The yolk’s on the deer


DEAR JOAN: We live in Rossmoor and love the wildlife around us except when the deer come and eat our flowers.

I have tried to buy plants that they dislike and some liquid repellent from the nursery, but they even eat my geraniums.

Please help.


Walnut Creek

DEAR JACEY: Living in Rossmoor is a bit of a mixed blessing. There is a lot of wildlife around, which is amazing to see, but the creatures can be intrusive.

Deer eating my garden isn’t one of my problems, but I have it on good authority that the best repellent is one that contains raw eggs.

For some reason, deer don’t like the smell of eggs.

There are a number of recipes on the Internet that folks swear by, ranging from the simple to the more complicated. Researchers say you really don’t need anything other than the egg and some water, but folks like to add their own touches.

I found many recipes at

A simple one combines one whole egg with a quarter cup of water. Mix well and pour it into a sprayer, then spray your plants.

A slightly more involved one requires three raw eggs, three tablespoons of hot sauce and three tablespoons of minced garlic or garlic juice.

Combine the ingredients and a little water in a blender, and process. Put the solution in a gallon jug and fill with water. You can then fill sprayers and drench your plants.

The egg will cling to the plants and you might notice the smell of eggs right after you spray, but you shouldn’t notice it after that. The deer, however, will be able to smell it. You can repeat as needed, but it should be good for about 30 days.

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Retailers like to label plants as “deer resistant,” and there are types that deer won’t bother with, at least in normal years. But in a drought, when food is scarce, there is no plant a deer won’t eat.

DEAR JOAN: The Solano County Friends of Animals is putting together its annual calendar featuring the wonderful pets of area residents.

Pet lovers can submit a photo and bio of their pets, which may then be included in the calendar. The pet with the most votes will be on the calendar cover, with the bio printed on the back.

Submit your photos and then let your friends and family know how to vote for your pet. For details go to our Facebook page,

We also have a memorial wall for those beloved pets that have gone over the rainbow bridge. You can wish happy birthday, happy anniversary and other special occasions, and the calendars make wonderful gifts and stocking stuffers.

There is a $10 entrance fee, and it costs voters $1 for every vote they cast.

We are a registered nonprofit organization. We have no facility and no paid staff. Every dollar raised goes directly to helping the animals, which we have been doing for almost 30 years. We adopt out about 1,000 animals a year. Not bad for a small group.

Ruby Waderich

Bay Area

DEAR RUBY: Not bad at all.

Readers, this is the group’s main fundraising effort, and it’s certainly for a worthy cause. Plus, your pet can add “calendar model” to his or her résumé.

Wildlife survey

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