Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX – Robust, Reliable, & Built to Perform


Whether or not you are new to shotguns, the Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX is a weapon that is worth keeping in your arsenal. Robust, modular, and reliable, this semi-automatic shotgun is also fairly affordable, bringing in some good news for shotgun aficionados.

Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX - Robust, Reliable, & Built to Perform
The Mossberg Tactical SPX. Photo taken from its official website.

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Brief History of The Mossberg 930

Before the 930 Tactical SPX launched in the early 2010s, there also other shotguns manufactured by Mossberg & Sons under the Mossberg 930 line (you may also want to check out our personal picks for the best Mossberg 930 accessories). These shotguns are made here in the US and come with a 600-dollar price tag – a price which is relatively affordable for semi-auto shotguns (compared to the Beretta 1301 Tactical, also a 12-gauge semi-auto which sets you back $1275.)

Background of the Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX

The 930 line boasts a wide range of tactical configurations, but the Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX (Special Purpose Xtreme) is like no other. Labeled to be a top-of-the-line tactical model, its short and light build makes it a great fit for both home defense and tactical applications.

The Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX features a flawless build, with ghost ring sights and optics rail. Personally, I found this design pretty sleek as it is, although customization is always an option with this rail.

This semi-automatic shotgun also comes with easy-to-operate ambidextrous tang safety, allowing both righties and lefties to conveniently handle this bad boy.

A reliable firearm, it boasts a gas-operated action that allows for minimal recoil. Set-up wise, the shotgun is sling ready and there is no need for extra effort to set it up with a carry sling

Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX Full Specs

Model930 Tactical – 8 Shot SPX Gauge12121212 Capacity7+1 Chamber3″ Barrel Length18.5″ Sight/BaseGhost Ring, Front FO ChokeCylinder Bore LOP TypeFixed LOP14″ Barrel FinishMatte Blued Stock FinishSynthetic (Black) Weight7.5 pounds Length39” UPC015813853606

Personal feel

Our first impression of this powerful, gas-operated, semi-auto shotgun is pretty solid. It features a robust and reliable design that can hold 7+1 rounds. I also like the aluminum receiver which gives it that solid yet lightweight feel.

Many shotgun aficionados will be impressed with the handling, reliability, and accuracy of the Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX. This shotgun is nothing too fussy. Its tube digests every standard load there is – from the more affordable birdshot down to the most powerful slug.

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When it comes to recoil, this shotgun is just impressive. Its self-regulated gas system efficiently assists with the kicks, significantly reducing them.

I didn’t encounter any problems in terms of reliability. This powerful shotgun features a large extended charging handle that does a fantastic assist in smoothly loading and unloading shells.

I and my colleague were also taken away by its high-visibility ghost sights, making it a big selling point for us. Furthermore, it features a Picatinny rail design that lets you mount a close-engagement optic.

Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX - Robust, Reliable, & Built to Perform
Image by Taylor via Flickr.

Considering the price-to-performance ratio, the 930 Tactical SPX will put other expensive autoloaders to shame. It sports a smooth action and crisp trigger that sets it as a very competent semi-auto shotgun within an affordable price range.

It is so well built, that the moment I pulled it out of the box, I could tell that this shotgun can deliver powerful, reliable, and accurate action.


Speaking of reliability, it is a big selling factor with the Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX. This shotgun is – safe to say – nearly perfect. Shooting almost 400 rounds without needing cleaning is an outstanding experience in my book.

Generally, it will go for about 1k rounds before it starts gumming up, which I think is pretty impressive given that it is a fairly affordable shotgun.


The Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX has a design where function meets ease. This semi-auto comes with a traditional shotgun-style stock that also makes the tang safety easily accessible. Additionally, the stock makes a good cheek weld for using the ghost ring sights.

Taking a closer look at its charging handle, it is slightly dainty while its bolt release is large enough and pretty comfortable to engage. It also features a pull that is 14” long, which might be a little bit of an issue for smaller shooters.

Whereas for shooters with longer arms, the forend is an absolute advantage because of its length. Also, the textured design makes it easy and more comfortable to grip.

