Pheasant, Duck, Dove and Prairie Dog Hunting


When you stay with us at Dakota Prairie Lodge & Resort, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience that you’ll be looking forward to repeating from the moment you depart the lodge until the moment you pull up again the next year. Our Lodge is styled in a traditional, rustic fashion sure to make all of our hunters feel right at home. In addition to the rural atmosphere and expansive prairie, the Lodge offers best-in-class modern amenities and comforts that our guests love and are constantly raving about.

You’ll start your day bright and early with a delicious, fulfilling breakfast before you head out for the day. Enjoy a hearty meal with options like bacon, eggs, sausages, oatmeal, biscuits, and fruit to prepare you for an exciting day of hunting. Have something special in mind or need to meet dietary restrictions? Our cooks are happy to whip you up something special.

Once you’ve eaten, it’s time to get dressed and ready in your camo. But one thing you won’t need at our Lodge is waders. You’ll never be in the water – just on the edge of it. Our expert guides will set up our comfortable, A-frame blinds the night before so that everything is ready for your hunt come the morning.

As every duck hunter knows, stealthiness is everything. When your group is dressed and ready, we’ll quietly head down to the water. You’ll get situated in the blinds, and then we wait. When the ducks wake up in the morning, they’ll fly to go get food, and we’ll be ready to ambush them.

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The shots will ring out through the crisp morning air on the prairie, and the dogs will bound away to retrieve the birds. Cries of enthusiasm will ring out as hunters exchange congratulatory pats on the back. You’ll be thrilled with the range of ducks you’re able to shoot as the flock takes off on their daily journey.

Didn’t get quite enough in the morning? Don’t worry, we’re prepared. That’s when we’ll set up our decoys and get our calls ready to go. By the time the ducks return from their morning feed, you’ll be safely enclosed in the blinds once again. Luckily for us, the ducks aren’t smart enough to remember that they were shot at just a few hours ago.

With the decoys in place, they’ll feel safe returning to the water, and we’ll call them in to encourage them to fly on over. When the flock is approaching, that’s when we shoot! You’ll normally return to the lodge by noon, satisfied, weary, and ready for a delicious lunch followed by the best nap of your life.

If your group still has birds to shoot, we may go out again for an afternoon hunt. In that case, we’ll use coffin blinds to lay undetected in the fields where the ducks go for their midday feeding. Once the birds come in to munch on some seeds – bang! We’ll be poised and ready to take them out.

Most of our groups are successful during their morning hunts, however, and meet their daily bird limits earlier in the day. That’s why hunters often combine duck hunting and pheasant hunting packages in order to maximize the time they get to spend in the field. Hunting is an exhilarating sport, and it’s worth every minute to enjoy it to the fullest extent.

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By the time you’ve finished a full day of hunting, you’ll be ready to head back to the Lodge for some rest and relaxation. You might play a few hands of poker, watch some football, or enjoy a massage in our calming spa to rejuvenate your worn-out muscles.

We’ll share a sumptuous supper highlighting South Dakota’s finest in our gorgeous dining room overlooking the grassy prairie. Whether you prefer a succulent prime rib or walleye fished right out of the nearby Missouri River, our cooks are sure to deliver. And don’t forget a homemade slice of hot apple pie to finish the meal!

After dinner, you’re free to enjoy the evening entertainment of your choice. We’re happy to work with your group to set up an excursion – whether that’s to peruse local nightlife or check out new shotguns at Cabela’s. If you’d rather kick back at the lodge, we have plenty of activities and offerings that are sure to fill the great room with loud laughs, stiff drinks, and stories to remember. We have noticed that tales about one’s duck-hunting prowess become quite remarkable after a few hours at the bar!

Whatever you decide to do with your evening, we encourage you to get a good night’s rest in our comfortable, cozy rooms. Hunting requires your full attention, so we want you to be alert while you’re in the field the next day. As always, safety first!

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