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(ARCHERY or FIREARMS) – By Drawing only

Deadline to apply for Unit 4 is Feb. 9, 2024


There will be no paper applications or mail in forms for 2024. All draw applications will need to be submitted thru the online application process at or call 620-672-5911 to apply.

Unit 4 Spring Turkey applications accepted online from January 9 thru February 9, 2024.

A total of 375 Spring Turkey Permits are available for Unit 4.

Kansas youth (15 and under) may purchase a youth spring turkey permit valid statewide for $7.50

All fees listed below will have an internet convenience fee added at time of applying online for a permit or preference point.


  • Unit 4 Resident General Application: $32.50
  • Unit 4 Resident Landowner/Resident Tenant Application: $20.00
  • Unit 4 Nonresident Tenant Application: $37.50
  • Unit 4 Preference Point only: $7.50

There is a $7.50 nonrefundable application fee. Unsuccessful applicants will be issued a preference point. If you do not want to apply for a permit and want to purchase a preference point only, you may do so online by selecting Spring Turkey Preference Point Application. Only one point may be obtained per year.

NEW E-Tag / Mobile permit to your mobile device.

Once you have completed your selections and are on the checkout page, you will see the option to select print or E-tag / Mobile for your permit. If you select print, the permit will be printed and mailed to you for lottery draw permits. Over the counter permits will be available to print at checkout. If you select E-Tag / Mobile, the permit information will be sent to the gooutdoorskansas app on your mobile device and there will be no paper permit printed. You will need the goutdoorskansas mobile app to use the E-Tag / Mobile option.

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Group Hunt Application instructions:

Group Hunt: The group hunt application is to accommodate those who do not want to hunt unless their hunting partners draw also. Applicants (up to 5) must apply for the same unit and the same weapon choice. Each person will make application and there will be a question on the application about groups.

The first applicant in the group to apply would select the create group option on this question. This will create a group and you will be given a group number.

Each applicant applying after the group has been set up would select the join group option and they would fill in the Group number. Applicant will be asked at the time of application to select the choice of permit delivery (print and mail, or E-Tag / Mobile to the mobile app Go Outdoors Kansas.

The overall group will be drawn from the lowest preference point in the group.

The credit card provided will be used to pay for the total price of the award permits at the time of the draw if this application is selected as a winner for the hunt.

Any members added by the leader will be charged on the leader’s credit card by default. If any individual members’ credit card is unsuccessful, the entire group application will be unsuccessful. Credit card information for each applicant can be modified after the application is submitted.

All individuals, regardless of land ownership and age, must possess a valid Spring Turkey Permit to hunt turkeys. In addition, a valid Kansas hunting license is required of all residents age 16 through 74 and all nonresidents, except persons hunting on their own land.

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No person shall apply for or purchase more than one Spring Turkey Permit. Permits obtained through false representation, misrepresentation, or in excess of the number authorized shall be invalid.


Any resident or nonresident tenant may purchase a Spring Turkey Permit valid in units 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6. A Spring Turkey Permit is valid for one bearded turkey. All other nonresidents must apply for lottery draw for units 1,2,3,5 and 6.


No game tags will be available for the 2024 season.


Resident hunters 15 and younger may purchase youth permits at a reduced fee. Youth permits are valid statewide, including Unit 4. Nonresident youth will be subject to the lottery draw for permits.

Spring Turkey Unit 4 Draw Stats Report

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