Top 10 Hunting Bows for 2024 | Deer & Deer Hunting


The new bows for 2024 are raising the bar for bowhunters everywhere. Here’s a look at the latest hunting rigs.

1. Bear Execute 32

Bear Execute 32 Top 10 Hunting Bows for 2024 | Deer & Deer Hunting

The 2024 Bear Archery Execute 32 encompasses what the industry expects in a flagship hunting bow. The compact 32-inch axle-to-axle length and 6-3/8-inch brace height make this bow maneuverable, comfortable, and most importantly, lethal in the field. The Execute offers speeds up to 340 fps with the capable and highly adjustable EKO cam system. To enhance the performance even more, every Execute ships with a limb stop for a rock-solid back wall. The bow fits draw lengths from 27-31 inches and features a new parallel limb design with wider limbs and more efficient machined limb pockets. The Execute 32’s revolutionary riser design features a new swing arm cable guard and Shock Management System (SMS), resulting in a dead-in-hand and quiet shot experience. In addition to the new SMS, the Execute comes with two grips; the popular slim grip and an all-new soft touch grip with a thicker palm swell for added comfort.

MSRP: $1,199.99 |

2. Mathews Phase4

Phase4 29 EV2 Profile Top 10 Hunting Bows for 2024 | Deer & Deer Hunting

The new Phase4 is available in 29- or 33-inch axle-to-axle lengths. The Phase4 29 has a 6-inch brace height and accommodates draw lengths from 25.5-30 inches. The Phase4 33 has a 6.5-inch brace height and accommodates draw lengths from 27-31.5 inches. The bow is engineered with new Resistance Phase Damping Technology to drastically reduce vibration and built compatible with a completely redesigned line of Bridge-Lock Stabilizers. By damping vibration directly in the limbs, it drastically reduces downstream wasted energy felt in the hand during and after the shot. The result is a complete hunting system that is up to 13% quieter with 37% less vibration. Combined with the new Bridge-Lock Stabilizers that offer improved balance points, increased harmonic tunability and a more robust connection to your bow, the Phase4 is the most advanced, adaptable and stealthiest hunting system Mathews has ever designed.

MSRP: Phase4 29: $1,299 | Phase4 33: $1,399 |

3. Obsession XBR

Obsession XBR Top 10 Hunting Bows for 2024 | Deer & Deer Hunting

The XBR by Obsession rockets arrows up to 340 fps (IBO). At 30.5 inches axle-to-axle, and with a 6-3/8-inch brace height, this bow is strong yet smooth. It also has draw weight options from 50-70 pounds and draw-length range of 24.5 to 29.5 inches. The bow weighs 4.6 pounds. Its riser is available in 16 colors, and strings are available in nine colors. The cam comes in black.

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MSRP: $1,097 |

4. PSE Mach 34

PSE Mach 34 Top 10 Hunting Bows for 2024 | Deer & Deer Hunting

The PSE Mach 34 is another great offering. The first carbon bow ever made with PSE’s Full Draw Stability system, the Mach 34 provides the most stable shooting experience possible, actively resisting induced torque for increased precision when it matters most – at full draw. The Mach 34 carbon bow offers an unmatched experience with more power, stability, and precision in a longer, 34-inch axle-to-axle bow, and weighs 3.65 pounds. It has peak draw weights of 50, 60, 70, or 80 pounds. Furthermore, the E2 version has a draw length range of 29-33 inches, 7-1/8-inch brace height, and shoots 335 fps. The S2 version has a draw length range of 26½-30½ inches, 6¾-inch brace height, and shoots 340 fps. The Mach 34 allows for quick bow tuning and cam lean adjustment. Less time in the bow press means more time in the field, which is why its snap spacers can be easily removed and repositioned on a pressed bow in precise increments. PSE’s revolutionary new axle system also prevents overtightening, a primary cause of bearing wear.

5. Elite Omnia

omnia 2024 top bows e1674234989801 Top 10 Hunting Bows for 2024 | Deer & Deer Hunting

Reaching speeds up to 347 feet per second, the Elite Omnia brings an incredible shooting experience to life through a foundation of shootability, added performance and a customizable feel with V2 Micro Mod Let-Off adjustment. Uninterrupted accuracy is brought to life through combining wider limbs with a strategic weight distribution on Elite’s dual caged riser to give archers a 32-inch axle-to-axle shooting platform that enhances aim-ability and balance for faster shot acquisition. Elite’s revolutionary Simplified. Exact. Tuning (S.E.T. Technology) achieves superior accuracy — all, without the need of a bow press. Feel the change from start to finish, with the Omnia’s NEW Delta VRT which works alongside Elite’s VibeX & Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) to further dampen any felt residual vibration. The Omnia offers even more customization with the NEW SP Cam and for the first time ever features V2 Micro Mod Let-Off Adjustment, offering archers the ability to fine tune holding weight down to a single percentile within the 70-90% range.