One of the few issues I found was from the shell lifter that pinches your thumb with some real aggression.

Regardless, the Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX boasts a fast-cycling design with significantly less recoil, making it absolutely delightful to shoot and handle.

Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX - Robust, Reliable, & Built to Perform
A man firing the Mossberg 930 SPX. Image by Ben Love via Flickr.


Accuracy is another big selling factor of the 930 Tactical SPX. For starters, it has a great trigger combined with a decent set of front sights. At a glance, this shotgun is pretty accurate already and will surely hit shots on target.

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The Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX features ghost ring sights that provide improved precision at greater distances. It is good that a shotgun allows shooters to make the most out of their loads without the need to add extras.

Going back to its trigger, it’s easy for me to say that it has been engineered pretty well. It hardly has any take-up while easily boasting a short and light wall combined with a very clean break.

The Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX boasts an eye-catching, quick-on-target high-visibility red fiber optic front sight. It is also pretty easy to clean and focus, adding up to its well-rated accuracy.

As mentioned earlier, this shotgun is gas-operated, minimizing recoil. From my personal experience, the recoil felt nice, soft and easy with this gun. It’s also safe to say that you can shoot with this bad boy all day and not worry about getting beat up or feeling rugged.

One little flaw that I’d like to point out, however, is its muzzle rise. The rise causes a slight issue, but I personally find that this can be mitigated by adjusting your technique. Personally, what I did to control (or at least lessen) the flip was getting straight behind the shotgun, placing the butt plate up to get the bore more in line with my shoulder.


Neither I nor my colleague who also shot it found any issues with the Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX and ammo. Its tube loads quite easily, holding 7+1 rounds, which it fires quickly and effortlessly.

Firing this gas-automated shotgun with multiple loads of birdshot brought us no surprises either. Every single round fed, fired, and cleared neatly.

3” magnum buckshot also made great ammo for the 930 Tactical SPX. Although the barrel started to heat up a little bit as we fired, its shells still ran and cleared great. These shots caused some impressive damage downrange.

Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX - Robust, Reliable, & Built to Perform
Shotgun shells. Image by Brett via Flickr.


The ergonomics of the 930 Tactical SPX is exactly as every other good gun out there should be – it fits us. Practically, there is very little in this semi-auto shotgun that needs replacing. Sure that slightly puny charging handle may need a tad more modification, but overall, the ergonomics are impressive.

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The grip is nearly perfect, and I’d say it’s a good fit for me. As we said in the Handling section, the length of pull (14”) might be an issue for a shorter shooter. Its forend, with its semi-grippy texture, makes the shotgun comfortable to handle. In terms of overall length, it is just the right size – offering multiple options that meet ease when it comes to hand placement.


The Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX boasts an overall performance that is nothing short of great. This gas-operated beast could easily get its max capacity of eight rounds downrange in under two seconds.

Accuracy was also on point. Its sights are good, with a reliability that is solid.

Its trigger is also something that is worth some praise. Pulling it felt like there was no resistance at all. On top of that, over 400 shotgun shells later and no malfunctions were spotted.

Value for money

From its official website, the Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX sells at $960 at the time of writing. For a semi-auto shotgun that is priced a tad below one grand, we have to say that it’s quite unbeatable and possibly the best one out in the market just now.

Sure, the 930 Tactical SPX is relatively more expensive than the basic pump guns. However, this is semi-automatic and is easily worth the extra spend with its powerful, reliable, and accurate performance.

Wrapping Up: Is the Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX worth it?

As you can surmise from the above the Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX is just… worth it. It is robust, powerful, and accurate – the top three things that a good shotgun should be.

Ergonomically speaking, it is very well-designed, and the robust build meets its designated function. In terms of reliability, it is impressive. You can nearly never go wrong with the Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX.

Boasting an eight-round capacity that fires all rounds in under two seconds is yet another win for this shotgun. Not to mention, the reduced recoil, all thanks to its gas-operated action.

And whether you are looking for a semi-auto shotgun that is a great fit for tactical purposes, home defense, or both, the Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX is a choice that won’t disappoint.

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