Bri Andrassy


Live salty. Catch fish. Ride waves. Those are the words you’ll see plastered to the Instagram profile of Sea-Doo FISHPRO Ambassador Bri Andrassy. If you’ve ever had a taste of the Sea‑Doo Life, you know at least some of those words quite well.

A resident of Jupiter, FL, Andrassy splits time between university classrooms, where she’s a professor of nursing, and the open water. But when she does hit the water, it’s all about one thing – fish. Big fish.

Follow any of her social media channels or watch her YouTube videos and you’ll most likely see Andrassy casting and jigging from her kayak. It’s that up close and personal connection you can only find when fishing at the water’s surface that first caught her attention when the FISHPRO was released.

“Man, the damage I could do with that thing,“ Andrassy remembers thinking to herself when she first saw the FISHPRO. With the ability to cover so much more water, and still fish right at the water’s surface, it’s safe to say she was hooked.

How did your interest in PWCs start? My interest started when I first saw the release of the FISHPRO model, I remember thinking, “gosh the damage I could do with that thing, I would be gone everyday!” I currently use the FISHPRO to fish and spear.

Who makes up your typical riding crew? As of right now I am the only person in my friend group with a PWC, I gladly take friends with me on my adventures.

Favorite place to ride? The Florida Keys

Dream place to ride? The Bahamas

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Describe your perfect day on the water: Seas less than a foot, wind less than 5 knots, making a glassy morning run offshore with the sun starting to rise over the horizon. Ideally I would troll offshore but I would also have my jigging rod set up to drop deep if I see any marks on the fish finder.

Describe your life away from the water: I am a doctor of nursing practice. I teach full-time as a professor of nursing at a local university. I try to catch a sunset every week and I enjoy spending time with friends.

What’s your one must-have accessory for your Sea-Doo? An anchor for diving and for fishing structure.

What’s one innovation you’d like to see on a Sea-Doo that doesn’t currently exist? A live-well for bait.

Favorite place to eat? The Thirsty Turtle

First artist you add to your play list? My first song on my jet ski playlist is “It’s A Great Day To Be Alive” by Travis Tritt I grew up listening to country music so that is most likely playing while I’m riding.

Celebrity or person you’d most like to ride with? I would like to ride with my best friend of 20 years Arian Marra. I tell her all about my FISHPRO adventures, but she lives in California and I have not been able to take her on one yet.

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