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There’s nothing quite like the rush of adrenaline we feel when a big buck comes into view. We freeze – our hearts pounding – as we try to keep our cool and make the shot count. But sometimes, even the best hunters need a little help to bring that buck within range. All hunters know that the key to a successful hunt is not just the right arsenal but also the best deer grunt calls that help lure the animal for the perfect shot. This small device, designed to imitate the sounds of another deer, effectively draws the animal towards the hunter.

It’s an essential tool for any serious hunter. They mimic the sounds that deer make in the wild, from the soft bleats of a fawn to the deep, throaty grunts of a mature buck. With the right tools, we can lure deer into range and make the planned shot. They aren’t effective throughout the season. The pre-rut is the best time to use it, as our chances of luring a buck are high. Getting used to handling it takes a bit of practice. However, we will surely have that prized catch with the right tools. They’re not only versatile but easy to carry. Based on these versatility, size, and durability features, we’ve picked out what we think are the best. We’ve reviewed dozens, so you don’t have to!

Illusion Extinguisher Deer Call


A must-have for the serious hunter is the Illusion Extinguisher All-In-One Deer Calling System. It sits high up in the ranks for its realistic calls and is easily the best-selling on the market. The device comes with a number of easily adjustable tones to attract fawn, doe, or buck. That’s one reason it stands out among the other deer calls. It has the whole deal. When we use this, we don’t need a separate device to attract different kinds of deer. We have the whole package in one device.

Since it has a freeze-free patented design, we can defrost the reed easily. The device comes with free instructional videos that will give us all the information we need to know about whitetail deer. Besides all these features, the Extinguisher has the highest rating in the NAHC field test.

Primos Power Buck and Doe Call


If you’re looking for deer calls for the early season that are as reliable as they are effective, the Primos Power Buck and Doe Call are one of the must-haves. Crafted from the highest quality materials, this call is designed to withstand the toughest conditions and deliver results time and time again. One of the key features is its dual-reed assembly, which allows for inhale-exhale operation. We think this is incredibly easy to use as a beginner. With just a few simple breaths, we can mimic the sounds of both bucks and does, bringing them closer to our position.

The included compass is another great thing about the Primos Power Buck and Doe Call. We find this feature useful for staying oriented in the field, even when hunting in an unfamiliar area. We can focus on our prey without worrying about getting lost or disoriented. It has been field-tested and hunter-approved, so we can trust that it will deliver results when you need them most.

Hunters Specialities Nemesis


The Hunters Specialities Nemesis emerges as a highly adaptable deer vocalization tool encompassing an array of distinct auditory expressions such as doe bleats, young, rutting, and mature buck grunts. With its diverse repertoire, it contends for the foremost position among exceptional deer call options. These lifelike vocalizations effortlessly emanate by rotating the mouthpiece to select the desired call, clearly indicated on the barrel. We like the supple textured body as it aids in maintaining subtle calls, as excessively loud ones can occasionally startle the wildlife. Another advantageous aspect of this device lies in its expandable bellows. They give us the ability to refine the call’s tone or introduce additional variations.

Nationwide Scents Deer Hunting Grunt Call


Backed by a team with 28 years of experience in hunting and raising whitetail deer, the Nationwide Scents All In One Deer Hunting Cherry Grunt Call is one of the best deer calls for the early season. Our chances of attracting the game are high as it can realistically mimic a variety of tones, from a rutting buck grunt to a breeding buck and more. It’s also fully adjustable as it’s made from superior cherry wood and comes with a durable lanyard for easy portability.

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Switching between tones with the adjustable ring on the reed is easy. We feel like this is one of the most user-friendly grunt calls we’ve ever used. Apart from these features, it also has a durable freeze-proof tip, making it one of the best deer calls for rut. The only downside to this deer call is that it sometimes sounds too loud, which can scare the animals away rather than attract them. It’s no surprise that it sits at the top of the list of the best whitetail deer calls for its versatility.

Faulk’s Walnut Grunt Deer Call with Tube


Best for heavy duty. One of the reasons why the Faulk’s Walnut Grunt Deer Call makes it to the list of the best deer calls is its affordability and durability. Although not as versatile as the other deer calls on the list since it does not have adjustable tones, the call on this one does bring in the bucks. Made from walnut wood combined with a three-inch flexible tube to improve quality. After testing it out, we think this is one of the most excellent calls with a deep and consistent tone. Faulk’s is a known name in the hand-crafted game calls industry, having been around since 1951. When we bought this, we knew exactly we were investing in a high-quality product. For more details about the product, check out Faulk’s official website.

