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338 magnum is easily one of the most used long-range cartridge among shooters. There aren’t many guns as capable as Savage 338 Lapua when it comes to long-range shooting. Long-range shooting has its own caveats. From expensive ammo to expensive guns. Even then, you can’t shoot with full confidence without the help of a support.

The recoil and breathing pattern is not suitable for shooting without a support. That’s where bipods come in. The idea behind a gun bipod is the same as a camera one. It’s supposed to stabilize the gun and make sure you are hitting all shots.

But finding the right bipod for your Savage 338 Lapua can be more intimidating than you think. Don’t worry, we are here to help. Let’s start.

Best Savage 338 Lapua Bipod – [Editor’s Pick]

1. Atlas V8 BT10 Bipod – Two Screw 1913 Rail Clamp

Who doesn’t love some minimalism in their arsenal? The V8 from Atlas may not look as fancy as a V8 car engine, but it does look fancy enough to attach with your Lapua. There aren’t many extras going on with the Atlas.

But what’s really going on for it is the build quality. Atlas used 6061-T6 aluminum to make this bipod. That makes the bipod extremely durable and long-lasting. The bottom of the leg has protection and bumps that helps stabilize the V8 BT10 in uneven surface.

The price tag might be a bit of turn off for the most of you out there. But don’t let that price-tag keep you away from purchasing it. The performance and longevity of this bipod is easily one of the best out there. It’s not far fetched to all it the best bipod for Savage 338 Lapua.

In short, V8 BT10 will keep you satisfied with your 338 Lapua for years to come. When it comes to stabilization alone, I don’t think you can find a better performing bipod for Savage 338 Lapua.

Can I use it with a Scar-17?

With ease.

Is setting it up too hard?

No, it’s very straight forward and comes with manual. Pretty much self-explanatory.

What is the grip type on this bipod?

It’s two-screw clamp.

2. Magpul Bipod for Hunting and Shooting

The best part about Magpul Bipod is the compatibility. Unlike many other bipods out there, Magpul won’t force you to stick with only one type of rails. While purchasing this bipod, you can select the mounting rail you prefer.

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The weight of Magpul bipod is just mere 11 ounces. It’s one of the lightest at this job. Being loaded with forward tensioning stabilizers, makes this bipod stable in rocky condition as well. The bottom of each leg of the bipod features rubber feet. Thanks to those rubber bump-on, you won’t notice any wobble at uneven surface as well.

You can tilt the Magpul up to 50 degrees. You can control the tilt with gloves on as well. Magpul definitely thought of their users a lot before finalizing this product. The choice of material from Magpul here is good as well. Instead of polymer or similar material, they went for CNC 6061 aluminum.

Yes, that’s the same type of material you see in riflescopes and plenty of other equipments as well. Overall, from stability to durability, Magpul is quite literally unbeaten. The price-to-performance value of this bipod is amazing to say the least.

Where is this bipod made in?

It’s designed and manufactured in the US.

Does this bipod come with mounting hardware?

Everything required to mount this on your gun is included in the box.

Does it feature swivel?

Yes, it does.

3. Harris Engineering S-BR Hinged Base 6 – 9-Inch BiPod

Harris S-BR, rather more well known as the shortest Harris bipod, is our last recommendation for you guys. The base height of this bipod is 6” and you can increase it to be 9”. Thus, making it the shortest available Harris Bipod.

The bipod will easily mount underneath a bolt action and single shot rifles. That includes our Savage 338 Lapua as well. The bipod has as swivel head. Meaning, you can swivel it around in circle without needing to move it from the ground.

Harris choose heat treated steel and hard alloy to make this bipod. Two of the most durable material you could choose to make a bipod with. Keeping true to their reputation, they made the S-BR one of the most durable bipod in any price-range. You can easily pair this against a 300$ bipod and it will hold its ground.

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Where is this bipod made in?

It’s designed and made in the USA.

Is this the Swivel model?

It’ is.

Can I use this on a mini 14?

Without any issues.

4. Ajoite UUQ 8″ – 12” Adjustable Bipod

Yeah, you are not the only one who is having a hard time spelling their name. Don’t let the hard to pronounce name distract you, Ajoite UUQ offers a very good deal with an appealing price tag. This adjustable bipod can be increased from an 8” base height to 12” maximum height.

Giving you the perfect height to aim at any uneven surface. The choice of material here is 7075 aluminum. The same type of aluminum you see in riflescope and aircrafts. You didn’t read that wrong. It’s the same type of material used in making in aircrafts.

The durability and longevity of this bipod is out of question. You just simply can’t doubt. It’s solid made with good joints and excellent feet. Once you set this on the ground, it’s just there till you decide to take it to elsewhere.

Stabilizing the 338 Lapua is not an issue for this bipod either. You can fold the bipod to 7 different positions. That goes for both forward and backwards position. You can directly mount this to any 1913 picatinny style or weaver style rail.

Is this bipod durable?

Yes, it’s extremely durable. The material of choice here is excellent as well.

Can you buy separate rail option for this bipod?

While, by default it’s fixed. You can buy adaptor plate for this certainly.

Is this good for medium-range practicing?

Yes, it’s excellent for any given range.

5. CVLIFE 6-9 Inches Picatinny Bipod w/Adapter

CVLIFE Bipod comes in two different color to match your setup aesthetic. If you want a vintage color to match with your arsenal, you can totally opt for that option. But that’s not the only thing that makes the CVLIFE good. After all, it’s one of the most loved Bipod by hunters and tact shooters alike.

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The build quality of this bipod is simply amazing. You don’t expect this quality of work with this low price-tag. CVLIFE used hardened steel and aluminum to make this bipod as durable as it is. In the bottom of each leg of the bipod, there is a rubber feet attached. The feet ensures stability and level grounding in any kind of surface.

In terms of stability, you will feel like you are placing your gun on top of a rock, but it’s not as uncomfortable as a rock. A bit weird analogy, I know. What I mean is, you are getting a solid bipod that won’t crack or break on you randomly during the middle of a shooting session.

What kind of aluminum did they use?

They used 7075 aluminum alloy with a non-rusting anodization.

Does this have swivel feature?

It’ doesn’t.

Can you attach a sling to the bipod?

Yes, you can. There is a ring on the bipod for that.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying

If you have no clue about how to choose the right bipod for your gun, take this section for what it is. Just my two cents to help you choose the right bipod.


Depending on what kind of terrain and environment you will work, you should choose a tall or short Bipod. This is where we play the preference card.


Once you put in the bipod, you are not removing it till the shooting session ends. And that can go for a long time. You might switch places and go to a different spot. Having a lightweight bipod will make sure you are not carrying excess weight that will fatigue you easily.


Balance in all things, if the balance between the legs of the bipod is not good, it will wobble and will feel terrible while shooting.


I just hope you are not even more confused than ever. If you don’t want to bother with everything and just want to go with one bipod, take the one that fits in your budget. Budget should be a key thing here while selecting the best Savage Lapua bipod. That’s it for now, we will be back with more informative posts, tune in for that.

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