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The tallest ladder stands tend to range from 20’ – 22’. (You used to be able to get a 25-footer called the Guide Gear Deluxe, but that seems to have been discontinued).

We’ve broken this article down into 3 sections: 22 foot ladder stands, 21 foot ladder stands and 20 foot ladder stands. You can read quick reviews of each of the products below. But if you’re just looking for a list of the tallest ladder stands you can buy right now, here it is:

  • The Mac Daddy 22′ from Primal, available on Amazon >>
  • The Guide Gear 22′, available from Sportsman’s Guide >>
  • The Bolderton 22′, also available from Sportsman’s Guide >>
  • X-Stand’s The General XT, another 22 footer which you can buy at Optic’s Planet >>
  • River’s Edge The Lockdown is a popular 21-footer available at Scheels >>
  • The X-Stand Talon X 21 is available at Optic’s Planet >>
  • You can pick up a Millenium L110 21′ at Scheels >>
  • The 20-foot Hawk Big Denali 1.5 is probably the most comfortable of the tallest ladder stands (available at Cabelas >>)
  • Muddy The Odyssey XTL is also a very well regarded 20ft stand which you can buy at Scheels >>
  • X-Stand The Duke is another very popular 20 foot ladder stand which you can pick up at Field & Stream >>

The Tallest Ladder Stand – Rivers Edge Lockdown

This double ladder stand from River’s Edge is 21’ high and rated for 600lbs. It has a flip-up mesh seat, a tuck-away footrest and an adjustable shooting rail (length and height).

Weight & Set Up

As the tallest ladder stand on this list as well as being a 2 man stand, it might come as no surprise to discover that it is also the heaviest, weighing in at 129lbs. Setting it up will require 2-3 people. But once it’s in situ you’ll have yourself a rock solid platform.


It’s got a really big platform, 42” wide by 32.5” deep. It’s not the absolute biggest platform out there (that accolade probably goes to the Bolderton 360) but you’ll be hard pushed to find many ladder stands that offer as much space.

At 42” x 16”, the seat size is fairly standard (although the back is 17” tall which is a bit low compared to other seats). It flips up to give you extra room for taking a shot. The front bar may restrict your blood flow a little but the mesh panels are comfortable and the overall reports from users suggest you can easily spend 6-7 hours in this stand.

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Unfortunately a few folk report that River’s Edge ladder stands can be a bit squeaky. Most of the reports I read suggest that there are a lot of happy hunters out there who use and recommend River’s Edge ladder stands. But it’s worth being aware that some folk believe there are quieter tall ladder stands out there.

Or, it could simply be that the reports are a result of not setting the stands up properly. Using a ratchet strap to hold it tight to the tree would help. As would swapping the bolts and washers out for nylon ones to prevent as much metal-on-metal contact as possible. And, of course, oiling everything!

Where to buy…

You should be able to pick up a River’s Edge Lockdown from the following online stores:

  • Check it out at Amazon >>

20-Foot Ladder Stands

While the River’s Edge Lockdown is certainly the tallest ladder stand on this list, I’m not certain it’s necessarily the best. When it comes to comfort and noise, you may find yourself better off sacrificing a foot of height and going with one of these other ladder stands.

X- Stand The Duke 20

If I had to choose just one stand from this list, it would be The Duke 20. It’s possibly not as comfortable as the Hawk Big Denali 1.5 (I prefer mesh seating over a padded seat). But the features that make it sturdy, safe and probably make it the best tall ladder stand on the market.

It’s the attachment system that makes it really stand out from the competition. It’s one of the easiest ladder stands to assemble. The “jaw safety system” really helps fix it to the tree, ensures there’s no wobble when ascending or sitting and generally provides a sense of safety and security.

And all of that also means that it’s super, super quiet.

It’s 20’, weighs 79lbs and has capacity for 300lbs.

Where to buy…

You should be able to pick up a Duke 20 from the following online stores:

  • Check it out at Scheels >>
  • Check it out at Amazon >>
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Hawk Big Denali 1.5

This is an extremely popular tall ladder stand! Hawk have a really passionate following in the hunting community. It’s probably because they produce extremely high quality products that are comfortable, quiet and really good value.

The Big Denali 1.5 is 20’, roomy and really lightweight at just 65lbs. The wide, high-backed (24”) mesh seat means you can comfortably sit up there for a full day (and loads of people talk about how it’s the most comfortable ladder stand they’ve used). It’s a proper “all-day” tree stand and the extra space means it’s one of the best ladder stands for big guys.

Assembly is relatively straight forward, partially due to the lightweight nature of the stand. As with all ladder stands, set aside some time and get a buddy or two involved.

The only major issue I could find was stands occasionally being shipped without promised parts or arriving with parts that were damaged. It doesn’t sound like Hawk have the best reputation for customer service. My guess is that when they are pricing their stands at the bottom end of the market, you can’t have everything. And so perhaps, if customer service is important to you, you might want to spend a few more dollars.

Where to buy…

You should be able to pick up a Big Denali 1.5 from the following online stores:

  • Check it out at Sportsman’s Guide >>
  • Check it out at OpticsPlanet >>
  • Check it out at Cabelas >>

Muddy Odyssey XTL

It’s 20’ tall and pretty lightweight at just 75lbs. The platform is 26” front-to-back and 18” width, so nice and deep. Padded armrests and padded (adjustable) shooting rail. Comes with nylon fixtures which are helpful for noise reduction. And all the safety gear is included.

Muddy have a great reputation for their tree stands and there are plenty of people who are very happy with this one man ladder stand. But it does have some mixed reviews, with the poorer reviews seeming to question the comfort, noise and customer service.

So there might be quieter ladder stands out there, but if you get all the parts and have no quality control issues, there’s no reason why you couldn’t enjoy many successful seasons hunting out of this.

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Where to buy…

You should be able to pick up a Muddy Odyssey XTL from the following online stores:

  • Check it out at Sportsman’s Guide >>
  • Check it out at Amazon >>
  • Check it out at Scheels >>

Others to Consider

Without wanting to overload the reader, there are a few other options that you may wish to consider:

  • Hawk Bighorn (20’) available at OpticsPlanet >>
  • Muddy Archer Nexus XTL (20’) available at Sportsman’s Guide and Optics Planet (as well as eBay)
  • X-Stand The Jayhawk (20’) available at Amazon, Sportsman’s Guide, Optics Planet and Walmart

What to Look For in the Tallest Ladder Stands

The hunting community is quite divided on the subject, with many hunters claiming that wind, not the height of your stand, is ultimately the only factor you need to consider. That, and they say after 20’, the higher you get the more you have to worry about angles and shot placement.

However, there are certainly situations where a really tall ladder stand comes in mighty handy. If there’s a high canopy, for example, you may need to go higher to find any cover. And if you’re hunting a hillside or in a hollow, then that extra height is definitely going to help you out. And some people like being higher up because they feel they can get away with more movement.

Of course, the tallest ladder stands aren’t necessarily the best. So if you don’t see anything here that tickles your fancy, be sure to check out our other lists including: the best overall ladder stands, the best ladder stands for bow hunting and the best 2 man ladder stands.


Who Makes the Tallest Ladder Stand?

Primal, Guide Gear, Bolderton and X-Stands all make a 22′ ladder stand which were the tallest ladder stands available at the time of writing. (Ameristep used to make a the tallest ladder stand, a 24-footer, but this is no longer available).

How Tall Are Tree Stands?

Ladder tree stands range from around 15 foot up to 22 foot, with anything over 20 foot considered “tall”. Climbing tree stands and hang on tree stands can be set as high as you like, with the only limit (theoretically) being the height of the tree.

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