Primos Hardwood Grunter Call


Best setting and system. Primos enjoys a solid reputation within the hunting community. The Primos Hardwood Grunter Call, renowned for its resonant and robust grunting sounds, stands out as an exceptional choice among its competitors. Originally introduced in 1984, this deer grunt call has continuously evolved to embrace modern advancements, seamlessly integrating a few innovative features. We especially love its flexible tubing and versatile 6-in-1 adjustable reed assembly. With them, we’re able to produce an array of grunts and bleats. Additionally, the exceptional quality of the materials used in its construction guarantees exceptional sturdiness and longevity. To see how good it is, check out Primos Hardwood Grunter Call review on Youtube.

Hunters Specialities True Talker OG Grunt Call


Best value for money. Featuring the original materials and design of the very first True Talker, the True Talker OG from Hunters Specialities sits very high in customer ratings on Amazon, with 4.8 out of 5 stars. Just like the original True Talker devices that we used a lot, the True Talker OG features four sounds: a young and mature buck grunt, doe bleat, and fawn bleat. What we noticed changed in this device is that the improved reed design produces a fifth aggressive growl sound to capture the attention of aggressive mature bucks. This new design also makes it freeze-resistant.

With the fingertips, the volume, tone, and direction of the call, we can easily manipulate the sound with the aid of the rubber sleeve over the bellow grunt tube. We appreciate that the package also includes Lanyard. And the unbeatable grip with its rubber exterior feels comfortable to hold.

Hunter’s Specialties Bucgrunter Deer Call


One of the best whitetail deer calls is Hunter’s Specialities BucGrunter Deer Call. With its authentic calls, grunts, snorts, and wheezes, this device is designed to outsmart even the most cautious whitetail. To produce authentic whitetail grunts, all we have to do is blow gently into the open end of the plastic tube. The attached flexible, ribbed tube channelizes sound in any direction and creates realistic, deep guttural grunts. We just need to cup our hand over the end to change the tone. Yes, it’s that simple! And if you’re interested in checking the other models, head to Hunter’s Specialties’ official website.

Primos Big Bucks Bag Call


Best design. Another of the best from Primos is the Big Bucks Bag Call. Designed and tested for the toughest situations and environments. With this buck call, we can mimic the sound of two bucks knocking horns for territorial control. Two sets of waterproof Power Tines with tone holes for super loud rattling produce the sounds. The camo net bag that they come in increases volume and flexibility. We think these tines are much easier to carry than real antlers. They also come with a band that keeps them from accidentally knocking against each other.

Duel D004 Double Back Grunt Call


All hunters know that the secret to a successful big buck hunt is to get the animal close enough for that perfect shot. The Duel D004 Double Back Grunt Call allows us to do just that with its adjustable sound. With seven different positions on the soundboard, we can’t go wrong with this one. It’s an excellent one as it covers all the sounds of the whitetail deer. Besides this, the Double Back technology ensures that the sound is not too loud but just at the right pitch to lure the animal. To get volume, we only need to exhale on one end. But we can flip the device over for more subtle grunts and inhales on the other end. Unless you specifically need a grunt, we recommend setting it on the second-highest pitch to keep the call tone low.

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Flextone Compact Buck Collector


The Flextone Compact Buck Collector revolutionizes the game. What we really appreciate is the user-friendly design. It’s exceptionally easy to handle, enabling natural-sounding calls that can be adjusted in pitch, volume, and tone.

“We’ve personally tested and experienced this extraordinary device and were genuinely astonished! Its consistent ability to produce genuine sounds of deer, regardless of weather or if gloves are worn is excellent.”

WOW Travel

However, the Buck Collector’s capabilities extend beyond that. It offers an impressive array of vocalizations from white-tailed deer, encompassing everything from the gentle cry of a fawn and the captivating call of a doe to the enticing plea of a doe in estrus, the authoritative grunt of a dominant buck, the aggressive growl, and even the intimidating snort wheeze. With this device, you’ll have all the vocalizations necessary to attract the bucks you desire.

Carlton’s Calls by Hunters Specialties Blacktail Grunt Call


Walnut wood is said to enhance the quality of sound, so that’s probably why Carlton’s Calls by Hunters Specialties Blacktail Grunt Call is constructed with a solid walnut muzzle. If you’re looking for excellent deer calls that will not burn a hole in your pocket, this one ticks the right boxes. We find the common bleating sound works really well to lure whitetail, blacktail, or mule deer. All we need to do is to blow into the tube to get the melodic sound. Once we’re accustomed to using this deer call, we can produce a whining, bawling bleat. It also stands out as one of the best deer calls for early season. The reason is that it is designed to be used throughout the year. However, just because it can be used throughout the year, one should be careful not to overuse it.

