ICarly Fat Cakes – Decadent Sweet Treats

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iCarly fat cakes are shockingly easy to make. I almost couldn’t believe it myself! You make these fluffy sweet treats with gooey cream-filled chocolate cupcakes. Then, you can finish them off with their signature look – a bright pink marshmallow and coconut coating.

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iCarly Fat Cakes 19 ICarly Fat Cakes – Decadent Sweet Treats

What Are These Mouth-Watering iCarly Fat Cakes?

iCarly fat cakes (also referred to as iToe fat cakes) are popular sweet treats that frequently made an appearance on the show. However, they only shot to fame when Sam became obsessed with them – and for a good reason!

These cloudy pink balls are made with delicious cream-filled chocolate cake. Then, they are covered with a gooey marshmallow coating and dusted with pink desiccated coconut.

The cakes themselves are simple in concept, but they take some time to make. However, I highly recommend still trying them. These fat cakes have an incredibly soft gooey texture and chocolatey sweet flavor. They will bring out your inner child!

steps pictures of iCarly Fat Cakes 2 ICarly Fat Cakes – Decadent Sweet Treats

Elements Needed To Make These Pink Cakes

As I have mentioned, you make these fat cakes with chocolate cake and a cream filling. They are then garnished with a marshmallow coating and colored desiccated coconut. None of these elements are hard to make individually. But they do take some time.

For the chocolate cupcakes, I chose a super easy and basic recipe. The cupcakes won’t come out too moist but also not dry. That is important because very moist cupcakes won’t allow the marshmallow coating to stick to their surface.

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Then, we also have an easy cream filling. You make it using marshmallow fluff as the base. But that is only because I wanted to cut down on some unnecessary time. And this filling is a lot more shelf-stable than an actual dairy-based frosting.

Finally, we have the melted marshmallow coating. You have to add simple syrup to the recipe. Otherwise, the marshmallows won’t be workable.

steps pictures of iCarly Fat Cakes 1 ICarly Fat Cakes – Decadent Sweet Treats

Tips And Tricks For Sam’s Fat Cakes From iCarly

  • When making the marshmallow coating, you will need to be patient when melting the marshmallows. But, you cannot overheat the marshmallows because they will start to burn.
  • You also have to stir the melting marshmallows a lot. This will ensure that the heat is evenly distributed. It also will prevent the mixture from burning in one area while another doesn’t melt at all. You can make this super easy simple syrup recipe if you don’t want to buy some.
  • If you don’t have a silicone mold, don’t worry. I have another easy method you can use. Fill a bowl with the coconut. Then, add a big dollop of marshmallow coating inside it. Push in the cupcake, cover it with more coating, and finally, toss it in coconut. It is a messier method, but it works!


What Are iToe Fat Cakes?

“iToe fat cakes” simply refers to the 24th episode in which these fat cakes appeared. In this episode, Sam says that American fat cakes aren’t nearly as good as Canadian fat cakes because of the sugar they used.

Is iCarly Pink Cakes Based On Sno Balls?

I can confidently say that based on the physical appearance of the cake, the actual flavors, and the testimony of the cast, that iCarly fat cakes were inspired by Sno Balls. In fact, they used actual Sno Ball cakes on set.

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iCarly Fat Cakes 18 ICarly Fat Cakes – Decadent Sweet Treats

Where Can You Buy Fat Cakes?

You can’t find the fat cakes from iCarly anywhere. But, you can buy Sno Ball at most supermarkets. They are widely available and affordable. That being said, I hate pre-packaged sweet treats. They don’t taste nearly as good and their texture is often a little stale.

Are Fat Cakes Illegal?

In real life, fat cakes aren’t illegal – at least not from my research. In the show, fans assume that Canadian fat cakes are illegal in America because of the type of fat they use. However, this is all fiction and I couldn’t find any evidence to show that fat cakes are illegal anywhere.

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