How to Coon Hunt: Tips for Beginners

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Coon hunting is a practice that started decades ago. As early as the 18th century people used to hunt raccoons for pleasure, meat and the fur. The practice grew more popular in the 20th century and reached its peak in the mid 20th century when millions of racoons were killed each year.

The fall in demand of coon fur at the end of the 20th century saw the hunting of the animals dwindle down. This led to an uncontrolled increase in raccoon populations. This led to damage of crops and raccoons became pests as they ventured into peoples’ homes. With time however, the practice of coon hunting has been slowly growing again and today it is popular among many people.

Coon hunting can be very enjoyable, especially if you love the outdoors and are an enthusiast. It can, however, be challenging if you are not experienced. Some of the challenges encountered include:

  • Finding the right coonhound to aid in the hunting.
  • Finding the right location with the right hunting conditions.
  • Doing the hunting in the right manner.

Once you have learnt the basics of coon hunting, you will find that it is quite an enjoyable practice that you can even earn money from. Below are some basic tips on coon hunting.

  1. The most important thing is to learn what the law has to say on coon hunting. Different states have different rules and regulations regarding the hunting of raccoons. You should therefore find out what laws apply to a specific state in regards to coon hunting.
  2. Get the right dog for the job. It is very important that you select the right breed that will serve you well. Ensure that you have bought a dog from a licensed breeder who will sell you a quality breed. Coonhounds are very specific and have unique features.
  3. Dog training is the hardest part. The most important thing is to ensure that you are involved in the training process. You can get an older and more experienced coonhound to help out. Go hunting with the two dogs and let the newer one learn. You may also seek the services of a professional trainer.
  4. Find the best location for hunting. An optimum location will have lots of coons and the perfect geographical setting. You can use the internet to find the best locations.
  5. Be well equipped when you go hunting. Carry all the necessary equipment such as a flashlight, knife, rope and warm clothes.
  6. Before going hunting, learn all you can about the prey that you intend to hunt down. The secret to good hunting is this. Learn how raccoons behave and their characteristics. This will help you in the hunting process.
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The above are just the basics on the hunting of racoons. The actual hunting process is much more detailed and you will have to learn a lot before you can consider yourself ready for a coon hunting expedition. You can learn quickly using the internet or by consulting an experienced coon hunter.

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