5 Best UTV for Hunting

Video best 4 seater side-by-side for hunting

ATVs and UTVs are some of the most expensive and long-lasting pieces of outdoor equipment available. The most recent ATVs and UTVs are evidence of the range and depth of the utility vehicle market, which is far greater than it formerly was.

Best UTV for hunting

In recent years, UTVs have replaced many hunting vehicles because they are designed for hard work and towing large loads. You need a tough and dependable vehicle to get you to the places where your prey is located if you hunt.

Additionally, it must have great shocks and exceptional driving ability on rough terrain. As a result, we’re going to show you some of the top UTV hunting models today. These side-by-side cars are a hunter’s dream since they give you the safety and comfort you need and can tow heavy loads.

Why Do You Need a UTV for Hunting?

One of the oldest and most cherished pleasures in the world is hunting. The tracking, killing, and harvesting of prey provides a wonderful connection to nature and one’s self-sufficiency for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists.

Even while hunting has always existed, the use of off-road vehicles is relatively new. ATVs and side-by-sides (SxS or UTV) enable hunters to cover bigger regions and transport more gear and supplies than they could handle on foot, enabling them to reach more isolated locations and bring back larger prey to camp or home, much like horses did in the past.

5 Best UTV for Hunting

Best UTV for hunting

Information is needed before choosing the best UTV for hunting. To properly budget for UTV aftermarket components, you must first determine what you need from your vehicle, compare prices, and identify the items you need.

We performed the legwork for you and identified three UTVs for hunting you might wish to purchase this year to assist you.

1. Honda Pioneer 1000-5 LE

The Pioneer 1000-5 excels in every way, from the smooth ride to the truck-style six-speed transmission to the almost incredible lack of vibration and noise from the engine.

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The 1000-5 LE has a roomy and completely functioning dumping cargo box. But it goes beyond that. The two-seater can accommodate up to five passengers by pulling a lever to open a rear access door, flipping up two panels, and using the cargo box that results from those two actions as the second row of seats.

With over 13 inches of ground clearance and 2,000 pounds of towing capacity, the 999cc twin-cam, liquid-cooled engine of this vehicle is the best. But while you’re riding in the Pioneer, it’s difficult to imagine that its engine is capable of producing that much power, mainly since it feels like there isn’t an engine at all.

You hear the tires on the path rather than an engine’s hum because engine noise measures only 76 dB in the cab at 20 mph. Chase down those fast-paced prey in a flash with this amazing UTV.

2. Can-Am Defender HD10

One of the harder machines to appraise is the Can-Defender Am’s HD10. There are many positives, including a sizable cargo box, adjustable seats, and an intelligent storage arrangement. The handling is a little sloppy, it is louder than anticipated, and the pricing is high.

The premium Mossy Oak edition comes with a hefty price tag of around $20,000 and numerous enhancements. But if you take off the extras, you’re left with a useful device for roughly $14,000, which is more reasonable to chase and shoot down your prey while on a hunting spree.

3. Kawasaki Mule Pro-FX EPS LE

The Pro-FX EPS LE is Kawasaki’s largest and most powerful Mule to date, with “huge” serving as the operative word. This machine is enormous, measuring about 12 feet in length and nearly 7 feet in height. It is a powerhouse in wide terrain. But its bulk was a problem in confined spaces.

Its 812cc, 3-cylinder engine runs quietly while producing 48 ft.-lb of torque at 3,500 rpm. The machine is one of the quietest ones on the market, with noise levels inside the cab at just 74.2 decibels and 20 mph at just 89.5 decibels. Attach your shotguns with holders and you are all set for a crazy hunting expedition.

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4. Cub Cadet Challenger 750

One of the most comprehensive accessory packages available is included with the Challenger 750. The Challenger comes standard with just about every feature you can imagine, including side view mirrors, blinkers, a roof, and complete, stiff doors.

Vibration and noise, unfortunately, are some of its less attractive characteristics. The Challenger is undoubtedly one of the loudest vehicles available, with in-cab readings reaching 98 dB at 10 mph. Normal talks are impossible because of that.

The machine becomes even more annoying as it rattles through the seats. The rack and pinion steering arrangement of the Challenger 750 isn’t popular either, and it rides a little rough. However, adjusting the adjustable suspension system might assist resolve that problem.

The basic winch is a useful addition that comes in helpful if you find yourself a little too far down in the muck.

With an MSRP of $11,299, the Challenger 750 provides excellent value. A newer version at this price point could become a genuine contender for the great buy if Cub Cadet can improve the riding and control the vibration and noise. The noise is never good as it will scare away prey while hunting.

5. Polaris Ranger 500

This year’s highlight is the Polaris Ranger 500. This product is for you if you need to get things accomplished but don’t want to go over your spending limit. The vehicle receives great ratings for overall construction quality thanks to its sturdy frame, powerful 500cc ProStar engine, and 32 hp output.

Pushing a button lets the AWD system go from 2WD to 4WD; it can also work in 2WD with or without a differential lock, allowing for faster turns and less turf damage when driving on yards.

The gasoline assistance makes dropping large goods a little bit simpler, and the dumping cargo box provides ample space. Never let any sprightly game escape your eyes with this fast and powerful UTV.

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Importance of Equipment During Hunting

You need the greatest gear and equipment to keep you going to be the most effective and have a smooth experience when hunting. Thankfully, Kemimoto has everything you require in one location for gear and accessories.

Hunting prey even for fun requires you to have a piece of decent equipment before you can head to the woods.

Our goal at Kemimoto is to maximize your enjoyment of the outdoors by giving you access to the top gear and equipment companies. With UTV and ATV hunting equipment and accessories, we offer everything you need to make the most of the hunting season.

Some of Kemimoto’s most recommended UTV accessories for hunting are as follows:-

1. UTV Sporting Clays Shotgun Holders, Universal 4 Gun Bed Rack

This 4-gun bed rack comes in a universal size and is suitable for most UTVs on the market. Its versatility and utility make it the perfect choice for your next trip.

2. UTV Bluetooth Sound Bar / UTV Speaker

Make your next adventure musical with this Bluetooth sound bar. Hunting is more fun and relaxing with the right kind of music.

3. UTV Full Windshield Polaris RZR 800 / S 800/4 800, XP 900/4 900, RZR 570

This PC Polycarbonate windshield is durable and resistant to shock, shatter, and corrosion, making it the perfect choice for rugged outdoors.


We at Kemimoto are aware of what you require to have the most successful hunting season yet. We serve as your one-stop shop for all of your ATV and UTV hunting supplies. We exclusively partner with brands we are confident will meet your standards, so you don’t have to worry about sourcing the best products.

Get everything you need for the upcoming hunting season by selecting from our large range of UTV hunting equipment.

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