7 Tips to Improve You Crossbow Hunting Skill 

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7 Tips to Improve You Crossbow Hunting Skill

Before hunting with a gun became the most popular, the bow and arrow was the way to go. Now, with modern technology on everything, the crossbow has seen improvement over the years. Hunting with a deer rifle, for example, is hard enough, but deer hunting with crossbow needs more than the usual methods we already know.

That is why we have composed seven crucial tips for those of us who want to perfect the modern bow and arrow art of bringing the meat home.

Deer Hunting Crossbow Tips as You Prepare For the Wild

  1. Purchase A Crossbow That You Can Use

Before we explain what this point means, you need to know that no one is limited to use a crossbow. However, there are various crossbow types out there, and with all other features placed constant, some are heavier than others. If you pick something that seems more cumbersome than what you can handle, using and carrying it will be a problem. So, we recommend pick a hunting crossbow lighter than what your muscles can handle without straining. If you don’t know what to take out of a wide selection, experiment by lifting your collection a number of times before making a decision. Choosing something lighter will make it easy to handle when you are in the wild and the hour reads crucial.

  1. Using The Correct Bow And Arrow

According to deer hunting tips of experienced hunters, you need a crossbow that uses 75-125 pounds of draw weight. Depending on where you are, drawing requirements may vary so, make sure you check on that before getting your bow of choice. The pressure involved during draw will determine how far the arrow will go and at what speed after releasing.

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Currently, crossbows come with all sorts of features, but some of us include parts on the original crossbow as a way of customizing it. They are also made of different materials, but you need to know that the lighter the crossbow is, the more expensive it gets. If it’s lightweight and silent, there is more money on that than the rest.

Once you get the crossbow, the next part is the arrows you will be using on it. Hunting arrows come in various materials, but the most common ones are carbon, aluminum and composite (combining aluminum and carbon). Aluminum is good for hunting, but they are not as durable than those made out of carbon or the composite approach.

If you are a novice, you can start with the carbon types and then gradually ascend to aluminum which is more accurate but vulnerable to bending and breaking. Other arrow types involve the heavy jacket arrows. They are the most expensive, fast, reliable and deadly once they impact the deer. Most arrows measure between 15-23 inches, but it is advisable to check with your crossbow manufacturer first to avoid using the wrong length.

  1. Weight, Speed And Noise Consideration

An efficient shooting range should be out to 100 yards. Some crossbows come with heavy limbs, cams and power propellers. Always consider the speed of your crossbow before making the purchase.

Noise is another important factor that the amateurs and experienced cannot ignore. If the sound produced worsens the silence as you hunt, you might have to change your tool if the dampening kit does not improve much.

One more thing, shooting will be difficult if your crossbow has a heavier recoil. It also means your shooting range and accuracy will be affected. Make a point of choosing a crossbow with light recoil.

  1. Safety At The Forefront
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This is one of the crossbow hunting tips that needs to be on your mind at all times. Whatever way your arrow is pointing, that’s the way to go. Safety measures on the crossbow should be attained at all times until your shot is clear. Just like using a gun, never point a crossbow where the arrow is not meant to go. As you shoot, take note of what is on the other side.

Make a point of carrying a first aid kit that includes everything required for wound healing or insect bites while you are out there. From eyewash to scissors and alcohol wipes, don’t leave anything behind. Before we summarize on this tip, remember to carry a charged phone so that you can call for help when the need to do so arises.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

What’s the point of keeping the crossbow put away until the hunting season beckons? It is a deadly weapon which can cause more than damage when misused. Therefore, make a point of practicing the archery lessons and join your fellow hunters during practice. When you do it from time to time, your body and mind will be ready when it’s time to harvest a deer.

  1. Always Be Out Of Sight

This is more of a deer hunting tip than a crossbow one, but they work together.

Deer are known to be highly sensitive to sound and smell. When you are in the field, make sure that you are camouflaged to look like your surroundings. Walk with rubber boots and wash your clothes with a scent-free soap. If you want to wear them later, put them in a plastic box and seal it completely. Before you go, remember to include a smell eliminator in your package. Use it on your clothes, gear and blind spots.

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Another factor to consider is the direction of the wind. Make sure that you are walking into the wind on your way to the stand. Keep your voice down, and any other noise related movements. As you do all of this, your crossbow should be ready to shoot so that you can take a shot when the moment arrives.

  1. Comply With The Law And Regulations

Hunting regulations depend on your location and whether they are stated or not. When you have a crossbow instead of the gun, things become more complicated. Take note of what kind of crossbows and arrows your hunting camp permits. If there are restrictions, abide by them.

In most cases, the law permits the aluminum heads and drawing specifications. If you don’t find anything guiding you to the best hunting practices in your location, talk to your fellow hunters and listen to what they have to say. If there are no state laws, check the archery requirements.


As we conclude on deer hunting with crossbow tips, the last tip for you is never to try your crossbow for entertainment or endangered fun. That means you should not try to point at anything and shoot. Also, you should not modify your crossbow.

Make a point of taking care of your crossbow when it’s not in use and follow the rules governing its use. Hunting is fun when you are out there. Go through the tips above carefully before you prepare for the hunting season.

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