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Crosman 760 pumpmaster, a favorite choice of beginning shooter for nearly 4 decades, continues to prove itself with plenties of updates and improvements. However, while researching this product, I see  lots of discrepancies in product description between, manufacturer’ website and other e-commerce sites. To make it worse, even Amazon itself have inconsistent information in product specification. And they still not fix it at this time this review was written. Hey, who says Amazon never makes a mistake, hah?

Gun Type

crosman 760 pumpmaster

The Crosman 760 Pumpmaster is a pump pneumatic rifle. A variable pump has a piston and a pressure cylinder. When you cock it, you compress the air between the piston and the cylinder. Since the gun is sealed completely, the air has nowhere to go and is forced into the cylinder. The cylinder has a lock valve that let the air in and keep it there. When  you shoot, the pellet is driven out of the barrel due to propellant force of compressed air,

Pump pneumatic air gun is generally compact, lightweight, recoilless and it gives control over the power of the gun. You can read more about pros and cons of a pump rifle in this post.

crosman 760 pumpmaster review

The barrel is smooth bore with the caliber of .177 (4.5 millimeters). This Crosman 760 pumpmaster is a BB repeater. With a BB repeater gun, you don’t have to open up and reload or cock every time you want to shoot BBs. Each time you shoot, a new BB is reloaded automatically.

This air rifle is not only a BB gun but also a single-shot pellet gun. Single shot gun teaches you to make your first shot count because you have to reload before you shoot the second shot. Moreover, single shot air rifles tend to be cheap and simple. You can teach a newbie shooter how to handle a single shot gun in only few hours.

Having the ability to shoot both BB and pellet, this Crosman 760 gives you an awesome option to switch to pellet in case you get bored with shooting BB. Besides, you can teach your kids how to operate a BB gun and a pellet gun at the same time without having to buy two types of guns separately.

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crosman 760 pumpmaster

The Crosman 760 has durable, all-weather synthetic stock. While wood stock is heavy and easily affected by moisture and temperature, synthetic stock is lighter and provides you stable performance in any weather condition. Furthermore, synthetic stock is virtually maintenance- free and is best choice for shooters who don’t want to waste time and effort into stock preservation.

This gun has a plastic buttpad that helps absorbing recoil when you shoot. In addition, it  has non-slip checkering in the grip and forearm which provides more stability to your arm in shooting, improves accuracy and prevents slippage from your hand’s sweat. Also, the stock is ambidextrous: you have the same shooting experience whether you are left handed or right handed.


The Crosman 760 pumpmaster use .177 BB and .177 pellet as sources of ammo. BB is cheap: you can buy thousands of them for just few bucks. And .177 pellet is also budget friendly compared to other types of pellet in the market. Therefore, you can shoot thousands rounds of BBs and pellets without worrying about money. In addition, this gun gives you the fun of a BB gun and a pellet gun combined in one place.

Velocity, accuracy and power

For 10 pumps, the maximum velocity of Crosman 760 pumpmaster is 625 FPS (190.5 m/s) with BB and 600 FPS ( 182.9 m/s) with lead pellet. This velocity is in the medium range compared to other air rifles. It’s pretty decent for target shooting and plinking but lacks a bit of power for small pest control.

For Crosman 760, various shooting tests have been conducted with positive results. The common shooting group is: 1/2 inch at 15 feet, less than 1 inch at 25 feet and 1 inch at 30-40 yards. Obviously, you can use this gun up to 30 yards for maximum performance.

With the Crosman 760, you can get rid your home of rats, snakes, small pest, giant insects, and so on. It can even kill birds, rabbits, crows, and squirrels but it’s not recommended. Also, this gun have amazing knockdown power for plinking so it guarantees that most common plinking objects such as soda can, glass bottle, plant pot, etc.. don’t stand a chance. To sum up, Crosman 760 pumpmaster is a great rifle for introducing newbie shooter to air rifle sport, for adults who want a casual way to unwind from work and for teaching kids how to operate and handle an air gun safely and effectively.

Cocking and loading

crosman 760 pumpmaster| crosman 760 pumpmaster review

Loading BB: To load BB into this gun, first put the gun on SAFE. Swap the BB loading port to the left side, pour BBs into the gun. Close the port so the BBs don’t fall out. On top of the rifle is the button that you need to pull it backward. This allows BBs to flow from the reservoir into the magazine. To do that, you point it down, shake and twist it till you see BBs line up in the magazine. It will hold 18 BBs at a time. Once it’s full, slide the button forward. That will keep the BBs in the magazine so they don’t fall backward into the reservoir.

To shoot BB: Slide the bolt rearward, the bolt has a magnetic pole on the front so it will pick up BB automatically. When the BB is picked up, slide the bolt forward and you are ready to shoot.

