The Fastest .308 Win. on the Market?

Video fastest 308 ammo

Liberty has several Youtube Videos where they promote the effectiveness of their bullets/cartridge creations. The Vids I’ve taken the time to watch generally show High Fence Hunts on what appears to be a Texas Game Ranch. They do test on live animals but distances are kept fairly short. Some of them are almost within Bow Range

As a Copper Monolith Bullet, these projectiles will bleed energy and velocity faster than a traditional Lead Core Bullet. That simple physics. Copper is about half the density of Lead. At close range (under 100 yards) the practical differences are nominal. At Ranges beyond that, due to the rapid loss of inertia, variations from wind velocity and direction will have significant & detrimental effects on trajectory and due to the rapid loss of energy, terminal performance will dissipate rapidly. That’s not opinion, that’s physics. Add this to the fact that Liberty States this is a segmented fragmentation bullet.and You have to wonder where they get off claiming these bullets provide maximum penetration. Penetration of what?

Like You, I have not had a chance to test these Cartridges. I did an Internet search and came up empty so I don’t even know where or how anyone would buy them. That being said, I have extensive experience with Hornady’s Z-Max and Nosler’s Varmeggeddon 110 grain versions. These are both polymer tipped copper jacketed, lead core hollow points designed for maximum energy transfer via high velocity and thin explosive jackets. Even with the polymer tips the B.C. of these bullets is low. about the same as a round nose 150 grain hunting bullet. Sectional Density is a scant 0.166. The Muzzle Energy Liberty Crows about is, and this can’t be stressed too much, is AT THE MUZZLE.

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I spoke to the Engineers at Hornady about the Z-Max ( the Hornady Plant is literally an hour from where I live) and they told Me that the .308 Z-Max was never intended as a .308 Winchester Bullet. Hornady designed those Bullets for 300 Blackout Market. That being said, @100 grains, one can only guess what the guys at Liberty were thinking when they came up with this one.

So unless You plan on sticking the barrel of your rifle up the Critters Hoo Ha or in it’s Ear, the advertised ME is very misleading. Add to this the fact that Liberty advertises these cartridges as having “maximum penetration” when the Science directly contradicts Their claims and any intelligent, reasonable person can only come to the conclusion that they are another “Fad” Bullet *targeted* (see what I did there?) at Nimrods (your word) that don’t know any better. Liberty appears to like to Padding their numbers in attempt to increase sales to the Newbie Crowd that simply don’t know what they are talking about or dealing with.

Add to all that the Price Tag, which I’m going to guess based on Liberty’s other offerings, is more Out of Line than In Line with your average commercial .308 round which comes in at somewhere around $1.20 per. In other words, (betting these are significantly more than that) They are expensive Water Jug/ Water Melon Killers.

Now if “Hunting” Water Jugs and Melons is Your thing, then by all means, go for it….It is after all Your $$. Personally, My choice for a lightweight .308 Hunting Bullet is Sierra’s 125 gr. Pro Hunter ( I’ve killed literally Dozens of Deer with them at ranges out to 200 yards and for extended Ranges, I’ll use the Nosler 125 Accubond. I have tested those bullets at the Range out to 500 yards and on Live Animals CXP 2 & 3, in excess of 300 yards and at 3200 FPS it duplicates 270 Winchester Ballistics and is a Laser Beam out to 400 yards. Terminal performance of the Accubond is in a Class by Itself. In a Word…It is Amazing.

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