular among the shooters. If you are also an experienced gamer and thinking about buying your air rifle or gifting the same to your close one, we are here to make your task easier.

We will do a thorough Benjamin Marauder PCP air rifle review so you can have the clearest idea about every single part before buying the rifle itself or choosing the right accessories. Before dissecting the product let us understand first how PCP guns work in the first place.

Gun type

Benjamin Marauder is a PCP (Pre-charged Pneumatic) air rifle so it uses high-pressurized air in the chamber as the propellant force to discharge the pellet. The pressurized air is compressed up to 2000-3000 psi by using scuba tanks or hand pumps. When the air reaches a desired pressure level, the gun is ready to use.

Benjamin Marauder air rifle reservoir is filled with air with hand pump, tank, compressor or other accessories that we are going to discuss later in details. Now the air pressure inside the reservoir increases due to the blockage that the valve creates. When you pull the trigger, a little gap is created through which the pressurized air escapes, launching projectiles to desired distance.

Benjamin Marauder is one of the best PCP air rifles you can buy right now

You must understand that the air pressure, and the performance are not always proportionate. With too much air pressure your rifle will stop working at all which is why we will discuss in detail the best air pressure range for this model along with Benjamin Marauder .25 cal.

The basic feature that I would like you to understand is that it is a multi-shot gun which implies once you pull the trigger you can fire up to ten shots. This particular model of Benjamin Marauder wood stock Generation 1 (gen 1) has auto indexing which looks after the accuracy for the succession of shots.

Benjamin Marauder wood stock rifle comes with a barrel that is fully shrouded, and as a result they are really quiet, making it absolutely suitable for pest control or safeguarding the lawn or just enjoying quiet confident evenings. If your dearest lawn is at threats, then you can fight the squirrels easily with a fully shrouded Benjamin Marauder. As all PCP guns are mostly used for, a marauder is an expert in pest control. However, with higher caliber and proper accessories, you can use it for medium and big games like boar, deer, etc.

The barrel comes chocked for better accuracy and range as it shapes the shot spread initially which means you can hit your target repeatedly, and the hitting points are more condensed than that of an un-choked barrel. This increase the chance of killing your game dramatically. The caliber ranges from .177 to .22 and .25. Accuracy, velocity and air pressure vary with caliber and noticeably does the shooting range.

a marauder is an expert in pest control. However, with higher caliber and proper accessories, you can use it for medium and big games like boars, deers, etc.

A PCP gun is pre-charged pneumatic gun, which has numerous advantages over spring piston guns. This technology makes the gun much more accurate. Besides, cocking the gun every time seems pretty tiring. In this Benjamin Marauder, you can charge it once for multiple shots.

Benjamin Marauder’s Stock

There are two types of stock available. Here we are talking about the wooden one. To start with the finishing, I want to mention the powder coating that comes in black. The stock is also available in synthetic version with black as the color of coating. The metal parts have bluing, which is meant to protect them from rust. It may lack the beautiful mirror finished look of an air rifle, but the stock comes with a very realistic appearance. Let’s be honest, a Marauder is not to be looked at. It is for SHOOTING with serious power!

The wood stock gives you authentic look but it could be harder to use in extreme weather condition. The wood would be affected while the synthetic stock would do just fine and lighter in weight. The synthetic one may lack the authentic touch but you can carry it in easier ways.

Coming to the most important and impressive feature, this stock is ambidextrous. Both the right-handed and left-handed gunners can use it with ease. For shooters with a left dominating-hand, reversing of the bolt is needed. The stock has padding for better resting.

Marauder stock is heavy but the weight just feels better and more realistic while shooting although some might find the weight too much for them. Fear not, we have a solution for that too. It’s as simple as attaching a sling which will make it easier to carry across fields. USA, LLC


Sight is one important feature for any shooting equipment. The process of aligning the range, surveying accessories and other illumination instrument with the target makes all the differences.

In Benjamin Marauder, there is an 11mm dovetail rail which we can see across the receiver top. This model does not offer you an iron open sight so you are free to choose your favorite optic for your mission depending upon all the factors like the scope, price, range, etc. and many more. It would be wise to have an adapter handy or extra set of air gun rings available.