Loading pellet: Included with Crosman 760 is the pellet clip containing 5 pellets. To load the pellet into the clip, place a pellet (with pellet’s nose pointing forward) into each of five pellet chambers . It’s best to put the pellet’s skirt level or slightly below the rim of a pellet chamber to avoid jamming

To shoot pellet: Move the bolt rearward. Insert the pellet clip right into its position. Every time you fire, you move one pellet over to shoot. When you’re done, reload the clip and add five other pellets.

Cocking action: Point the gun into safe direction, Hold the forearm firmly and open it all the way until it stops. Return the forearm into its position with a straight stroke. And you just pump the gun one time. You should pump at least 3 times but no more than 10 times to achieve best results.

You can see how easy it is to operate this gun in the video below:


crosman 760 pumpmaster

The gun has traditional open sight with fixed blade front sight and rearsight adjustable for elevation (allow you to adjust the sight up and down). And yep, no windage adjustment for this gun. Yep, no fiber optic sight at the front because this is the 2014 version of Crosman 760 pumpmaster .You still see the fiber optic sight mentioned in product description but it’s for old version of this gun.

So it’s the BB and pellet gun without a full-function iron sight ? Don’t be disappointed , yet. Crosman Corporation has added the 4×15 scope for you so you don’t need the open sight. 4 is the magnification ability of the scope. It magnifies the pictures 4 times than the picture you see with your own eyes. And 15 means the objective lens ( the front lens) has a diameter of 15 milimeters. I really like this feature because BB guns generally don’t have a scope. Crosman really knows how to stand out from their competitors!


Being a pump action rifle, Crosman 760 pumpmaster is really a quiet gun. It has hundreds of online reviews without a single complaint about noise. Therefore, you don’t need to buy hearing equipment to use it or worry about neighbors reporting gunshot.

Shooting Ability

I suggest that you shoot this gun less than 30 yards for best performance. You can shoot it both indoor and outdoor. It’s recommended for target shooting and plinking.

Customer review

There are lots of customer reviews about this gun. Positive reviews show that buyers and their kids love Crosman 760 because it’s fun, cheap, lightweight, recoilless and fairly accurate. Nevertheless, there are quite a few negative reviews about this gun. I think they expect too much on this BB gun . With the price and scope and double function, there’s no other guns you can find better than this.


As of this date, the Crosman 760 pumpmaster has a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase.


  • Caliber: .177
  • Powerplant: Multi-pump pneumatic
  • Barrel: smoothbore
  • Barreal length: 16.75”
  • Overall Length: 33.5”
  • Weight: 2.75 lbs
  • Ammo: BB & pellet
  • Shot capacity: 1 with pellet, 18 with BB
  • BB reservoir capacity: 200
  • Cocking effort: 3-10 pumps
  • Front sight: Fixed
  • Rear sight: adjustable for elevation
  • Optic: 4×15 scope
  • Optic Rail: 11mm dovetail
  • Buttpad: plastic
  • Action: Bolt-action
  • Intended use: Target shooting and plinking

The barrel is relatively short (just over 16”), and this gun is super lightweight (just nearly 3 lbs) so a 8 years old kid can handle it easily. Therefore you can introduce your kids to air gun sport with this gun. They will love it as soon as they see it.

  • Very cheap
  • Low upkeep cost
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet
  • Recoilless
  • Shoot both BB and pellet
  • Total control over gun power
  • Large shot capacity
  • Decent scope
  • Good stock
  • Easy to use and to shoot
  • Made in the USA
  • Pumping action can be tedious at some points
  • Requires some practice to master the pumping action


The price of Crosman 760 pumpmaster is just about $40. It’s very cheap price considering that it combined BB gun and pellet gun in one place. For under 50 dollars, now you can own an air rifle full of fun. Isn’t it awesome?

There are a couple of different listings online with different prices but the listing I found with the lowest price is the cheapest price among online e-commercial sites like Amazon, PyramydAir, Walmart,etc.

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Crosman 760 pumpmaster is the great gun. It’s cheap, lightweight, recoilless, quiet, fairly accurate, easy to use, and fun to shoot. Furthermore, it can shoot both BB and pellet so you can have lots of options for plinking.  Also, Crosman 760 has a great scope that not much BB guns in the market have. This gun is an excellent rifle to introduce newbie shooter to air gun world and it is the best gift a kid could get for Chistmas or for his birthday.

crosman 760 pumpmaster | crosman 760 pumpmaster review


  1. This gun is pretty darn good. IMO you’d be better off buying a daisy 880. It can reliably hit targets and has enough power to kill squirrels and small game from 20 yards. This can kill but you need that scope to hit a head shot at about 10 to 15 yards. Crosman Hollow Points shot from a 760 with 10 pumps will drop a squirrel. Anything bigger you need a daisy 880.


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