What’s the difference between a tactical flashlight and an EDC  flashlight?

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The main difference between tactical flashlights and EDC flashlights is simply the use case. While EDC is more focused on features, tactical is more focused on instant access to strobe or turbo mode.

We also wrote an article on: what’s a tactical flashlight… in case that wasn’t clear enough.

What’s the difference between a tactical flashlight and an EDC (everyday carry) flashlight?

An everyday carry (EDC) flashlight simply doesn’t need the functionality present in a tactical flashlight. EDC lights can be great for outdoor activities like camping, but don’t fit when you’re a first-responder. An EDC flashlight can have all kinds of miscellaneous features, such as built-in USB charging, Bluetooth connection, titanium built, Anduril UI etc. These features are nice to have but can get in the way of operation, and in the worst-case scenario, if not well implemented (like USB charging), can actually make some things worse, like worse water resistance, entering the wrong modes at the wrong time.

An EDC flashlight can usually fit in many pocket types just fine since it is meant to be carried throughout the day. UIs can also be more complex and cover a larger range of lighting scenarios. A tactical or military flashlight has fewer of these requirements and only needs a few settings, and you should be able to count on it in all circumstances! A dead flashlight is the worst thing you can have in a tactical low-light scenario.

Besides this functionality, it should be able to be used in self-defense and in emergencies. This is one reason CR123 compatibility in tactical lights is so broad: due to their very low self-discharge, they are the best choice of battery in case of an emergency. Please read up on a flashlight before buying one, since many are selling tactical flashlights, but in reality are just general lights. In my opinion, flashlights with more advanced settings and modes should not be used in critical life-threatening scenarios, like what police officers can encounter.

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Many people still think a 1000 lumen tactical flashlight is all you need; this could actually be true in rural areas, where light pollution isn’t nearly as prevalent as in city areas. This also depends on the intensity of a light source: a very throwy light might seem brighter than a very floody light, even though they emit the same amount of light, due to the much higher, focused intensity.

Check out our recommended and best tactical flashlights list, which we update very regularly.

Looking for a rechargeable flashlight?

Fortunately, these days, many flashlights have the ability to charge the batteries inside the flashlight. This can be a real game-changer for some. Check the specifications above and if it uses a built-in charger, we mention it.

Below you can see an example of a Tactical flashlight and an EDC flashlight.

Tactical vs EDC flashlights – summary

To summarize it all up: a tactical flashlight is mainly used by professionals for specific tasks that need high-quality flashlights. They have instant access to turbo mode or strobe mode and are able to get a beating.

EDC flashlights, on the other hand, are used by everybody else, who need a flashlight to keep with them at all time. These usually have more features, and often lack a strobe mode, or have a hidden strobe mode.

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