12 Best Insoles For Work Boots For Comfort and Relief 2024


Are your work boots causing you more pain than a Monday morning meeting? Do you dread putting them on each day and count down the minutes until you can take them off? Let’s face it, some work boots are notoriously uncomfortable, especially if you’re on your feet for long hours.

Well, fear not. The best insoles for work boots are here to save the day (and your feet). Not only do they provide extra cushioning, but they also offer support for your arches, which can help alleviate a variety of foot and leg issues.

Gone are the days when insoles were bulky and had a slim chance of actually relieving foot pain. With today’s technology and materials, you can find insoles that are comfortable and target specific pain issues.

Keep scrolling to say goodbye to uncomfortable work boots and hello to a more tolerable workday.

Key Takeaways

It’s safe to say a lot of jobs that call for work boots generally involve at least eight hours of hard labor five to six days a week. And most work boots function on torturous surfaces like packed earth, pavement, and concrete.

Overall, NEENCA Orthotics Arch Support Insoles won the best insoles for work boots spot, but the other options in this guide can also take on any conditions like a champ.

a pair of cruv heal insoles
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1. Best Overall Insoles for Work Boots: NEENCA Orthotics Arch Support Insoles

NEENCA Orthotics Arch Support Insoles

A simple fix like improving your arch support game will have you wondering why you waited so long to buy insoles. NEENCA’s deep u-shaped design hugs your foot for more stability and pain relief.

The insoles are made from a non-slip, woven fabric that will stay put inside your boots, and they work overtime to absorb sweat. For such an affordable option, these are the best for guys who want to test the waters of the best insoles for work boots. I’m confident you’ll be diving in soon after you try them.

Material: Polyurethane | Sizes: 4.5-14 | Best For: Arch Support

2. Best Replacement Insoles: Timberland PRO Anti-Fatigue Replacement Insole

Timberland PRO Anti-Fatigue Replacement Insole

With most types of boots, you can just slip an insert over the factory insole. But for some varieties of work boots, it’s best to remove the factory insole first. The best way to deal with the latter is Timberland Pros. These are the unsung heroes of the insole world—providing comfort and replaceability without any recognition.

Timberland uses a unique inverted cone foam design for maximum shock absorption and a specialized top layer of foam for moisture management. There’s also a one-year “unconditional comfort” guarantee, free 3-day shipping, and free returns. I’m not seeing a downside here.

Material: Inverted Cone Foam, OrthoLite® | Sizes: XS-2XL | Best For: Replacement Insole/Anti-fatigue

3. Best Comfortable Insoles: VALSOLE Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics


If your coworkers are tired of enduring your grumpy mood because of your sore feet, they’ll appreciate Valsole. Comfort is the name of the game with this option.

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They have impressive biomechanical reinforcement technology that provides superb support and foot pain relief. And the insoles boast air capsules and gel material for enhanced cushioning too. Designed to relieve foot pain and balance your foot’s force structure, you won’t have to dread whatever work surface is in your future.

Material: Urethane Foam, Thermoplastic Polyurethane | Sizes: 4-13.5 | Best For: Plantar Fasciitis

4. Best Leather Insoles: FeetTouch Best Genuine Leather Orthotic Insoles

FeetTouch Best Genuine Leather Orthotic Insoles

You weren’t expecting to see a leather insole option, were you? Sometimes you just want a little extra lass inside your work boots. I get it. FeetTouch offers a great pair of leather insoles.

Aside from the confidence boost, genuine leather is also great at keeping your feet dry because of the material’s breathability. Of course, they also offer everything else you love about insoles—shock absorption, arch support, foot pain relief, and even a metatarsal pad.

Material: Leather, Plastic, Foam | Sizes: 4-14.5 | Best For: Arch Support, Flat Feet

5. Best Insoles for Concrete: Cruv Heal Work Comfort Orthotics Insoles

Cruv Heal Work Comfort Orthotics Insoles

The best foot insoles for work boots can make even the hardest concrete floor feel like a fluffy cloud. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. But Cruv Heal can easily handle dreaded work surfaces, including unforgiving concrete.

The specialized rubber is designed to absorb shock to the fullest extent, which helps relieve pressure on your feet and knees. There’s also handy moisture-absorbing and quick-drying fabric surrounding the insoles, so your work boots won’t reek every night.

Cruv Heal is confident enough in their product to provide an impressive 1-year warranty and a 90-day full refund period. Concrete beware.

Material: Rubber | Sizes: 4.5-13 | Best For: Feet & Knee Cushioning

6. Best Insoles for Flat Feet: Walkomfy Pain Relief Orthotics

Walkomfy Pain Relief Orthotics

Walking like a baby deer just because you’ve been standing for a few hours is sometimes due to one issue. Flat feet. And that’s where Walkomfy is much more than a clever brand name.

Their insoles are the perfect choice for flat feet pain that factory insoles can’t alleviate on their own. These insoles boast deep U-heel design cups and hard-working metatarsal pad supports. With closed-cell foam inserts, you can expect stellar shock absorption and long-lasting comfort.

Best of all, Walkomfy provides a 100% risk-free return policy when products don’t meet your standards. Flat-footed men rejoice.

Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, Foam | Sizes: 4-13.5 | Best For: Flat Feet

7. Best Memory Foam: Rite Aid Ultra Work Memory Plus Work Insoles

Rite Aid Ultra Work Memory Plus Work Insoles

Memory foam is the magic trick to make your favorite boots feel like slippers (sort of). These work boot insoles are industrial quality, great for rugged work environments and walking over hard surfaces. Don’t let the word ‘industrial’ fool you. These still rock the maximum level of cushioning.

You also get extra bonuses with Rite Aids. For example, foot fatigue protection, some serious odor control, and targeted heel protection which is great for absorbing shock. Who wouldn’t be a big fan of that?

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Material: Memory Foam | Sizes: 7-13 | Best For: Combating Fatigue

8. Best Arch Support: Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics

Dr. Scholl

Everyone’s heard of Dr. Scholl’s, and if you haven’t… Meet Dr. Scholl’s. These heavy-duty support orthotics are a lifesaver to a lot of guys, but especially heavier gentlemen who suffer from lower back pain due to terrible arch support.

For a great price, you get insoles that provide lower back pain relief, shock and arch guard technology, and full-length cushioning to better distribute foot pressure. Do your feet a favor and give them the gift of the best shoe insoles for work boots. They have to carry you around all day—they’ve earned it.

Material: Dr. Scholl’s Shock Guard® | Sizes: 8-14 | Best For: Lower Back Pain

9. Best High Arch Insoles: Walk Hero Orthotics Inserts

Walk Hero Orthotics Inserts

Having high arches is like having a tiny pebble in your shoe that you just can’t shake out. It’s just plain annoying. And when you have to wear work boots all day, those high arches can cause serious pain and discomfort.

Walk Hero’s insoles are here to ease your foot pain. The deep heel helps secure the positioning of your feet, especially on landing impact when you’re walking around a job site. And here’s a nice bonus for you—the material helps keep your feet cool.

Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, Foam | Sizes: 4-16.5 | Best For: High Arches

10. Best Odor Control Insoles: Superfeet Green Professional Grade Inserts

Superfeet Green Professional Grade Inserts

After using Superfeet’s Orange variety for pickup basketball games at my gym, I tried the Green edition for my boots, knowing exactly what quality level to expect. High. They offer a deep-heel cup, a stabilizer cap, odor-control coating, durable construction, high-density foam, and a stable arch support shape.

You can feel even better about buying them because 1% of Superfeet sales go to charitable organizations, along with 1,000+ volunteer hours. Adding these insoles to your work boots is like giving your feet a hug from the inside.

Material: High-density Foam | Sizes: 13.5-17 | Best For: High Arches

11. Best Anti-Fatigue Insoles: EasyFeet Premium Anti-Fatigue Shoe Insoles

EasyFeet Premium Anti-Fatigue Shoe Insoles

I’m sure you’ve noticed that most of these insoles help combat foot fatigue, but EasyFeet takes it to a new level. They provide solid heel and arch support for a stable, pain-free work day, even if it runs 12 hours or longer.

These almost work like a whole body posture alignment starting with their deep heel reinforced by a stability cup.

The added layer of foam and gel pads means you’re in for top-notch foot pressure and spinal stress relief. Core Energy claims to give you an extra three hours of energy per day. That seems like it’s worth the pretty modest price tag.

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Material: Polyurethane Foam, Gel, Thermoplastic Polyurethane | Sizes: 4.5-14.5 | Best For: Anti-fatigue

12. Best Gel Insoles: Dr. Scholl’s Work Insoles

Dr. Scholl

Dr. Scholl’s gets two entries on my list, and I’m sure no one is surprised by that. They are one of the most widely recognized insole brands that provide great products for everyone’s feet.

Their Comfort & Energy Work Insoles are designed with working feet in mind, that’s for sure. They have magnificent shock absorption power, a tough-as-nails design, and incredible arch support whenever you need it.

These are perfect for any type of work shoe, even if you don’t have to strap on work boots every morning. Plus, the reasonable price almost landed them in the budget category, but some guys just prefer other materials over gel. They don’t gel with it if you will (it had to happen).

Material: Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel® | Sizes: 8-14 | Best For: Feet & Leg Muscle Fatigue

Replacement Insoles for timberland boots
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What To Look For In The Best Insoles For Work Boots


Check if your chosen insoles are designed as one size fits all or if they can be cut down to size. Most insoles are designed so they can be customized for a unique fit.

And since thickness falls into the size category, remember that thicker doesn’t always mean better. If you need to wear thicker boot socks in your winter boots, it’s best to choose a thinner insole.


When wading through the best shoe insoles for work boots, you have to think of different considerations than you would for say, dress boots or combat boots. Insoles can help fix many problems, but what will specifically help your working feet issues?

Pinpoint the issues that give you the most trouble first, like high arches, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and heel spurs. Different issues need different features to provide comfort and relief.


The best foot insoles for work boots come in several different materials, depending on the brand and the design. They’re often made of high-density foam, gel, or a combination of those two. And they also tend to include a mix of rigid bases made of hard plastic or foam.

You need this blend of padding and support to cushion your feet and relieve discomfort. The more expensive the material used for the insoles, the higher the price tag. Cheaper insoles might provide comfort for a while, but they’ll need to be replaced more often.

unboxing a pair of superfeet insoles
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Final Verdict

I think it’s pretty clear by now that the best work boot insoles are like the ultimate wingman for your work boots. You’ve seen quite a few examples of the best insoles for work boots, but the winner of the best overall spot is NEENCA Orthotics Arch Support Insoles. If you don’t know where to begin, these insoles are a great starting point.

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