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Top Traits of a Successful Hunter

There are only two types of people in the woods: people who hunt, and people who hunt successfully! But what separates a hunter from a successful hunter? Do they have a better knife? Of course, bringing a world-class Arno Bernard Knife with you on a hunt will most certainly increase your chances of success, yet probably not as much (as we would like to claim). More so are certain character traits.

What are the Top Character Traits you Need?


If you weren’t born with a natural confidence to hunt (most of us aren’t), then the best place to start is with preparation. Start by knowing what kind of hunting gear you should pack, understanding the animal you are hunting as well as their eyesight, choosing your hunting area carefully, being aware of the influence of wind, learning the skill to sneak through crunchy leaves. Once you’ve mastered these basics it most certainly will contribute to the confidence you’ll display at the start of your hunt. Over and above preparation, nothing beats practice to boost real confidence.


Many a hunter has been unsuccessful only because of their lack of patience. It is true that deer hunting, fish hunting, bird hunting, and big game hunting builds character. Any successful hunter will agree with that old adage that patience is a virtue. What really helps staying patient during a hunt is to stay comfortable. Nothing like being hungry, cold or in an uncomfortable position to shorten your already stretched patience. Remember, if you are patient, you will not only be able to bag a deer, but it will also help you to build on the first trait, that all important confidence!

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Sheer Luck

Never! Every successful hunter will tell you that luck just isn’t part of the equation. It is all in the preparation and hard work that comes after that!

Killer Instinct

To be a successful hunter you must think like a predator. A successful hunter can anticipate the very next move of the animal that is in pursuit. This intimate knowledge of the game you are hunting can only be acquired by spending hours on stand, collecting trail cam pictures, and in season scouting.

If you are hunting a specific buck, you need to know where it sleeps, where and what it eats, and how and where it travels. Knowing this information gives you killer instinct and the best strategy to set up an ambush stand and being confident of going home with dinner!

Top Gear

Lastly, you definitely will need an eye for a Good Knife (dressing your animal is just as important as harvesting it) AND a sense of Humour!

There is no doubt that hunting is a tremendous activity, but it will be a perfect journey with many unforgettable moments if you do your homework carefully before taking part in the real game. You will most certainly become a great hunter when you aim for these character traits. Just as vital to your momentous hunting journey is collecting knives that not only look spectacular but are up for the task at hand.

Giant Series Knives

Our Giant Series of knives represent the size and toughness of the largest of our South African animals. These hunting knives have a large handle and blade dimension. With plenty to hold onto and lots of knife to work through the field dressing of any animal that walks the earth. Big jobs require great gear, from breaking down big carcasses to skinning large animals, the Giant series have you covered.

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Need to get on Top of your Hunting Game? Arno Bernard Knives make the perfect knives for both Hunter and Collector.

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