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SBP Scoring System For Turkeys

SBP Scoring System- a method for tabulating observable attributes of wild turkeys, was conceived in 2003 as alternate scoring system promoted by Mike Joyner from New York, and Tom (Doc) Weddle from Indiana. For practical purposes, it is referred to as the “SBP System” (spur, beard, pounds).

The goal of this scoring system was to recognize older, dominate gobblers. Emphasizes is on spurs first, beard second, and weight last. The SBP scoring system relies on the measuring methods as adopted in the current system used by the National Wild Turkey Federation. The differentiator is the multipliers used to determine overall score.

The justification for emphasis of the spurs comes from the ability to judge older birds given the physical characteristics, commonly known issues with the gobbler’s weight, breakage and wear of the beard. Out of all the measurable trophy attributes, spur length is the most sought after as an indicator of age, and ability to obtain dominance over other gobblers when in chorus with an aggressive attitude.

The introduction of an alternate scoring system is intended as a secondary view of existing data. The SBP system is weighted to recognize older more genetically gifted birds. Scores derived from the SBP calculations are similar and more familiar to scoring used to measure whitetail deer. Whereas the NWTF Scoring system is a balanced attribute approach.

  • Spur lengths are measured using NWTF scoring protocol, to nearest 1/16″.
  • Spur lengths are tabulated X32 each.
  • Beard lengths are measured using NWTF protocol scoring, to nearest 1/16″.
  • Beard lengths are tabulated X4) each.
  • Non-typical designation is dervied from nultiple bears (most common in category), multiple spurs (less common) or both.
  • Weight is measured using NWTF scoring protocol. Weights equal to or exceeding 22 pounds require certificate/weight receipt from certified scale.
  • Typical and non-typical use NWTF scoring protocol multiplier for weight (X1), to nearest ounce (1/16)
  • Submission must declare free ranging or not as captive, game farm harvests for commercial hunting submissions are not recognized for rankings or recorded purposes.
  • Typical Score is calculated as follows: Left spur x32 + Right Spur x32 + Beard x4 + Weight x1.
  • Non-Typical Score is calculated as follows: Left spurs (S1+S2+…Sn) x32 + Right Spurs (S1+S2+…Sn) x32 + Beards (B1+B2+…Bn) x4 + Weight x1.
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Spurs- Measurement Instructions

Spurs- For all species of Wild Turkey, Typical, and Non-Typical.

Beards- Measurement Instructions

Beards- For all species of Wild Turkey, Typical, and Non-Typical.

Weight- Measurement Instructions

Weight- For all species of Wild Turkey, Typical, and Non-Typical.

Non-Typical- Measurement Instructions

Non-Typical- For all species of Non-Typical Wild Turkey.

SBP Wild Turkey Scoring System Requirements

Wild turkeys scored and submitted for entry into SBP records must meet and comply with the following criteria:

Wild turkey must be legally hunted and harvested in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal game laws. Wild turkeys harvested outside the USA must be in compliance with applicable laws of the Country where hunt took place.

Hunter must possess proper license, permits, and tags at the time of the hunt. Hunter must not be restricted or prohibited by convictions or penalty as determined in a court of law (i.e. felon, penalties imposed by state DNR/DEC or federal wildlife agencies.

To insure and maintain the integrity of the SBP Wild Turkey Scoring System, hunter submissions may be disqualified if circumstances or prior history include convictions of violations of wildlife regulatory laws that are directly related to harvest, use of tags, fair chase methods, etc. Convictions of fraud or false reporting may be grounds for disqualifying a submission. SBP Wild Turkey Scoring System reserves all rights to make determinations based on testimony under oath or verified reporting that may not result in legal proceedings or penalty.

Each submission to include hunter tag/license information, photos of turkey under consideration, photos of measurements along with a signed confirmation from addition witness when spurs are longer than 1.5”, beard is longer than 12”, and weight heavier than 22lbs. SBR scoring also recognizes records published by the National Wild Turkey Federation as valid and verified under the same criteria.

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Note: We do not share license, address, contact data or mailing lists with any third party unless specific and explicit permission is given or compelled by legal authorities.


FAIR CHASE, as recognized by the SBP Wild Turkey Scoring System, is the legal pursuit and harvest of wild turkeys in an ethical manner that does not give the hunter an unfair advantage during the hunt. That the hunt in its entirety be conducted in the spirit of fair chase and in keeping with the turkey hunter’s code of ethics.


ETHICS, FAIR CHASE- As a turkey hunter I follow the tenets of fair chase, honorable rules of ethical conduct, I faithfully follow all game laws, and insist my hunting brethren to do the same.

STEADFAST- I am firm in my plans, in what preparation and scouting has revealed. I will not allow my good judgment to be clouded by sheer adrenaline of the hunt, or pressure from my peers.

RESPONSIBILITY- I owe it to my quarry to be confident and skilled in my methods, that I be expedient and swift. To my fellow hunters that I conduct myself with care for their safety as my own.

RESPECT- I am courteous to fellow turkey hunters, I will move on should they work a gobbler ahead of my arrival. Pay head to the property of others and grateful of my invitations.

STEWARDSHIP- I fully understand I have an important role in the natural world, and a solemn responsibility as a good steward of God’s creations and the creatures which roam the great forests.

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HUMILITY- I am humbled by the beauty and rare existence of life. Each sunrise is a gift. I am forever grateful for the hunt, many days afield. and take pause in all that is our sustenance.

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