The Most powerful crossbows models

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Do you like hunting, but don’t like firearms? Crossbows are a good option. Some are very powerful and striking, similar to the impact of a rifle bullet. They are handy for hunting noise-sensitive animals. The crossbow allows you to be more stealthy to surprise game animals. Buying a crossbow is based on certain criteria. Style and performance are some of the criteria, but the power of the crossbow should not be forgotten either. The more powerful your crossbow, the greater its impact. What is the most powerful hunting crossbow? Answer in this article

1. EK Archery 185 lbs Compound Crossbow

1 arbalete a poulies guillotine The Most powerful crossbows models

If you are looking for a powerful crossbow, this pulley model from EK Archery will meet your expectations. It allows you to easily hit targets, especially those at long range.

It is equipped with a 4×32 cm scope and a quiver. It also has a cocking rope and a strap to allow you to be fully cocked during your hunting trip. The bows are very strong and have an anti-vibration system. It is no longer necessary to assemble the front, which makes it easier to assemble the crossbow. Its propulsion speed is 405 km/h, which is ideal to enjoy a very accurate shot at long distance.

The crossbow also has a safety system when the rope is cocked. It is suitable for both left and right handed shooters, thanks to its ambidextrous safety catch. This means that the crossbow cannot be fired without an arrow. With its 22 mm rail, you can fit a 4 x 32 cm scope. This Guillotine model has a rope damper to reduce vibrations. It is also equipped with a triangular front grip for a more comfortable recoil movement.

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Specific characteristics :

Power: 185 lbsSpeed of arrows: 405 km / hLength: 90 cmWidth: 53 cm unarmed and 44.5 cm armedWeight: 4.45 kg (with quiver, triangle handle and 4×32 scope)Brand: EK ArcheryBlack color

2. Crossbow EK Archery Torpedo 185 Lbs black

2 arbalete a poulies torpedo 185 lbs noire The Most powerful crossbows models

This model is also one of the most powerful models when it comes to large crossbows. It offers a firing speed of 390 km / h. It is less expensive than the pulley model.

The Torpedo crossbow also features heavy-duty composite bows. The vibrations are less than the anti-vibration rubber. The crossbow is also easy to assemble since the front is already pre-assembled. With its speed of projection, it allows you to shoot with precision.

A safety system engages as soon as the rope is cocked. With its ambidextrous safety catch, the Torpedo Crossbow is suitable for both left and right handed shooters. It is also easy to cock. For a much more accurate shot, a 4 x 32 non-illuminated scope can be attached to its 22 mm rail. The crossbow also has a 5-position adjustable stock. Simply use the lever to slide the stock to suit your needs. The crossbow works with 20 inch carbon arrows.

Specific characteristics :

Power: 185 lbs Arrow speed: 390 km/h Length: 90 cm minimum and 95.5 cm with extended stock Width: 49.5 cm unstrung and 42 cm strung Weight: 3.7 kg (with quiver, front handle and 4×32 scope)Colour: Black

3. Furious-elite crossbow with 185lbs tactical viewfinder

3 arbalete furious elite 185 lbs avec viseur tactique The Most powerful crossbows models

If you like to hunt big game, this model is perfect. Its weight and bow speed allow for excellent accuracy. The crossbow is also equipped with a tactical reflex viewfinder. It is the ideal companion for jungle walks. The crossbow is easy to handle thanks to the crank on the stock.

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The furious-elite model, like the other models in the same range, is also equipped with a Picatinny rail. This allows you to add a scope to give you excellent accuracy for long range shooting. Despite the fact that the body of the crossbow is made of plastic, this does not impact on its power and robustness. The frame is made of aluminium, which explains its lightness. You can adjust the stock and the handle to the positions that suit you best. The cocking handle is designed to fit the stock to make it easier to grip. The arrow’s propulsion speed is 301 km/h. It is a real hunting weapon, thanks to its silent shooting.

Specific characteristics :

Power: 185 Pounds Arrow speed : 301 Km/hWeight : 2 kg without accessories – 3Kg with accessoriesLength : NCArmed width : 52,7 cm Width uncocked : 66 cm

4. EK Accelerator 410+ Camo Crossbow 185 Lbs

4 arbalete a poulies accelerator 410 185 lbs camo neige The Most powerful crossbows models

This crossbow model has a power of 185 lbs. One of the big advantages of this model is its ergonomic design, making it easy to grip. The handle is adjustable so you can enjoy a very good balance. The stock is also adjustable and is made of reinforced composite.

All accessories are easy to mount thanks to the picatinny rail and the aluminium barrel. The crossbow is made of fibreglass, which guarantees its strength and durability. It is equipped with a safety system to prevent a shot from being fired if no arrow is cocked.

The vibrations are dampened by the string stopper. This way you will enjoy a high level of shooting accuracy. Supplied with a 4×32 scope and a pair of protective glasses, this equipment allows you to enjoy your hunting activity with complete peace of mind.

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Specific characteristics

Power: 185 lbsArrow speed: 438 km/hLength: 91 cm to 97 cmWidth: 50 cmPower stroke (distance of the rope): 37 cmWeight: 4.7 kg (with equipment)