How Far Can a 22-250 Rifle Shoot?



It is common to hear most new hunters ask how far a 22-250 range rifle can shoot. While there is no straight answer to this as there are so many variants, it is safe to say pretty far. Most hunters attest to accuracy at distances of 400 yards and more.

Also, long-range rifle shooters seem to have a distinct preference for flat shooting rifle cartridges, the 22-250 is especially important to hunters who commonly hunt small-sized prey at exceptionally long ranges. Therefore, for many years, the 22-250 is a rifle that would propel a small-caliber bullet at velocities over 3,000 feet per second

In most cases, the .22-250 is associated with coyote hunting. However, the best .22-250 rifle will be more than just a coyote gun. Even though it is perfect for that particular application, the best .22-250 rifles are more than a single note performer. The lightning-fast velocity and the flat shooting trajectory of the .22-250 cartridge make it a powerhouse when varmint shooting from coyotes to groundhogs and sometimes even bigger prey.

Can I use a 22-250 for deer hunting? Why not? Well, it is more prevalent among small game hunters, but it still has features that make it suitable for deer hunting. See more on our article 22-250 for Deer Hunting.

Why .22-250 Rifles are the Best for Small Game Hunting


Varmint is vastly a tiny bunch of animals. They are easy to miss but that is why you need a better rifle. They offer a small target and accuracy can be a challenge for most hunters. Hunting is about hitting what you aim at, conserving ammunition, and also having an enjoyable outdoor experience. The .22-250 rifles are reliable once you fit your optic for your rifle and get dialed it in. It should be all hits, every time you pull the trigger.


The speed at which you need to fire in most coyote and varmint hunting situations is not particularly high if you are shooting at a range. The sound that the wind carries will not reach your target with the same impact at 400 yards, as it would at 200 yards. It means that you have less chance of scaring off your prey at long distance than you do when it is closer.


It is a legitimate long-range gun that shoots a projectile that can shed wind and remain flat. It does so with devastating terminal ballistics on animals up to 150 pounds. It is also a legitimate 500-yard gun, even in the variance of wind direction. For coyotes out past 300 yards, you will need a rifle that does not drop five and a quarter inches at 300 yards, when you can have the elite performance of the .22-250.

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The more you shoot, the more you realize that you must have a dead-on accurate rifle when trying to shoot at varmints from long distances. The competitor cartridges to the .22-250 cannot hold under multiple winds past 350 yards. It stops being competitive after only about 250 yards.


Besides, because most varmint species are relatively small and because the purpose of most varmint hunting is to simply eradicate the prey, most varmint hunters should opt for the small caliber rifles due to their relatively light recoil and lightweight bullets. It is also because you can take down many small game animals which makes it a versatile rifle.


It uses a lightweight bullet that has a rapid expansion and dissipation of its kinetic energy upon impact. The result is that the target gets ultimate instant incapacitation due to hydrostatic shock. It is a physical phenomenon that instantly shuts down an animal’s nervous system.

Things to Consider Before Buying a 22-250 Rifle

How Far Do I Want it to Go?

The .22-250 can reach lengths of 400 to 500 yards. There are so many rifles that are accurate at shorter ranges. So if the maximum distance is important to you, buy a rifle that will be able to hit smaller targets accurately at long distances. It should also be powerful enough to hit a target from just about anywhere you want.


Sometimes buying your first rifle may make you feel like you should be a budget shopper. If this is the case, then there is a chance you will look at the price tag first. Being on a budget does not mean you are relegated to only looking for cheap rifles.

You can find the best quality you can afford and still have a high-end rifle that can function and make you save on some few dollars as well.

What are Your Intent and Purpose?

One of the main reasons you should choose a .22-250 is that it is good for specific purposes. Hunting is one of the more popular applications of this rifle in particular. Most rifles have certain characteristics and features that make them stand out in one application while some are useful for general purposes.

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What Will I Be Hunting?

Some rifles are designed to hunt small game and not the big game. The reverse is also true. A .22-250 cartridge will be mostly used for predator and small game hunting. While other hunters find success in deer hunting, the .22-250 has a lesser effect than almost any other .22 cartridge on the market.

Find High-Quality Materials

If you are looking for an all-around durable rifle, you need to know the materials that go into them. One thing you need to know about high-quality rifles, is they are made from the best quality materials. Polymer and steel are examples of high-quality materials. They can take on a lot of abuse and on-field impacts and remain functional and accurate. Polymer is among the most popular materials used for butt stocks.

Three Best 22-250 Long-range Rifles in the Market

​Browning – X-Bolt White Gold Medallion

It is lighter than most of the bigger guns and offers sub ½ minute of angle accuracy capability out of a factory gun with the right loads. It also offers the fastest bolt throw coupled with the finest workmanship of all the mainstream production .22-250 rifles.

It is aesthetically appealing and has a heritage that cannot be dismissed. It has a smooth trigger squeeze that you will find to be among the nicest triggers on the market. It is a safe and easy to handle rifle that can hit targets out past 500 yards if you have the right loads and optic.

It has a stainless steel barrel and heavily lacquered stock that is weather resistant. It is durable and checks all the boxes as a top tier varmint rifle.


  • Uses a short bolt throw for faster operation in the field or at the range
  • Great design and trigger
  • Lightweight for a varmint gun


  • Very expensive comparatively

See more product details here

Remington 700 ADL Varmint Bolt-Action Rifle

Considering the high-quality manufacturing and the legendary heritage of this rifle, I find the price to be moderate and fair. It represents a bargain compared to many of the newer semi-autos and bolt actions on the market. The way this gun shoots, is nice for entry-level hunters looking at getting into true varmint and coyote hunting.

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The Remington 700 ADL is safe, easy to understand, and well-built.


  • Good Value
  • Easy to use
  • Nice Stock and good craftsmanship for the money
  • Heavy and stiff but not in a bad way


  • Not as well-appointed as it once was

See more product details here

Savage 12 BTCSS

It has a massive and heavy 26-inch barrel that offers exceptional accuracy and velocity at incredibly long distances. It is also a very good-looking varmint rifle. The trigger system is exceptional as well and gives you a distinct advantage in shots where you need every advantage you can get. The trigger-style from the Accu-trigger offers fast trigger breaks and a clean crisp squeeze.

It has a thumbhole stock that is nicely finished and does not have an awkward handhold. It is a unique and odd-looking rifle compared to the other .22-250 rifles in the market.

Savage is making very high-end rifles now, and this is among their flagship varmint specific guns. It is perfect for long-range varmint and coyote hunting. You can also enjoy the occasional range trip to prove its sub ½ MOA accuracy capability.


  • The heaviest gun on this list
  • Arguably the best trigger on this list
  • Very accurate and made specifically for shooting past 450 yards


  • The heaviest gun on this list

See more product details here

Most Popular Rifle Accessories


No rifle can compete with the .22-250 for long-range and windy conditions. It is also the best when you want to hit something with a single shot. Regardless of the concern that their barrels do not last longer and cost less to retrofit. The .22-250 is a specimen rifle that is built for a particular task and at that, no other rifle can beat it.

When you need to hit a 3-5-inch target at 500 yards in heavy winds, sometimes with 2-3 separate crosswinds it is a challenge. Especially if you need to make sure the thing at the end of the point of impact is dead. For the smallest and intermediate game, you cannot beat the .22-250 Rifles.

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