Flextone The Headhunter Deer Lure


Best overall. Flextone Headhunter’s Deer Lure falls into the category of versatile deer calls, boasting an extensive repertoire of sounds. Using this, we can easily mimic the cries of fawns, the bleats of does, the grunts of young bucks, and the authoritative grunts of mature bucks. Effortlessly transitioning between different sounds is facilitated by the X-Glide button. Moreover, the incorporation of a snort-wheeze chamber grants hunters the opportunity to entice a buck within shooting range.

We can modulate the pitch by exerting pressure on the ribbed tube of the flexible molded apparatus. This feature also enables the device to emit authentic tones enriched with additional variations. Another noteworthy aspect of this tool is its innovative design, which we appreciate so much. It effectively prevents any accumulation of ice.

Our Verdict!

Flextone The Headhunter Deer Lure is the star among all the best deer grunt calls on the list. However, it’s not the only option you have. But with so many options on the market, knowing which one is best for your needs can be difficult. Luckily, we’ve researched and compiled a list of the best deer calls available based on some criteria. With these calls in your arsenal, you’ll be well on your way to a successful hunt.

  • Best design: Primos Big Bucks Bag Call
  • Best for heavy duty: Faulk’s Walnut Grunt Deer Call With Tube
  • Best setting and system: Primos Hardwood Grunter Call
  • Best value for money: Hunters Specialities True Talker OG Grunt Call
  • Best overall: Flextone The Headhunter Deer Lure

How To Choose the Right Deer Call

When choosing a deer call, we felt that it was important to understand which deer species will respond to that particular call. It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ scenario, as different deer respond to different sounds. If you’re a newbie, your best bet is to choose a call with a variety of sounds and with clear instructions. We also looked look out for several other factors when choosing a deer call. And before you go hunting, you may also need deer hunting bows and arrow rests, as well as pocket knives for hunting.

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As we said earlier, ‘it’s not a one size fits all,’ so you’ve got to make sure you pick the right sound. The sound should be as authentic as the deer’s actual sound, or instead of coming closer, the deer may just decide to run. There are three main sounds that hunters use.

  • Grunt – This imitates the sound that a buck makes when he’s itching for a fight. When the animal hears this sound, especially during the pre-rut, he comes closer to take on the competition.
  • Bleats – These softer sounds are more likely to call a deer or buck as they perceive it as one of their own. They imitate the bleats or bawls of a doe or fawn and are effective during the early season or during the rut.
  • Rattling – This is one of the more difficult sounds to get right as they require both hands. Some can be quite cumbersome to carry around too. Rattling imitates the sound of two fighting bucks and is a great way to attract the attention of the dominant buck. It’s most effective just before the peak of the rut.


There are various types of deer calls that we could add to our arsenal, and it depends on one’s level of comfort and effectiveness.

  • Mouth Calls – These are the most versatile and are used by most hunters. The hands-free mouth calls are especially popular.
  • Bleat Cans – Consisting of a small, perforated can, these calls are the easiest to use. All you require is one hand to tip them upside down and upright again.
  • Electronic Deer Calls – This is the ultimate device for imitating deer sounds. Most electronic devices deal with all kinds of features and types of sounds that are recorded from deer.
  • Rattling Antlers – While some hunters prefer to carry the real thing, you’ll find several options available. From plastic imitation antlers to rattle bags and rattle boxes, you’ll have several options to choose from.


When we were in the woods, we wanted a sound that was of the right volume. If it was too soft, the deer would begin to doubt and even change direction. On the other hand, something that was too loud tended to scare the animal away.


With anything you decide to buy, we wanted to be sure that it would go the distance. No one wants to spend on a device every season, as some calls are expensive. So, we made sure to go with a trusted company. That’s because it’s important to choose materials that will stand up to any weather conditions.

What are the best sounds for calling deer?

The best sound for calling deer will depend on the specific hunting situation and the preferences of the individual hunter. Experimenting with different calls and techniques is always a good idea to see what works best in your area. However, the most common sound is the Grunt calls. Grunt calls are versatile and can be used throughout the hunting season.

How far can deer hear a can call?

The distance at which a deer can hear a can call will depend on various factors, such as the ambient noise level, wind direction and speed, and the terrain. However, on average, a deer can hear a can call from about 100 to 200 yards away, assuming the conditions are ideal.

Does calling scare deer?

Calling can scare deer if used improperly or in inappropriate situations. For example, if a hunter uses a call too loudly or too frequently, it can alert deer to the hunter’s presence, make them more cautious, or even spook them. Additionally, if a hunter uses the wrong call for the season or the deer’s behavior, it can also scare them away.

Should you blind call deer?

Blind calling can be effective in certain situations but should be used cautiously. However, blind calling can also alert deer to the presence of a hunter and make them more cautious or even scare them away if the calls are used improperly. If no deer are in the area, blind calling is unlikely to be effective and may waste the hunter’s time and energy.

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