Top Goose Calls of 2021

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Top Goose Calls of 2021

Get one of our top pick gander gabblers to hang around your neck this goose hunting season. (Chris Ingram photo)

With the early goose hunting season now in full swing, we wanted to share our best picks for the most popular goose calls for 2021.

Last Flight Calls – Deceiver

Last Flight Calls Deceiver goose call

These guys crush it. One of two goose calls in Last Flight’s call line, the Deceiver short-reed goose call was designed to be powerful for attracting passing waterfowl when hunting the “X” isn’t an option. Using a hand-shaved single-reed, the Deceiver has excellent range and can get down and dirty when you need to finesse those wary honkers during the late season. The hand-shaved reed also ensures that each note will be crisp and clear while remaining easy to blow, even for novice users. Available in both acrylic and Delrin, there is a Deceiver goose call for every hunter’s style and budget. Check out their website for a sound file, it doesn’t disappoint!

$130 Acrylic |

Zink Calls – Call of Death

Zink Calls Call of Death goose call

When choosing your go-to goose call, it’s an easy choice: Power, volume, top-end speed, this is the Call of Death from Zink Calls. Extreme volume, ultimate power, killer graphics, this call is downright deadly and good looking on the lanyard. The call uses a straight bore mouthpiece coupled with a slender end piece built for speed and control. Add in Zink’s competition worn-in tone channel and you’re destined to win on the stage and the field. Zink’s motto is a Champion in Every Call and the COD delivers!

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$160 |

Molt Gear – Triumph

Molt Gear Triumph goose call

The MG Triumph Goose Call was built for power, speed, and range by optimizing its internal bore size for maximum efficiency. The Triumph is pure giant Canada goose, built in the home of these giants in Rochester, MN, where Molt Gear has learned from experience what is required to replicate these beasts. If you want to get deep and gravelly while hunting big honkers, this is the call to bring out your seductive side when talking goose. The Triumph is available in both acrylic and wood variants including hedge, Birdseye maple, and walnut. It is even available in an “America” version, allowing you to showcase your pride while tolling the honkers. If you need a call to hunt resident Canadas in your home state or giants where they thrive, check out the Triumph and get your goose on!

$170 Acrylic |

GK Calls – Solution

GK Calls Solution goose call

GK Calls is one of the few call companies to have earned the honor and distinction of adding “World Championship Calls” to their name. As one of the early pioneers of producing world-leading, title-taking competition goose calls, the Michigan-based company continues to retain their rank amongst contest callers and hunters alike. The Solution is the product of years of testing and development and now delivers everything that accomplished callers and knowledgeable hunters liked and disliked in a goose call. As the newest addition to the GK Calls short-reed lineup, the Solution is the answer for the one call to do it all. Fitted with the “Over the Edge” (OTE) broke-in gut system, the internals are designed to produce the complete tonal range in goose vocabulary with accelerated speed and precise control. Whether you’re chasing small subspecies like cacklers or working big giant Canadas, the Solution is your resolution!

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$145 |

Jargon Game Calls – Wreckin’ Ball

Jargon Game Calls Wreckin

When it comes to mastering the sounds and speech patterns of the Canada Goose, the caller must strive to be versatile, authentic, and mesmerizing! After all, there are Canada geese of all sizes, sometimes even on the same feed, that each speak their own language. The Wreckin’ Ball by JARGON allows hunters to go from a twelve-pound greater to a 4-pound lesser simply by switching up their mouth and hand positions allowing for fast adjustment on the fly. It includes a volume dial that the caller can use to hammer down on those long-distance flocks and then turn it down when they get close helping to finish them feet down. All in all, it’s a powerful little goose call that makes up for its size through extreme versatility across all flyways.

$160 |

Field Proven Calls – Call With No Name

Field Proven Calls Call With No Name goose call

When Field Proven designed and launched its newest goose call they never thought about its identification or the “marketing” behind it. The only thing they focused on was building one of the most pure-goose and universally accepted goose calls to ever hit the market. With that in mind they gave it an aptly name, A.K.A, The Call With NO Name. Technically, to me, that sounds like a name, but who am I too judge. I will say that this thing is pure Canada goose through and through, and it is as versatile as it is easy to blow. It has a small-bore end piece which is powered by their Mark III Fully Worn World Championship Gut System. This gut system delivers maximum control on complex transitions, note combinations and deep low-end sounds without giving up top-end crack. Beautiful.

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$160 |

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