We can see a Picatinny rail on the vision and target version. You can choose the best one suitable for you from the options available in the market like Hawke sidewinder 30 SF Mil Dot Reticle scope. Besides, a Center point-4 16*40 AO scope is included in Marauder premium package. Barrels from Lothar Walther include pica tinny rail as well as weaver offering you better exposure to choices, though there is no need as you do not need to counteract any recoil.

Benjamin Marauder’s velocity, accuracy and power

The key point for the most effective velocity or accuracy and the optimum use of power is tuning. You can use the factory made setting or tune if you are not an expert what none of us is at the beginning. Therefore, I would personally advise you to go with the preset tune but let me also mention here that there is huge scope with Marauder models if tuning is changed with proper technical knowledge.

It would not be justified if I don’t mention the fact here that there is much built in tuning potential in the gun. Easy adjustments can be done for striker travel, output of valve or the hammer spring tension.

As I mentioned before, with proper technical knowledge, time in hand and chronograph, you can tune your rifle, and you will definitely get a wide range of performance. One point you must not miss in this process is that the ideal air pressure must be monitored and this way, you will get variable muzzle velocity.

BUT! Do not change the factory settings without complete understanding. You will end up in a lot of trouble regarding muzzle velocity or high air pressure.

The gun has been tested for different pellets, and the results range from 23.38ft/lbs to 33.43ft/lbs in case of average muzzle energy. The velocity of the muzzle also varied from 1041.83 FPS to 843.85 FPS.

Here I will make you a table for better understanding of the velocity, energy and accuracy.

WeightPelletsFirst shot muzzle velocityFifth shot muzzle velocityTenth shot muzzle velocityAverage muzzle velocityAverage muzzle energyAccuracy
9.70 grainGamo Raptor Platinum1057.94 FPS1037.09 FPS1030.82 FPS1041.83 FPS23.38 FT/LBSGOOD
10.03 grainH&N field target trophy green1038.43 FPS1032.58 FPS1007.23 FPS1024.70 FPS25.00 FT/LBSPOOR(vertical stringing)
11.90 grainRWS hobby994.08 FPS980.63 FPS963.31 FPS980.30 FPS25.40 FT/LBSGOOD
14.30 grainCrossman premier HP950.15 FPS939.31 FPS922.70 FPS935.83 FPS27.81 FT/LBSGOOD
14.35grainJSB jumbo Exact953.59 FPS941.58 FPS929.36 FPS941.61 FPS28.26FT/LBSBEST OF THE TESTED
14.66 grainH&N field target trophy954.80 FPS950.37 FPS927.51 FPS941.99 FPS28.89 FT/LBSGOOD
21.14 grainH&N barracuda match848.93 FPS846.38 FPS836.84 FPS843.85 FPS33.43 FT/LBSGOOD

Nothing can match Marauder in accuracy in this price range. That is one trait I can vouch for any day. The rifle is accurate in both long and short distances. The range varies from caliber to caliber.

.177 is fit for paper targets whereas .22 is all set to kill some rabbits or squirrels. From up to 30 yards of distance .22 does its magic smoothly. In case of .25, you can try from 50 to 100 yards distance.

.25 is suitable for hunting predators and sometimes if properly set it can be used in gaming for coyote or things of same size.


I have already once mentioned the trigger feature before. In here, I am going to help you understand how that helps you in shooting.

This is a two-stage trigger resulting in very crisp function and positive let off. It makes all the differences, and you will understand how pleasant it is once you start shooting. Two-stage trigger offers you two basic advantages over single pull conventional triggers. First one is safety.

The safety is very important in case of air guns or rifles and in this model, the safety is attached just in front of trigger with direct contact. Now about the trigger pull weight, it is around 3lbs, which is pretty reasonable.

Two stage triggers are much safer because of its requirement of heavier trigger pull. It has fewer chances of an accidental discharge while using. Second benefit of such a trigger is the accuracy. You take the first pull, then if not targeted properly, you can pause and correct it with minimal effort and then take the second pull. It is way easier and thus results in higher accuracy.

Now, if you are not happy with the manufacturer’s adjustments on the trigger, you can always change it. Crossman has a very detailed manual which contains all the necessary information about changing any kind of settings. You can change the first and second stage settings along with the pull weight and the position of the trigger blade.

