Z-Point Bowhunting Sight


Carl Zeiss Sports Optics introduces its versatile, compact red dot sight to the bowhunting market. The Z-Point eliminates the need for string peeps and rubber bands for peep alignment and its zero magnification allows the hunter to shoot with both eyes open, significantly increasing shooting time in the early morning and late evening.

The Z-Point is available with a standard HHA Sports Weaver compatible bracket. Not only is the Z-Point easy to mount, it snaps right onto the bracket. It is also the only bow sight on the market that fits snugly between the rear of the sight window and cables of the bow reducing the chances of accidental damage in challenging hunting situations. The outstanding optical quality and technological advancements are what you expect from a renowned name like Zeiss. The black high-alloy aluminum housing encompasses a red diode acting as the sight. Depending on the brightness required, the side-mounted push button may be pressed to select average, lower or higher brightness, after which it adjusts automatically to the surrounding light conditions. This prevents the overshadowing of the animal and is a significant advantage since many pin sights with fiber optics are typically too bright at dawn and dusk, resulting in the shooter only being able to see the pins and NOT the animal. And how many times have you heard the following remarks from a frustrated bowhunter? “It was almost dark when the deer walked right under my stand and when I drew the bow and looked through my peep, I could not see the deer at all!” The Z-Point makes the target visible for the bowhunter in the most challenging light conditions.

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Sighted in at 25 yards, the Z-Point is deadly from point blank to 35 yards. There is no deciding which pin to use. Just hold the dot a couple of inches low at 15 yards or a couple of inches high at 30 yards with one of today’s fast shooting compound bows. The Z-Point is durable – water- and shock-proof, dust proof and not prone to accidental damage like pin sights that sit out in front of the bow – and it is virtually half the size of other red dot scopes measuring a mere 1.75 inches high, 1.4 inches wide and 2.5 inches long.


(above rail):

39mm / 1.5 inHeight:44.5mm / 1.75 inWidth:36mm/1.41 inLength:63.5mm / 2.5 inWeight:100g / 3.52 ozMounting:Snap on Clamping to Weaver rail mount.Field of View: 61.67 ft / 328 ft.Waterproof:YesWarranty:5 Year Limited Transferable Warranty. Additional 5 Year for Parts only.

The Z-Point will especially benefit older bowhunters whose vision has declined over the years. They can now replace those “fuzzy” sight pins with Zeiss’ clearly defined red dot, that does not interfere with depth perception, and turn a potentially frustrating experience in the field into a joyful, successful hunt. And, for hunters of any age who shoot it all, the Z-Point can be instantly removed from the bow and snapped onto a rifle, black powder rifle, shotgun, handgun or crossbow without tools.

Other Unique Features of the Z-Point:

  • The top mounted solar panel primary power source greatly extends the life of the standard 3 volt Lithium battery
  • A four hour automatic power shut off saves the battery from forgetful hunters
  • No protruding adjustment knobs
  • Comes with neoprene water-resistant cover
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Z-Point Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $489.00

Z-Mount Weaver Style Archery Bracket Retail Price: $64.99

For more information call 1-800-441-3005 or visit www.zeiss.com/sports.

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