7 Best Boots for Flat Feet: Don’t Get Caught Flat-Footed

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Having flat feet is no joy ride.

If you don’t find boots with the right arch support, a little discomfort can balloon into something worse: plantar fasciitis.

We don’t want you to go through that kind of trouble, so we’ve stepped in with our own list of best boots for flat feet.

Whether you’re looking for something stylish, rugged, or just a top-notch new boot brand, we’ve selected nothing but the best in every category. So let’s dive in.

How Did We Come Up With Our List?

Time taken to research: 8 hours

Number of products researched: ~75

This list took some legwork. For each category (hiking, work, etc.), we went to their respective online communities to see what folks were recommending amongst themselves. After all, hikers have much different needs than workmen.

After combining hours of research about what each community needs from their boots, we dove into the specifics on how individual boots can help folks with flat feet. And not only that, we got in contact with a podiatrist to get to the heart of what every boot should have in order to keep your flat feet supported.

7 Best Boots for Flat Feet

Best for Hiking: Merrell Moab 2

Merrell has a reputation in the hiking community as being one of the best boot makers around. And the Moab 2 certainly delivers for anyone who needs extra arch support.

Built out with a high density EVA midsole and a rugged TC5+ Vibram outsole with 5mm rubber lugs, the Merrell Moab 2 blends comfort and performance.

You can remove the insoles if you have custom orthotics, though Merrell ships their hiking boots with their proprietary FIT.ECO footbed, which is contoured to help support your foot where it needs it most.

Best for Work: Wolverine Overpass

There are a few key features that make the Wolverine Overpass the best work boot for men with flat feet. First, it has a relatively new technology—the Contour Welt—which means the arch support isn’t just in the insole. The whole boot is built with arch support in mind.

On top of that, the Overpass features a removable OrthoLite cushioned footbed the moulds to your foot. The nylon shank keeps things sturdy and adds another layer of strength and protection.

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And speaking of protection, this boot is fully waterproof with an abrasion resistant toe and a Carbonmax upper, which is all fancy talk to say one thing: this boot is rugged.

Best Steel Toe: KEEN Flint II Work Boot

The KEEN Flint II Work Boot is the lightweight steel toe boot you want for a long day at the job site if you’ve got flat feet.

KEEN uses a proprietary midsole that’s higher density than standard EVA foam, so you’re getting even more cushion and sturdy support for your mid-foot. Add their external stability shank into the mix, and we’ve got a winner.

Your safety officer will be well pleased with these boots as they meet the compression and impact safety standards most job sites require.

Best Tactical: Danner Reckoning

The high shaft of a tactical boot is a huge bonus for anyone with flat feet—that extra support in the ankle and calf goes a long way for folks standing all day.

But the best of the best is the Danner Reckoning. We took a close look at these boots in our list of the Best Combat Boots for Men, and found they offer the best balance of safety, comfort, support, and traction.

Beyond that, their fiberglass shank and moulded EVA midsole don’t give way under weight so anyone with flat feet can wear the Danner Reckoning for hours on end.

Best Cowboy: Ariat WorkHog

If you’re familiar with cowboy boots, you’re familiar with Ariat.

The WorkHog isn’t strictly a cowboy boot—it’s more of a work boot with that classic western style. But we added it to our list because: 1.) We have experience with it, and 2.) Ariat uses the same proprietary ATS insole technology in all their boots.

And let us tell you about that ATS insole—it’s the most comfort you can hope to get from a rugged work boot like this.

The Ariat WorkHog is breathable for a cowboy boot, which you’re going to need if you’re working long days in the hot sun.

Best for Narrow Flat Feet: Vasque Breeze AT GTX

Most folks with flat feet also need wider shoes and boots. But if you’re a non-comformist and have flat and narrow feet, you’ll no doubt have a tougher time finding a great pair of boots.

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Well, that’s until now. The Breeze AT GTX (opens in a new tab)” rel=”nofollow noopener” class=”rank-math-link” data-lasso-id=”15302″ data-lasso-name=”Vasque Breeze AT GTX”>Vasque Breeze AT GTX is an excellent boot for folks with flat feet due to its sturdy construction, but the cherry on top is their narrow B-width option.

Support is your top priority if you have flat feet, and a boot that’s too wide can leave just a little too much wiggle room. The Vasque Breeze is an incredible boot in its own right. But if you have narrow and flat feet, it’s the boot.

Best Casual: Thursday Boot Company Diplomat

Most moc-toe boots have a lot of arch support, so it’s hard to go wrong. But if you want a moc-toe that isn’t super bulky, check out the Thursday Diplomat.

It has the same American Heritage workwear style you’d expect from a moc-toe, but it’s much slimmer and has a much lower profile. They’re moc-toes you can wear with slim jeans.

Thursday’s leather midsole combined with the classic Vibram Christy sole makes this boot a terrific casual option for guys with flat feet.

3 Most Common Mistakes Flat-Footed People Make When Shopping for Boots

We got on the phone with podiatrist David Collard DPM MHA, of Instride Foot and Ankle Specialists of Winston Salem, North Carolina.

These are the most common mistakes he sees flat footed folk make when going shoe shopping:

1. Bargain Hunting

It’s not wrong to want to save a few bucks. But if you’ve got flat feet, picking the right boots becomes more of a health-issue. Yes, there are deals and sales, but make sure you pick quality first.

Dr. Collard says that far too many people go straight to the sales rack and try to find something with arch support there. That method is sure to lead to sore feet as cheap boots are often made with cheap materials.

Go with a trusted brand that has a reputation for quality, Collard says, and prioritize construction above all else. If you get a solid, sturdy boot, it’s going to last longer and give you much more comfort in the long run.

2. Shoes That Are Too Flexible

It may go against your intuition, but you shouldn’t look for a boot that’s too flexible. If you have flat feet, you need something that’s going to help you with your arch. A really soft, flexible sneaker isn’t going to cut it.

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High density foams and leather midsoles (provided the boot is well-constructed otherwise) will ensure that your foot isn’t given too much freedom to go back to its flat state.

Also, height matters.

One of the big reasons boots are so much better for flat footed people compared to sneakers is that the extra ankle support adds stability throughout your whole foot.

Most boots feature a 6” shaft, though there are many options available with an 8” shaft. Really, the more ankle support, the better.

3. Too Narrow Sizing

Dr. Collard says that if your foot is flat, there’s a good chance it’s also wider than average. If you haven’t already had your foot sized on a Brannock device, go to any shoe store and do so.

An associate should be able to give you an accurate measurement of whether you need the standard D-width, or perhaps something wider like an E or EE.

For many flat footed people, the standard D-width is too narrow. And the crowding gets worse when you add your own custom insoles into the boots.

If you’re rocking a pair of boots that are too tight, your podiatrist or cobbler can stretch your boots for you. Or, you can pick up a boot stretcher and learn how to stretch your leather boots here.

Flat Feet is One Thing, Cold Feet is Another

If you struggle with flat feet, there are plenty of footwear options available for you. The worst thing you can do is wait around—the problem isn’t going to fix itself.

Just remember the three biggest pitfalls of boot shopping for folks with flat feet: bargain hunting, getting boots that aren’t sturdy, and going too narrow in size.

Whether you’re going for a hike, a day of work, or just looking to step out in style, our top boots will give you enough support and comfort so you can spend all day on your feet without the discomfort you’re so used to feeling.

Go ahead and take a load off—you deserve it.


7 Best Boots for Flat Feet: Don’t Get Caught Flat-Footed

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