However, it is my advice you do it very slowly and one or two steps at a time and then make use of the changes to understand your actions on the trigger and its reaction on the whole system. It is of grave importance to keep checking the safety of the trigger. In no way, you can afford to let it go unsafe. Accidental discharges are the last thing you want while enjoying a fun shoot.

Cocking efforts and loading

Let us start with the bolt part. The opening action has a cock and because of that the opening action is justifiably light. You can load the pellets easily while following the classic three steps. Pull back the bolt handle first, then snap the magazine in and conclude with pushing forward the bolt. For easier loading process of circular magazines, they have got their aluminum breech elevated.

You can cock the rifle and leave it aside until you are ready to shoot. This does not affect the shooting at all. The bolt is reversible, and it may take some time for adjustment but that is no high level complication and not an issue to worry about.

About the magazine, you should be careful while filling them with pellets because they are in small size. Particularly if you have big hands, you may end up losing more pellets while loading than actually shooting.


If one thing you see in any Benjamin Marauder review highlighted that would be quietness. Marauder is famous for this feature and from north to south no one would disagree on this. Marauder comes with a fully shrouded barrel which makes it very quiet.

The internal shroud is called depinger because it changes the sharp ping of the gun into a dull thud. People claim it so quiet that they had killed one squirrel, and the other roaming on the same tree couldn’t understand that at all.

Shooting ability

Benjamin Marauder comes with a 10 shot clip which is very convenient to load. Though single shot trays are also available, I could not think of any valid reason or appropriate situation where you might need one.

The Marauder offers you a very useful feature that is it shows how many pellets are remaining in the clip. The absence of double feed protection as seen on most firearms should also be noted carefully as it plays a great role in jamming the rifle. There could be several consequences if you carelessly loaded them double. First of all, there is nothing to alarm you about the fault. Now that it is done, it could be a double shot which would surprise you leading to accidents or unintended events. Another thing can also happen that is your system could be jammed, and it would take a lot to get it normal again.

The ambidextrous feature makes it not only user friendly but also suitable for a wide range of accessories. Marauder has a wide fan base, and they know how to respect it while making shooting easier for everyone.

You can adjust the stock comb height for setting up cheek weld, which is a big plus considering it can be customized according to your physic or need and the features of your scopes or mounts. We can always use a good cheek weld, which instantly results in a higher accuracy.

You can also use a rifle rest or stand if you are planning a long session.


Marauder is not a maintenance-picky gun. The process is pretty easy, and you can very well do that much for your beloved shooting buddy. Clean the pellets after few hundred pellets with any air rifle lube. This will prevent lead built up in the barrels, and your shooting experience will not fall below standard.

Have micro fibers handy to clean the overall outer parts. It removes the smudges and any kind of finger prints making the air rifle new and shiny.


So far, we have talked about many accessories throughout the Benjamin Marauder wood stock gen 1 review be it would be easier for you to have a proper list.

First and foremost, you need a hand pump or tank to fill the tank. Being a PCP rifle it works on the pneumatic principle, which uses compressed air for the shooting. This model needs 2000-3000 psi pressure to work. The actual amount may vary by small amount, and you will get the closest value for your rifle following the instructions of the owner’s manual provided by the manufacturer. Keep the pressure accurate for effective shots. Once the pressure gets low, you cannot operate the rifle. Then, the velocity and accuracy fall and it won’t be triggered.

215cc (size of the air reservoir) is a considerate amount of air and it could get tiresome to use a hand pump though many shooters prefer to use it. In that case, a compressor or scuba tank or carbon-fiber bottle. It makes the process easier and faster. There are numerous compressors available in the market. In fact, marauder also sells a value pack that comes with a tank, but if you are looking for something better, you can go for Air venturi Carbon Fiber Tank 4500 psi, Benjamin traveler 4500 psi compressor, Air Venturi Nomad II 4500 PSI Portable Compressor , etc.

If you are interested in hand pumps, you can go with air venture g6 or g7 hand pump or Hill MK4 hand pump.

Another must need accessory is a sight for this air rifle which I have already mentioned in the section dedicated to it.

You do not need an air pressure gauge as they have a built in one in this model.

