Do People Eat Tigers? Is Tiger Meat Legal?


Eating the meat of a top predator like a tiger is highly unusual. Usually, people tend to refrain from eating endangered animals because of health concerns, legality issues, etc.

Nevertheless, still many ethnic communities across the world may consume tiger meat for their traditional purposes. However, in all countries are illegal and prohibited to kill and eat tiger meat.

Tigers are quite rare in quantity and on the verge of extinction. So, people are discouraged from consuming tiger meat. You might be wondering that do people eat tigers even these days as well. Well, no worry! Let’s know more about it.

Do People Eat Tigers

Can You Eat Tiger Meat?

Tigers are considered endangered animals, and it’s illegal to kill them intentionally. Nevertheless, if someone wishes, the reason for illegality hardly makes people stop to kill them and have a taste of their meat. But whatever it is, it’s illegal and punishable in most states and countries.

But usually, in most cases, people refrain from eating tiger meat at all. For instance, An incident of killing a tiger. The man who killed and ate the tiger meat was sentenced to jail for 13 years.

What Does Tiger Meat Taste Like

Tiger meat can be considered similar in taste to pork. But the texture is flavourful but tough and dry comparably. Usually, the tiger meat is consumable after stewing. If It’s stewed with wine, then the tissues of the meat get broken and the meat becomes soft.

What Country Eats Tigers?

Eating tiger meat is quite unusual and completely prohibited legally in all countries. But it happened in China, where Chinese oligarchs used to kill and eat tiger meat as a traditional sign.

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Besides this, a similar incident happened in Wisconsin where tiger meat has been eaten as a holiday tradition in many Wisconsin families. The tiger meat is also known as steak tartare or raw meat.

Along with this, people in midwestern states in the USA, for instance, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Russia, etc., tend to eat tiger meat back in the day.

However, eating tiger meat is illegal everywhere, and the government takes legal action against the people who eat tiger meat.

Is Tiger Meat Legal?

Well, killing and eating tiger meat is illegal in most countries. Not only tiger meat but even medicines made from tiger meat are also prohibited from production. For instance, The State Council of China made rules and regulations for this.

However, breeding tigers is allowed in many countries. Companies and animal agencies with official authorization can breed predator animals like tigers.

For instance, more than 150 ‘tiger farms’ in China received this from the forestry administration in China. They can sell bones, skin, and other parts of tigers that die during captivity.

How Much Does Tiger Meat Cost?

Tiger meat expenses depend on whether it’s raw meat or cooked meat. However, the price range in Malaysia can go up to $225 per kilogram. On the other hand, the tiger bones can cost around USD 135, considering the market rate.

Usually, the tiger meat expenses are based on the price tag of trapping and killing a tiger. It can cost up to $3500 in order to catch and kill one.

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On the other hand, in China, one pound of tiger bones can be priced up to $1000. Similarly, many types of wine are made from tiger bones. A 500ml bottle of wine may cost around $16,000 USD.

Additionally, there are always intermediaries who negotiate with the customers about pricing. That’s how the price range may vary according to the market.

Is Tiger Meat Edible?

Usually, it is strongly discouraged to eat the meat of a top predator like tigers. However, even if you do, you might find various digestive issues afterward. See, doctors suggest refraining from eating any raw meat directly.

Tiger meat can be harmful only if not cooked properly. We are referring to a top predator and endangered animal meat here. The dish from tiger meat is known as ‘steak tartare’, ‘raw beef’ etc.

Well, people who eat tiger meat refer that tiger meat isn’t directly poisonous. However, even after cooking tiger meat properly, it still contains a few harmful bacteria and pathogens that can be a health threat to you. Nevertheless, don’t worry. Because tiger meat isn’t directly poisonous,

It’s like any other raw meat. So, you won’t die just because you are eating tiger meat a bit. But it is suggested not to eat the flesh of endangered animals.

However, this raw meat contains threatening pathogens that can’t be fully killed even after high heat cooking. Some harmful pathogens are Salmonella, Campylobacter, E. Coli 0157:H7, listeria bacteria, etc.

It is suggested to cook raw meat at around 160 degrees Fahrenheit. But still, the harmful bacteria don’t die quickly and cause various food-borne diseases to human health.

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There are strict rules, laws, and awareness campaigns against tiger hunting for meat, people are well aware of saving tigers these days. We should protect endangered animals and give them better homes.

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