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MSRP: $1,199 |

6. Darton Veracity 35

Darton VERACITY 35 Top 10 Hunting Bows for 2024 | Deer & Deer Hunting

The Darton Veracity 35 comes out of the gate at a true speed of 339 fps (30-inch draw at 70 pounds with a 350-grain arrow). It features a 35-inch axle-to-axle length, 6-inch brace height, 26-31.5-inch draw length range, and weighs 4.8 pounds. Draw weights include 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80 pounds. It has 85% let-off and comes with three sets of draw stop tabs to micro tune holding weight. Plus, 80% and 65% mods are available, providing an incredible 12 options of holding weight. The Veracity 35 comes with custom-made bowstrings by Team Darton. Through a varying tensioning process, it ensures that the string is built at its most elongated state with a consistent bundle and individual strands that carry the same load. It also has an all-new riser design. It’s designed and made in the U.S.A.

MSRP: $999.99 |

7. Bowtech CP30

pdp CP30 profileleft 1800x1800 1 1800x1800 1 Top 10 Hunting Bows for 2024 | Deer & Deer Hunting

The Bowtech CP30 30-inch axle-to-axle bow is designed for rock-solid stability while retaining a compact profile. Its DeadLock Cam System is optimized in size to mimic longer axle-to-axle bow stability at full draw while remaining compact in size for optimal maneuverability. The bow also features the Integrate Mounting System to maximize arrow rest security and eliminate accuracy-robbing movement in the toughest conditions. Draw length ranges are 25-30.5 inches and draw weights are 50, 60 and 70 pounds. Max draw weights can typically be reduced by 10 pounds.

MSRP: $1,199 |

8. Prime Archery REVEX

G5 PrimeREVEX Top 10 Hunting Bows for 2024 | Deer & Deer Hunting

Prime Archery, by G5 Outdoors, introduces the all-new 2024 Prime REVEX. It is available in 32-, 34-, and 36-inch axle-to-axle configurations, providing shooters with compact and forgiving options. Prime’s exclusive center-gripped riser design is still a primary feature of the bow, giving the REVEX superior stability. Prime’s new CORE Cam System features draw length specific mods that allow the REVEX to reach maximum efficiency at every draw length. These mods are available in draw lengths ranging from 26 to 31.5 inches. The new Core Cam still features Prime’s cam balancing technology that brings the strings and cables in line with each other. This creates a balanced cam throughout the entire draw cycle. In addition, the REVEX also incorporates two new accessories designed specifically to be integrated into the bow. Prime partnered with TightSpot to create the tightest fitting quiver on the market. With a specialized Prime bracket, the quiver attaches directly to the riser, allowing for a tight and adjustable fit. Prime also partnered with Hamskea in the design of a limb-driven arrow rest that is integrated into the riser. When combined with the engineering of the new REVEX, these two customized accessories take this bow to a new level. Other features of the REVEX include a new carbon string stop that eliminates sound and vibration, and Prime’s Nano grip, utilizing NASA materials to develop a warm-to-the-touch grip.

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MSRP: $1,199 |

9. Martin MTX 29

Martin MTX 29 Top 10 Hunting Bows for 2024 | Deer & Deer Hunting

The MTX 29 by Martin is a fast bow, clocking in at 347 fps. MTX stands for Martin Technology Extreme, and it holds true in this hunting machine. This bow offers blazing speed, zero cam lean, angled, dual rear stabilizer mounts, and is easy to tune. It even comes with a forged riser and removable molded grip. The MTX Cam features dual mod stops and dual limbs stops, and can be set up by the user in either configuration for maximum feel. It comes standard with the low-torque roller guard and the Martin mass weight system in the riser to distribute mass for the best balance. It features a build with a 6-1/8-inch brace height, 29-3/8-inch axle-to-axle length, and 90% let-off. Draw weight ranges include 45-55, 55-65, and 65-75 pounds. Draw length ranges are 25-28.5 and 28.5-30 inches. The bow weighs 4.9 pounds.

MSRP: $1,199 |

10. Hoyt Carbon RX-7

hoyt carbon Top 10 Hunting Bows for 2024 | Deer & Deer Hunting

The Hoyt Carbon RX-7 is warm to the touch, quiet, lightweight, and ridiculously smooth. Hollow carbon construction delivers the highest strength-to-weight ratio that can withstand Mother Nature’s worst. The bow features the In-Line System of accessories that make it 11% quieter. HBX Pro Cams offer tons of adjustability and are even smoother than its predecessor. Two different modules optimize speed and energy in your draw length. Available in 30- and 34-inch axle-to-axle configurations that accommodate 25- to 32-inch draw lengths and draw weights all the way from 30 to 80 pounds.

MSRP: $1,899 |

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