Benjamin Marauder’s Price

Benjamin Marauder comes in an unbeatable price. Air guns cost some 100 dollar to several thousand dollars and this Marauder model you can buy for around 450-550 dollar depending upon the barrel you choose and along with the accessories.

Marauder is the model where affordability meets the standards. There are better air rifles in the market but when we are talking about this price range finding something better would be very difficult.

Anything better than this will cost you 3 to 4 times of its price. You can have an idea from that how it is pocket friendly while maintaining all its class and purpose.


Known for its performance and durability, I do not need to mention this features specifically. It will go for years unless you neglect it. It requires very fewer hassles as I mentioned above. With a little care, your marauder will keep you company for years.

Marauder is the model where affordability meets the standards. Anything better than this will cost you 3 to 4 times of its price


Here I am charting out the whole specifications once more so you can see it all together before going to the site.

  1. 10 shots repeater rifle with an auto indexing features.
  2. Air pressure range from 2000-3000 psi.
  3. The muzzle velocity can be adjusted with different pellets and so is the muzzle energy. The accuracy depends on the pellets.
  4. There is an internal shroud present in the gun that makes it very quiet, turning the ping into a thud.
  5. Choked barrel ensures better accuracy and repetitive hit on the target.
  6. The two-stage trigger is made of metal, which is robust and smart looking.
  7. In case of circular magazines, they made the process easier with the raised breech made of aluminum.
  8. Original model comes with dovetail ring of 11 mm.
  9. The stock is made of hardwood. The forearm and grip are checkered and you can adjust the comb.
  10. Reversible bolt is present in this air rifle, which can be switched from left to right making it ambidextrous and suitable for both right and left hand shooters.
  11. In-built manometer to keep track of the pressure inside the reservoir.
  12. The size of the air reservoir is 215cc.
  13. Benjamin Marauder wood stock gen 1 rifle weighs around 8.2 lbs without scope. The heavy weight helps in improving accuracy.
  14. At the end of the reservoir, there is a quick disconnect male foster fitting which is used with a quick disconnect female fitting for filling up the tank from a pump or air tank.
  15. Swivel studs for sling along with one magazine is provided.
  16. The valve has been increased from the previous model which gives more shots. In case of the .177/.22 caliber the number of shots is almost 32 whereas it is 16 in case of the .25 caliber.

Another feature that varies with caliber is the noise. The loudness of the rifle increases with increase in caliber.


  • Quietness is the key. You have to try very hard to listen to a marauder’s sound
  • Accuracy is unbeatable
  • Variable velocity and muzzle energy.
  • PCP air guns easier for multiple shots.
  • Ambidextrous stock with reversible bolt.
  • High-quality robust material.
  • Unbeatable affordability.
  • Adjustable in nature.
  • Standardized parts for finding accessories easily or replacing part.
  • Low and hassle-free maintenance.
  • Rich bluing coat on metal parts as protection from rust.


  • Once the pressure goes down, it will malfunction, and you will end up annoying your target rather than killing it.
  • It is somehow heavy rifle and could be an issue for customers with weaker physic.
  • The stiffness may cause inconvenience.
  • Pumping could be an issue as well if you are using a hand pump. The reservoir takes quite a time to get filled.

Customer review

Customers are very satisfied with Benjamin Marauder wood stock air rifle gen 1 and delighted after shooting with it. They emphasize on the accuracy, durability, quietness and smart look. There have been little complaints about this air rifle and the brand names lives up to the expectations. Critics are also happy with the products, and different air rifle selling sites have detailed customer reviews which are absolutely positive.

At the end, all I can say is that Benjamin Marauder is the name you trust for accuracy and durability. It will last for long years and serve you good. At this price, it is hard to find a better air rifle which has this degree of performance with all these high-end features and quietness.


I suggest you go through this review properly, find what you desire, what your requirement is and which accessories you can afford and make a smart choice. Benjamin marauder is very unlikely to disappoint you when it comes to performance. The quietness with perfect accuracy and adjustable features makes it the shark in the sea of air rifles. The price which is around $500, is unbeatable and the acceptance among the hunters shows clearly that it has earned the name rightfully. Therefore, process all the information present here and make a smart buy. Happy hunting!


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