Best Rangefinders with Built-In Ballistics Calculator


Welcome to my review of the best rangefinders with built-in ballistics calculators.

Technology has come a long way in improving the overall user experience of a variety of different pieces of outdoor gear. Rangefinders have greatly benefited from these advancements in technological capabilities as many shooters are now using them to calculate long distance shots in both hunting and competitive shooting.

Many hunters in the field and competitive shooters have a limited number of shots—often only one—to make an accurate shot on their target. Having a rangefinder with a built-in ballistics calculator goes a long way in helping the user make the right calls and compensate for things like angles and other factors that can influence the path of your bullet.

Highest Rated Rangefinders with Built In Ballistics Calculators

If you’re looking for a rangefinder that offers a built-in ballistics calculator, expect to spend a bit more money as these models typically have much more features than your average version. We’ve combed through some of the most reputable brands and best models to compile this list of the best rangefinders with built-in ballistics calculators.

Leupold RX-2800 TBR Laser Rangefinder

Leupold is among the best in the business when it comes to making high-quality rangefinders that are equipped with ballistics calculators. Their RX-2800 TBR Laser Rangefinder offers exceptional levels of ballistics calculations, as well as a number of other top-end features that sets this one apart from the rest on our list.

This rangefinder is made with Leupold’s True Ballistic Range with Wind (TBR-W) technology which is able to account for inclines and declines, as well as range to target, and other ballistics information. This feature works alongside the continuous scanning mode that lets users range a number of different objects while they’re looking across their line of sight.

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The Leupold RX-2800 TBR Laser Rangefinder offers 3 different reticle options for increased customization and is fully waterproof, fog proof and is also backed by the company’s Gold Ring 2-year warranty. All things considered, this one is tough to beat for users seeking a great rangefinder with a built-in ballistics calculator.

Leica Rangemaster CRF 2800.COM Compact Laser Rangefinder

Leica is a company that has long been at the top of the rangefinder industry because of their ability to produce exceptional products that out-perform most other competitors. Their Rangemaster CRF 2800.COM Compact Laser Rangefinder is capable of immediately calculating ballistics ranges and plenty of other information in the blink of an eye.

This rangefinder makes a strong case for being the best product that also offers built-in ballistics calculation, but it works alongside a smartphone app, which might not always function as it should. Leica’s headline model features automatic brightness control which provides clear and razor-sharp images and guarantees reliable reading of distances and the ballistic output values.

It’s able to calculate these ballistics values based on the caliber, bullet type, trajectory and weight of the user’s cartridge.

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Sig Sauer Kilo 1800 BDX

Sig Sauer is a brand that’s well-known for listening to what outdoor enthusiasts need and then working to deliver exactly what they want. Their Sig Sauer Kilo 1800 BDX rangefinder is among the best you’ll find in 2024. This rangefinder is made with their patented Ballistics Data Xchange system which works with Sig Sauer BDX riflescopes to provide exceptional levels of accuracy when it comes to computing ballistics.

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One drawback to this product is that it only works with the BDX scopes, but that shouldn’t be a reason for most users to turn this model down. The Sig Sauer Kilo 1800 BDX works with the BDX riflescope to provide an automatic illuminated holdover dot through Bluetooth pairing.

According to the Sig Sauer website, “ the onboard Applied Ballistics Ultralite calculator sends ballistic drop data via Bluetooth directly to the SIERRA3BDX’s BDX-R1 reticle, providing an illuminated holdover dot and wind hold.”

In addition to the BDX features, this model is packed with plenty of other capabilities and components that make it a clear choice for users looking to get their hands on the latest and greatest rangefinder technology.

Vortex Optics Ranger 1800

We’ve come to expect top notch products for a more reasonable price from the Vortex brand and the Vortex Optics Ranger 1800 is no exception. This rangefinder offers built-in ballistics calculation and can be purchased for around $500 in most cases.

This rangefinder is an exceptionally well-made product that offers a lot of features, including ballistics calculation that works by Line of Sight mode (LOS) which is intended for shooters who are using ballistic drop data cards, ballistic calculation apps, or PDAs with ballistic programs and are shooting at distances beyond 500 yards.

Competitive shooters are especially fond of this rangefinder as it can easily be used in conjunction with devices that calculate bullet wind drifts under steep slopes or long-range conditions as doing this will greatly increase your accuracy.

Bushnell Elite Rangefinder

If you’re in the market for a more budget-friendly rangefinder that still offers ballistics calculation, look no further than the Bushnell Elite Rangefinder. This rangefinder is available for under $400 in most cases and offers everything you need in relation to ballistics calculation, especially for hunters.

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It operates with CONX technology which operates using a laser that wirelessly communicates with the CONX app on both iOS and Android platforms and allows configuration via smartphones. Users can load up to three custom ballistics curves using this app calculator. As with other rangefinder models, the Bushnell Elite can be used in conjunction with certain wind meters to accurately calculate the effect that wind speed and direction might have in relation to your shot angle and other factors.

This rangefinder also offers Arc Rifle mode, which provides bullet-drop and holdover data, and also allows sight-in distance options of 100, 150, 200 or 300 yards. The Bushnell Elite is capable of ranging targets out to 1 mile (1,760 yards) and is capable of working in continuous scanning mode to range multiple targets in one sweep.

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Conclusion: Top Rated Rangefinders With Ballistic Calculator

Those are the best of the best if you want a rangefinder that has an internal calculator. Thank you for reading and good luck in the field!

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