Walleye Fishing Lakes – Top 3 Lakes in North America


The top three North America lakes for catching walleye have to be Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Superior. The lakes are populated with walleye and other species of fish and guide services run on all three lakes. The common areas to fish depend on the weather, water temperatures and the conditions of the water. Since the three Great Lakes are in the northern part of the country, ice fishing is also relevant on the ice during the months of January, February and March. One could only speculate about which area to fish for walleye, but the fishing reports do help with specific areas. The first lake we will look at is Lake Superior. The most popular place to start is by the port of Duluth in Minnesota. Fishing for walleye from this area will depend on the winds. Sometimes the northeasterly or easterly winds will prevent boats from leaving the dock. The reason is that the waves are high and the water is rough. If this area is not ideal for leaving the dock, you could try the St Louis River and Bay area. The waters are much calmer and the walleye are sure to be around the weed beds and underwater rock formations. Lake Erie has three basins for fishing walleye. The eastern, central and western basins make for some excellent walleye fishing. The western basin has some dead areas, but if you use a fish locator, you will have more luck in this area. The islands, channels and reefs generally find the walleye hiding. Some good areas to start from are Port Clinton, Oak Harbor and Toledo. You can also start over by Kelly’s Island. You will find that using a bottom bouncer is going to work the best for attracting and catching the walleye. The central basin is where you are going to find the most incredible summer fishing. The best depth is about seventy-three feet down. There are numerous areas to launch from including Ashtabula, Geneva, Eastlake, Cleveland and Vermillion. The walleye are all over this area during the summer. The best thing to use in this area is the Dipsy Diver. You can troll at very low speeds using a dipsy diver with a Scorpion spoon. You will want to use a thirty pound braided. Spectra test line. This will be the best fishing you ever did during the summer months. The eastern basin of Lake Erie for walleye fishing can be from the Pennsylvania area or the Dunkirk, New York area. There is an underwater mountain that goes from Pennsylvania to New York. You can find some ten-pound walleye in this stretch of the lake. This area does have some drawbacks because of the water clarity and the walleye seem to be afraid of the boats. You do some trolling during the summer and still catch a good-sized fish. Use a worm harness with a Dipsy Diver and you have no problem catching a walleye. The best fishing seems to be in the early morning hours.

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